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Seeking regular partner for St Peters, Sydney
9:41:42 AM

I am looking for someone interested in going to the gym about once per week in the evenings, 7.30pmish or later. I usually climb 23ish and don't really mind what level you climb at. Might be interested in some outdoor action at some stage as I have my own gear.

9:49:05 AM
You do know this is a VIC climbing forum...
10:33:09 AM
On 1/12/2011 marky wrote:
>You do know this is a VIC climbing forum...

With many NSW users... So fair question to post here and I hope the OP finds some climbing partners.
12:13:44 PM
On 1/12/2011 dalai wrote:
>On 1/12/2011 marky wrote:
>>You do know this is a VIC climbing forum...
>With many NSW users... So fair question to post here and I hope the OP
>finds some climbing partners.

One can really only assume it's more tongue in cheek from marky, given on the front page the forum topics include "Looking for room to rent in ACT", "Point Perp guide", "the domain, sydney", "Climb weddin mountains, NSW" and "Fantini's offwidth".
12:35:55 PM
Given the text reply, it is hard to know if Marky was making the comment tongue in cheek... So as Whitey is a new member, I wanted to make him welcome and that it is okay posting the request on Chockstone.
1:35:00 PM
No smart arssy meant by my post Martin, I'm all for new people on chockstone and into the climbing scene. Was just stating that it's a Vic climbing forum. Apologies if it came through the wrong way Whitey. Welcome!
9:13:11 PM
If you are still looking for a climbing partner, I have send you a message.
12:08:02 PM
You may want to email him, as he hasn't logged in since posting on the 1st...
4:26:33 PM
Its a website in web world and it is not based. Watch the matrix

12:39:35 PM
You don't really need to be a rocket scientist to work out that Chockstone ceased being a purely Victorian climbing forum, in all but name, a fair while ago.

I realise that there are parochial Victorian climbers that may not like that but there is bugger all you can do to stop it. It has the more members than any other Australian climbing forum and now has a life of it's own. That's the nature of the internet.

Out of the 17 people online as i was writing this, only 7 were from Victoria.
12:50:45 PM
i did a portal back to the website on 22 Jan 2003 (maybe it was 2002) over the weekend. there were only 594 posts in the general thread, only 5 forum sections and 3/5 were last posted by nmonteith.
compare that to now... 95,000 new posts! i don't think you mexicans alone can produce that amount of trash talk...

2:07:58 PM
I didn't even know the had the internet in Victoria..when did that happen? you got colour TV down there yet?
2:34:31 PM
On 5/12/2011 rodw wrote:
>I didn't even know the had the internet in Victoria..when did that happen?
>you got colour TV down there yet?

Yep, finally got some of those fancy colour CRT boxes... Also recently heard of these things called OCD's which they say will make cassette tapes obsolete too.
3:08:12 PM
I thought you still had six tracks

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