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star struck!!!
8:28:17 AM
was it just me cause i come from the sticks and dont get out much or was anyone else excited to see Matt Segal and Ceeder and H.B. walking around the pines on the weekend?? i thought it was very cool!

8:32:18 AM
That's cool man! did you say hi?

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8:41:25 AM
I turned around during Goatfest and thought "Gee that guy looks like Cedar Wright... Nah, couldn't be..."

8:49:50 AM
It's just you.

8:51:11 AM
Good stuff. I saw Matt Segal in El Chalten over Summer. Seems the young man has come quite a way since "Australia Project".

8:59:25 AM
what a life, travelling around the world climbing heaps and making movies about how ace you are to pay for it all...

but i was stoked to be able to watch from the balcony behind the pharos an american lass in that group do a stylish on sight of Trojan, now that was way cool

9:27:51 AM
(insert '80s grimreaper aids add)

superstu, his scythe and a field of poppies.

hehe f8!kin hehe (that was funny mattjr)

9:36:50 AM
I used to get that way when I was living with Monty and Mikl would visit.


9:44:51 AM
On 29/04/2010 widewetandslippery wrote:
>superstu, his scythe and a field of poppies.

Just stirring the pot...

Don't you think though that climbing/outdoor adventure docos follow a certain theme depending on the who made them..

British docos tend to focus on the culture and people they encounter in the mountains and the group dynamics of the participants.
Aussie docos focus on the hardships endured by the trip participants
American docos focus on themselves proving themselves abroad .

So we have british docos about bigger than life characters like don whillans and the realities of modern village life in nepal, australians have a hungry muir struggling across the dry outback, and yankees throwing themselves on bold routes put up by old communists .

9:48:39 AM
I climb with widewetandslippery.

There is a full page photo of him and his shopping trolley in The Sydney Bouldering Guide.

As if I'd be impressed by any of these other pretenders.

And I fell, hit a ledge and sprained both my ankles, climbing with Mikl.

My ankles are now famous by association.
10:13:59 AM
Hey man, I don't use a shopping trolley anymore, I've got a green bag.

WW brings along a insulated blue bag, those things are cool.
10:20:05 AM
On 29/04/2010 superstu wrote:
australians have a
>hungry muir struggling across the dry outback, and yankees throwing themselves
>on bold routes put up by old communists .


11:42:34 AM
On 29/04/2010 superstu wrote:
>but i was stoked to be able to watch from the balcony behind the pharos
>an american lass in that group do a stylish on sight of Trojan, now that
>was way cool

Heidi Wirtz was with the crew, probably her...

11:52:07 AM
I can think of two moments that I've been 'star struck'. One was arriving in Camp 4 (Yosemite) and walking up to Midnight Lightning and realizing that it was Chris Sharma on it. The other was on the same trip - getting up at dawn and racing up to the start of some multi-pitch to beat the crowds. We arrived first on the route, and hot on our heals was another party. I took one look at them and waved them through ahead of us. My partner said WTF??? All I said was "the routes all yours Mr Huber".
12:15:01 PM
I've been starstruck. Went to do the Comici on Cima Grande. To cold we thought, but a couple of frogs punch an 8b on Ovest that day. We went round the other side and climbed in the sun.
Next day we have another go. Pre dawn start and a little bit up the frog fan club folows Mr Ed and Paddy Berhault into the scree. They ran up the Brandler/Hasse at over twice our speed. Prettty cool to see those blokes float up a route like that while you're having the time of your life.

The old girl in the hut was about to call the rescue crew in because we were so much slower than the french boys! We were stil back to the hut in time to buy goon.
1:32:37 PM
My one occassion where I felt star struck and a little out of my depth was at Birmingham World Cup 97. I had already spent the last few months climbing with Chris and Tommy in France and knew some others there from meeting at the Euro crags and a previous road trip to the States - but to be warming up out the back of the wall with the then climbing competition creme de la creme...

Eduardo Slabofvic
2:28:21 PM
I was once slapped by a soapy actress. Does that count?
3:19:44 PM
On 29/04/2010 Eduardo Slabofvic wrote:
>I was once slapped by a soapy actress. Does that count?

How is that any different from all the other women that have slapped you?
3:38:24 PM
From Tim Kemple website:

3:47:44 PM
I thought the North Face group were a pretty dull lot. That photo of Passport to Insanity is outstanding though.

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