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Dynafit bindings - Which shops will fit them?

12:25:45 AM
Hi all
this one is for all you skiers out there.
I need to get my new dynafit bindings fitted to my skis but no shops in Perth will fit them (to my knowledge) .
Am travelling to Sydney and Canberra in the next few weeks and hoping to find a place that can attach them.
Any ideas?
6:21:58 AM
Ask Alpsort in ryde, sydney.

8:28:38 AM
If you bought them from overseas just don't tell them...last time I took them in the owner gave me a lecture about how I was killing the local industry, wanted to charge me $90 for the privilege and was lucky he was even consenting to do it at all.

Needless to say I declined his generous offer.

Mike Bee
8:49:38 AM
I got mine fitted at Wilderness Sports in Jindy.
They did a good job. Can't remember how much it cost, but it wasn't cheap. That said, I'd prefer to pay someone to do a good job, than someone cheaper who ends up stuffing up up the skis, or have the bindings rip off or not release etc.
9:30:27 AM
You can do it yourself. I mounted a pair of Fritschi Freerides.

I didn't have a jig and had not used a hand drill drill in a few years, yet the bindings are solid.

Also, in the Sydney suburb of Roseville, who are open all year.

9:51:38 AM
It shouldn't be to much ...its a 10 minute job with the jig...I've taken some into a store overseas (USA) and they have done it for free.

11:45:32 AM
thanks for the responses all. yeah I'd prefer to get them mounted properly even if it costs a bit more. I couldnt really pass up the new BD skis at 60% off and bindings at 40% off when I left the US a few months ago.

12:02:32 PM
DON'T go to Alpsport in Ryde. Tried to charge me like $180 or something ludicrous. Also tried to sell me Silvrettas that are way outdated, probably to clear them. Those guys suck.

Rich at Aussie Skier in Melbourne is on a one-man mission to fight ski shop gouging and has a standing offer to do any be binding mount for free. As I was in Sydney, he mailed me a stepped bit so I could DIY it properly.

Bruce at Wilderness Sports is OK.

Mounting should be a fing $10 job if they have the jig (and they should). Everyone here will rip you off but try not to pay more than $50. and Bindingfreedom have templates and info to DIY.

12:07:41 PM
Also go ask on the Backcountry forum at You'll get good advice.

Also, there is no Dynafit importer in Aus right now, due to some dodgy anticompetitive contracts. They'll know you got them from you overseas.

I'll think you'll find most people here ended up DIY. Ski shops do shy away from Dynafit because they're not DIN certified and so not covered by insurance if they set the release wrong and you break a leg.

1:40:37 PM
Yeah i DIY'd my dynafits for the reasons sbm mentioned plus the last mount i paid for was expensive and f---ed up. Id previously been mounting my own tele gear also and enjoy the process.
Mr Poopypants
3:31:38 PM
The ONLY way to make sure they are done properly is to do them yourself. Easy peezy. Plenty of instructions on earn your turns sites on the web. Consider ski style, purpose, binding position and make sure you use good epoxy on the screws.
Having said that, Rythm in Cooma are pretty good and Jindy Sports in Jindabyne are very good. I once paid one of the other shops recommended to mount new tele bindings only to find one mounted six inches further back than the other foot! Suppose it was meant to save bending the knee so far ... :-)
4:12:06 PM
mounting bindings is easy Rob, its not rocket science :)

Take your time, measure & measure everything again, check it against your boots. I find the Binding Freedom template a bit easier to use. Tape the 2 parts of the template together before it goes on your ski, click the toe piece into the boot & double check with your boot with the heel piece mid-track. THEN tape the template to the ski in the right place (the recommended boot centre line, unless you know better), then mark the holes with a good punch, then drill. Epoxy in the holes is good. If you are using a power drill set the torque low so you don't strip the holes.
6:50:23 AM
As per most of the other comments here, I mounted my own Dynafits using the WildSnow templates. Plenty of time measuring/marking, and I find using a drill press over a hand drill really improves the precision you can get. If you go down this path then make sure you buy a good torx screwdriver - makes life much easier, and gives better control than using a drill to drive the screws.

I have a stepped drill bit that I'm happy loan out if needed.


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