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woodie with MDF?

11:20:41 PM
I've been putting together plans for a woodie for some time and a friend believes we can use MDF (medium density fibreboard) instead of plywood, I'm not convinced. Has anyone ever tried building a woodie from mdf? did it fall apart?.

9:22:21 AM
I had an MDF panel in the garage of my last house and it was fine with the smaller holds, but any of the bigger jugs just put too much leverage on the bolts and eventually blew out taking a fair chunk with them. I had pretty thick MDF too.
9:49:01 AM
some of the large holes in Vic Ranges walls was a good example of why MDF isnt an option.

10:33:42 AM
NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MDF is not an option! It is weak crappy wood. T-nuts do no hold in it and it chips easily.

Your the t-nuts will pull trough it and bust gapeing holds in your surface. The dust created is poisonus due to it being made up off particles of glue and wood!

It is rubish that shouln't even be used for furniture.

2:11:30 PM
In the long run, it doesn't pay to skimp on the woodie surface. Anything short of 10-12mm structural ply is going to have a really short life, and the expense and inconvenience of stripping and replacing panels will far outweigh the cost of using the right stuff in the first place.

If MDF were really an option, gyms would be using it already. As it is, every gym that has tried to cut corners with surfaces has ended up with either unusable areas of an expensive repair bill.

MDF does make good holds though. Because it has no grain structure, it can be shaped into quite complex shapes. The dust is pure evil though. Use a mask.

Phil Box
2:31:21 PM
17mm construction ply, end of story. Shop around for seconds to save some $.

3:54:32 PM
Thanks everyone plenty of ammo there to convince my cheaper partner of the necesity of ply.
I can see how MDF would make sweet holds but the dust really is evil, cutting the stuff is bad enough. I've tried making holds from pine using varoius grade files, takes a long time I think some power tools would help, anyone found a good way to make wooden holds?

4:30:08 PM
Here's a few ideas...

Belt sander and a jigsaw.

Start with pieces of two by four or similar about 200mm long. Clamp the piece down and take a scallop out of one of the long sides with the jigsaw. Sand it all down smooth.

Screw on thin (10-15mm) pieces directly for crimps. Don't bother trying to make them incut - it's good for contact strength this way.

4:46:14 PM
bits of old skirting board work well (the old strong stuff not the crappy light stuff they use now). and yer, dont ya dare use MDF its shithouse.
for footholds try collecting bottlecaps of ya beer and nail them randomly over the panels (tops facing out) {bottlecap idea courtesy of MJW and lloyds woody}

5:24:09 PM
At last an excuse to buy more beer: "honey, I need the bottle tops".

7:49:59 PM
you need an excuse?? thats sad dude:P

6:35:38 PM
she will make you drink tinnies! try edgeing on the ring pulls!

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