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Does cliffhanger still stock madrock?
10:33:18 PM
Hey folks, Im just gettin back into climbin and im in need of some new kicks.

I just had a look on the cliffhanger site and I cant see any mad rocks on there. Does anyone know who is stocking them here? I did a search on the mad rock website and when I punched in mad rock for aussie dealers it came up nada.

Im after a set of their south west copies (or at least I think thats what theyre copying

Super Saiyan
8:14:15 AM
yep they still stock them...

9:55:03 AM
You could have rung them?!
11:45:03 AM
I only saw their site just b4 I posted last night. (after 10pm so at the time I dont think I could have rung.....)And to be honest I didnt think it would be a huge burden of a question to answer mate, sorry if it was. And if it was such a pain in the ass for you to look at, it must have been so much more of a pain to chime in.

But by all means cheers for the kind thoughts and all.

ShinToe Warrior
2:45:43 PM
On 28/11/2005 raff32 wrote:
>I only saw their site just b4 I posted last night. (after 10pm so at the
>time I dont think I could have rung.....)And to be honest I didnt think
>it would be a huge burden of a question to answer mate, sorry if it was.
>And if it was such a pain in the ass for you to look at, it must have been
>so much more of a pain to chime in.
>But by all means cheers for the kind thoughts and all.
Hmmmm...... Good thing Neilo didn't call you on something u are strongly opinionated about.

3:00:59 PM
he he. Chill dude - i was just wondering if you had rung them first. You couldn't get the shoes any faster
anway since the shop was shut.

3:09:13 PM
On 28/11/2005 nmonteith wrote:
>>On 27/11/2005 raff32 wrote:
>>you will walk around feeling just a little better than lesser mortals
>around you, and u will have a shorter
>he he. Chill dude

Must be the roids :P

4:06:11 PM
i'll second that.
8:18:25 AM
Gee guys,
Thanx so much for that. Nothin I enjoi more than contributing to a thread and having my face slapped with it, really classy.

Sometimes it just dont pay to be straight up with people now does it?? I tell u what kids howz about u get ur noses outta neils ass and read what i said??? And might also pay to read what neil said in the first place.......real friendly and helpful that.

And shit, whats real funny, is that I dont seem to remember how it actually was directed at anyone else....

But by all means I can completely understand the pack mentality, anyone else care to jump on the bandwagon??? Come on free shots here, there is an honest person who god forbid, has actually been honest about some stuff in his past, and god forbid number two has actually objected to an established member attacking him for no reason, geez just a little like blood in the water isnt it??

Note to self... I must go trawlin through others past contributions in future, that way I can take stuff out of context, and attack them with it too. Hmmmmm thanks for the headz up guyz at least now I get a tiny bit of an idea of how thingz work around here, like they say you learn something new every day.

8:46:18 AM

Got to agree with the pack mentality comment.

However, you have to look at the demographic of the audience and the average posting quality as of late "What did you do on the weekend?" "Johnny snogged Jenny!", "My hero redpointed his first 28!" and take some of the noise you are getting with a grain of salt.

Don't get me wrong, you do come across the occasional informative gem and you do get some good responses if you throw out a good posting. You just have to ignore the various soap boxes that exist in the forum and the occasional Orwellian intervention.

So bottom line, don't sweat the noise.

8:58:29 AM
Cheers mate.

I appreciate that. Just seems a little savage in here for me I think. Reminds me a little of a bunch of high school girls.....

8:58:57 AM
Hey Raff,

I apologize for my out of context cross-posting... and I have removed the quote.


9:03:37 AM
>Reminds me a little of a bunch of high school girls..

Actually, that's a reasonably accurate statement.

More importantly, back to your original post - have you sussed out a pair of shoes yet?

I personally like the Madrock designs and the price point, but found them to wear out way to fast for my liking and have subsequently stuck with La Sportiva. The guys at Cliffhanger will give you the scoop.
9:14:18 AM
Ive actually still got a pair of sazi velcros I got cheap in thailand that are pretty new, but id much rather munch up a pair of mad rox on plastick.

Ive also got a pair of pretty new pyros or mythos as well, but i bought em b4 id really done any climbing and the heels suck and my feet arent really strong enuff to handle the lack of last.

Im thinking about those madrock south west copies, they look like theyd be pretty comfy to get my feet strong again, I am so over the macho thing of not wanting to have to use a board lasted shoe... For some reason I used to see it as some kinda capitulation on my part (shit with my leg the way it is ill take any help I can get)

And neil, thanks mate, I really appreciate that, ok ur not a school girl anymore LOL
9:21:43 AM
Steve at Rock Hardware still has the Madrock Flash (the model you are searching for?) on sale, but only in sizes 38Eur(6US) and 39.5Eur(7US) at the moment.

9:28:00 AM

Any idea if he will be getting any bigger sizes in? From memory im a comfy 43 and a tight 42. If I have to ill buy a pair from the states they are about 90us from memory.
9:39:25 AM
Not aware - but Steve will respond with any questions very quickly. Hardware Sales From Chockstone

Flash model for sale at $119 with current stock - cheaper than buying from the States!
10:05:46 AM
Yeah wicked mate, I really appreciate that, I actually only paid about the same for my sazis. Its really amazing to realise how much over the odds we pay for gear here.

ShinToe Warrior
12:20:38 PM
Raff, you are probably a top bloke with whom it would be ace to crack some tinnies with.

Now, let's review what's been said.( I'm not much of a quote trawler so I'll just paraphrase)

1/ You have a shoe query, 2/ in reply, neilo suggests "you could have rung them?!"
3/ You seem to lose it disproportionately in reaction to what neilo said.
4/ You get a mild bitch-slapping back for being a bit of a goose
5/ You appear to get upset with the reaction that you created and go further into being a whiny victim

I would suggest that a martial artist such as yourself would much prefer to be a cool customer rather than
descending into emotional reactions to relatively mild comments on an internet forum.

The things you said on another thread, I found highly informative and educational, so thankyou for that.
comments only got "taken out of context" and used to give you shit when you got excited over nothing
much at all.
Best to have a thick skin when posting on Any internet forum. and if you pour "arcing up petrol" on the
chocky campfire, you get flamed.....

Like our resident Dalai Lama says:
"Everyone has opinions - realise putting comments on an online forum will always open you up for replies
which agree / disagree / take your comments totally out of context. etc.

It's just a reality of the faceless internet forum. Just let it slide and move on. No reason to take such
offence... and the world will be a better place."

Raff, I wish you blue skies, clean rock, a safe dynamic belay and perfect friction.

12:40:57 PM
Look, I honestly cant be bothered with this shit any more..

Thank you to those that were kind enough to actually be a little friendly really appreciated, and I hope that what I wrote will be a little help to somebody, but I just dont have the energy to continually be part of some kinda shit fight, its too boring and to be honest im a little too old to sit through another, "lets tell the new bloke what's what" post, but in fairness im editing this post and at the same time growing a little extra skin......

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