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Two Broken Heels
9:04:03 PM
I had an accident climbing about 6 weeks ago. I wound up with fairly severe fractures to both my heels. I am interested in any information from people who themselves have had this type of injury or know someone who has. I am looking particularly for information on recovery time and technique.
11:35:07 AM
I am looking for the story of what happened and why.
1:02:33 PM
See the forum titled 'Accident at climbing gym 19th May' for information on the what/when and speculation on the why.
8:06:03 PM
hey lachlan. what did you break, exactly? any pins or screws? plaster? if so is it off? are you seeing anyone re rehab? how is feeling now?

9:22:37 PM
Lach, apart from any other advice, I thoroughly recommend "Sorbolite" sorbothane shoe inserts for sensitive heels. They cost about $30 but they are excellent, and last for about a year or more. They take all the shock out of your step. Good for recovery.
11:09:49 AM
Hi Julian,

I broke the heel bones in both my feet, not sure of the specific part or technical name but can find out if necessary? I had surgery on my left foot four and a half weeks ago. I have a total of 7 screws and three plates holding the bone together. The right was a less severe break and has been left to mend itself.

I am not wearing plasters but have removeable cam walkers. I take these off each day to lightly excercise the joints in my feet and to shake out any numbness. Apart from the above and staying off my feet completly I am not currently doing anything else. I am not seeing anyone for rehabilitation yet but suppose I will be soon (hospital appointed).

My right foot is feeling quite good, no pain or numbness and the swelling is completly down. Left foot is still recovering from surgery and is still a bit sore, swollen and slightly numb in parts. I am guessing it is currently at least three weeks behind the right foot.

11:41:29 AM
oh dear... you did a good job then. i guess it has been 6-7 weeks now. the left is a bit of an unknown as i dont know where the screws and plates are, let alone what they are there for, ie where the fractures are. i have a seminar in a week at flemington. feel free to come along and bring your xrays and MRI scans ( or CT scan?). make no mistake, you will need rehab. the last thing you want from this is ongoing pain or dysfunction, which to some degree is highly likely anyway. sounds like you have been through enough already. is the left one very red and splochy as well as swollen? how long ago was the surgery?

it sounds like you could start doing some weight bearing on the right foot. this could give you some mobility on crutches a bit down the track. i have a set in the clinic you are welcome to borrow. without seeing it, though, i would be very reluctant to give you generic advice; your situation strikes me as too complicated for that. with that many fixtures, i would say you had multiple breaks.


11:49:47 AM
Lach--- while ya on-the-mend , check out the amazing story of Doug Scott on The Ogre , Himalayas , 1977 : After making the 1st ascent of the peak , Doug smashed/broke BOTH legs when a diagonal-abseil went horribly wrong ; desperate crawl all the way to base-camp followed .
There's hope for you yet ! --- Doug went on to make the 3rd ascent of Kanchenjunga (3rd highest peak in the world ) in 1979, via a spectacular new route up the North Ridge/Face , in classic alpine-style.

Luv, HEX

Hello Dicko --- why is there a freakin' arrow thruya head , dude ?
Aw,OK --- sort of William Tel type of thing ?
Bill shot the arrow & Bill's SON had the apple on his head --- you must have jumped-up in fright when the arrow was fired ! , and spun 90degs too !!--- or , hopefully for you ,it's one of those loop-over-the-head party-trick arrows...
Are they oxy-acet' googles without the glass , you're wearing ?
I rekcon it's pretty funky,dude ! --- me & A5 did quite a bit not long ago --- we have to be careful tho --- it can gain a bit of 'an affair ' vibe --- ya know wha' I mean ?...smoochy,smoochy... snigger !
my response was too ' political ' , Dicko...
Take 2 : do ya think everyone knows what I mean by ' knob ache ' ?...
18/08/04 : breaka-breaka, Dicko --- are you receiving ?...

12:59:22 PM
>, Doug smashed/broke BOTH legs when a diagonal-abseil went horribly wrong
>; desperate crawl all the way to base-camp followed .

Did he also fall into a crevase?

>>Hello Dicko --- why is there a freakin' arrow thruya head , dude ?

Have I perplexed the Hex ??!! The arrow represents the fact that climbing is a game of over coming the fear in your mind...and it looked kinda funny...

>>Aw,OK --- sort of William Tel type of thing ?

Yeah, or was it Bill who shot the arrow, and his brother who had the apple on his head??

Nope, its a fair-dinkum arrow!! But chickens can run around with their head cut-off, and climbers don't need brains, so that's OK. Do you have any chickens cooking in your couldren? Where'd you go for the weeks you were'nt posting?

They do look like I have been welding, don't they? But they 're not occy goggles, just my eyes have popped out a bit as a result of being hit in the head by an arrow. It's kinda a shock, you know. A bit like taking a winger. Do you think its strange how its possible to have a discussion within a posting, rather than postings within a discussion?

Are you coming on-to-me !!? I'm not quite as cute as my icon looks!! The funny thing is. from the outside, no-one knows there are posts which are getting updated. That does make it feel sneaky / private. Sometimes I haven't been sure if you have realy been having a go at A5, or just making a bit of a joke. It's not hard to get some people off side !! Damien's provided some classic material.....

"knob ache" - nope, no idea what it means, but it might be more obvious if used in a sentance. - it doesn't sound like a compliment..
1:33:54 PM
Thanks Julian,
The surgery was 4 and a half weeks ago. The left foot is only swollen in parts and is neither red nor splotchy. Where and when is the seminar next week? I may take you up on the offer as I am finding my surgeons very good at their jobs but not very good at communicating. It is probably good timing too as I am getting a new set of scans done this week.......Lachlan.
1:50:16 PM

information about Julians Seminar is listed in Upcoming Events on the front page.
2:40:46 PM
thanks martin, how are you fella? long time no see. are you coming along next week? how are your elbows these days?

lachlan, good that it is not splochy and red; your sympathetic nervous system can at times go a little haywire. bring the scans and the report and we will have a look. maybe arrive a litle early.

3:52:20 PM
Hi Julian,

has been too long. Elbows are great now since I damaged my middle finger pulley 4 months ago and haven't been bouldering!! Finger feels okay testing under light load but is very tender if knocked at the A2 site.

I have pencilled next Wednesday in my calander planning to come.

Cheers Martin
4:08:36 PM
As one of those who attended the Injury and Prevention seminar presented by Julian and Domenic, I would like to thank them both for organising a climbing specific information session on the above topic.

Well worthwhile going if they run a second seminar, with the added bonus of the cringe factor from the DVD segment - showing a boulderer tear a pulley with an audible crack. Will make most people reconsider the benefit of sensible training/warming up for injury prevention!

10:48:41 AM
that sound of the crack was awful, not to mention that guys 90 degree dislocated ankle! Well done Julian and Domenic.

12:06:43 PM
hi Lachlan,
a mate of mine did both his ankles on tocatta at araps.
one foot was basically shattered the other just ankle I think.
took him a long time to get back out on the rock.
if you email me I'll give you his number and you can have a chat.

Cool Hand Lock
6:20:28 PM
Imposter. There can be only one.

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