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Shoulder surgeons in Melbourne
3:00:23 PM
Hi all,
It's looking loke I'm going to need shoulder surgery for a SLAP 2 lesion in my left shoulder, with secondary impingement. I was wondering if anyone could recommend a surgeon? My sports doc recommended Greg Hoy, who has a huge waiting list (wouldn't be able to have surgery untill end of August). I came across both Matthew Evans and John Salmon in my Google search, who both have shorter wait lists. I want to get someone good, but don't want to have to be out of climbign for 12 weeks even before I get the surgery!
Any recommendations/personal experiences would be greatly appreciated!


5:53:10 PM
I had a shoulder arthroscopy by Greg Hoy about 10 years ago. Being surgeon to the sports stars his time is metered by the minute and so it helps to go into the pre-op interview fully informed and with a few straight questions. Especially when you have to wait months just for the interview.

I recall visiting him post-op, as it wasn't healing as fast as the physio who recommended the op was expecting. The physio wanted to inject steriods (mouhahah) but Greg Hoy said in about 30 seconds why this wasn't appropriate, don't bother, thanks for coming and you can pay the $100 interview fee by visa or with my first-born.

Good luck!

10:32:26 PM
I've been through (and it's still on going) quite an extensive shoulder ordeal.

I 'presented' in Jan 2007 with a "suggestion of a SLAP lesion clinically but the imaging did not confirm
this". A capsule labral plication was performed.

After much physio, two hydrodilitations and an MUA there was no improvement. A cortisone steroid
injection was performed once with no x-ray, and secondly with an x-ray. no improvement.

A second surgery was performed March 2008 to remove scar tissue within the joint.

Both my surgeries were performed by Greg Hoy, and he is regarded as the best in the business in
Australia. Despite the lack of success to date in my shoulder, if i had another issue i would return to
him if another (specifically diagnosed) problem was found.

I had consults with 3 other surgeons (John Salmon was one of them) and countless sports physicians,
physios etc. It's a bloody complicated joint and rehab takes time and dedication to get better.
Who's your sports doc atm? Tim Woods?

I can recommend a fantastic physio in Melbourne for your rehab. PM me if you want some details.
Also an equally good one in Tassie if you want to escape to the apple isle for rehab like me :)

Good luck with it Cath, feel free to shoot me a Pm or email if you want to chat about it at all, i've done
the whole lot a few times over in recent years!
8:13:44 AM
I had broken clavicle surgery and had almost given up on returning to climbing, as my shoulder had "frozen" with 70 degree movement. Saw a physio, no real help, then a physio/chiropractor named Mifsud, in Main Rd Lower Plenty. Look, he was fantastic, got another 100 degrees in one session (but very painful). I'm back to bumbling up cliffs due mainly to him.

12:51:42 PM
On 5/05/2009 superstu wrote:
>I had a shoulder arthroscopy by Greg Hoy about 10 years ago. Being surgeon
>to the sports stars his time is metered by the minute and so it helps to
>go into the pre-op interview fully informed and with a few straight questions.
>Especially when you have to wait months just for the interview.

Did Grant Hackett's shoulder and Daniel Kowalski. easily the very best.
1:16:23 PM
My R shoulder has been operated on 3 times. Twice by Andrew Dillon in Brighton (Arthoscopy following by Full Stabilisation) and Once by Greg Hoy (Full Stabilisation). According to the old man (GP) he says they're the best in town. The reasons my injury recurred is probably due to inadequate physio following the surgery - they will both stress to you that adequate rehab is just as important as the knife itself. I have not redislocated since my operation in 2004 and I probably have 80 - 90% movement in my shoulder now. I think you'll find that Andrew Dillon has a pretty long waiting list as well - he is a surgeon to the stars too.

2:25:31 PM
Have you considered flying to Sydney to get it done? It may be your answer to to getting it done quickly. I had a SLAP lesion and acromioplasty (to fix an impingement) in June last year. Jerome Goldberg (who is highly regarded in this field and patches up many pro sportsman) performed the op. He can be contacted a He also just did Chris Webb's SLAP op too and Chris was able to sort it at pretty short notice. Des Bokor is another guy to consider in Sydney and is also highly recommended.
Get ready to lose the best part of a year. I had mine done in June 08 and whilst the strength has come back, the range of motion is still prob only 75-80% despite loads of stretching. It should go back to around 95% but be aware that you might lose some degree that will never be regained due to the tightening of the socket.
I can go into much more detail about the whole experience if you like so shoot me a PM.
Best of luck!

8:23:07 PM
Stick at the rehab Chris!!!!!!!!! Looking forward to a climbing tour of Tassie!
Heading to Rosea this Weekend if it ain't smoked out!?
10:39:36 AM
Thanks for the replies guys, very useful. I checked out Jerome Goldberg Stu, he's got an even longer wait list :( But thanks for the suggestion.
I think I'll go see John Salmon and Greg Hoy and then decide which way to go. One thing I'll be sure to remember, from everyones' comments is to make sure I do ALL the physio afterwards!
10:34:03 PM
Hi Cath,

I don't have shoulder surgeon story or recommendation, just wanted to wish you well with it all !

11:36:15 PM
Hi ya, at the same practice (Melbourne Orthopaedic Group) as Greg Hoy is Shane Barewood. Does
most of his repairs via arthroscopic surgery. Has good results and operates well. Like all the other
comments, post op physio is essential. PS if I had to have my shoulder done I would get Shane
Barewood to do it. (i'm a scub nurse in theatre all around Melbourne)

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