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Yes 40
No 28
Yes, but not with me (different level etc.) 0
I want a climbing girl/boyfriend/wife etc. 2

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Does your girl/boyfriend/wife/etc. climb?
Online Now
7:36:37 AM
A mate sent me this email a few days ago:
"I took my wife to Araps for the first time, she was bored. I nearly divorced her there and then..."

I wonder whether this impacts climbers staying with it, ability to push grades/climbing to a new level etc. or the longevity of the relationship?

Anecdotal evidence indicates the gender ratio is not in favour of all males finding a mate from the same herd... so to speak.
8:14:39 AM
On 18/10/2010 martym wrote:
>Anecdotal evidence indicates the gender ratio is not in favour of all males finding a mate from the same herd... so to speak.

I haven't found it too bad.
8:26:07 AM
Thats coz you climb with other peoples girl/boyfriend/wifes.
8:54:37 AM
On 18/10/2010 widewetandslippery wrote:
>Thats coz you climb with other peoples girl/boyfriend/wifes.

Who said anything about climbing?

8:58:45 AM
My wife has a brand new harness and assorted gear just waiting to be used. She keeps using the whole, "I just had a baby and don't feel up to it a present" argument.

9:36:21 AM
In the past I've been quite precious over my 'space' to go climbing. Guys I've gone out with - if they didn't climb, I didn't want to teach them or have them come climbing with me. That was my space, my time, with my climbing buddies. My current partner has been climbing for over 20 years and I love climbing with him. The only 'problem' I have is that because I am fairly new to climbing I'm still keen to get out every spare moment and push it. He is a little more laid back about it, even though he still enjoys it so I have found that my climbing has dropped back a little...grrr....

9:52:09 AM
With all the other stuff that we don't get to do together (our working days), I like climbing with my wife as it is actually "our" time. Interesting to see the very understandable contrast to other people.

Eduardo Slabofvic
10:42:41 AM
I introduced my partner to climbing when we first started going out. 19 years later, we still climb together. I can't imagine sharing my life with someone who doesn't share my passions. That's the up side.

The down side is, barking orders at your lover is not generally that well accepted, and managing (or rather, failing to manage) their "feelings" when you want direct and responsive action can lead to tensions that are not present when climbing with someone else.
Fish Boy
10:51:05 AM
The first 6 dates with my wife were hanging at araps climbing. She was a total beginner who trusted me a lot. A couple of years later she is crankin' up El Cap....

I couldn't imagine climbing without her, it is a shared passion...

11:04:46 AM
I met my partner climbing and since then the majority of our holidays/time away has been climbing at Araps.
I love that time and that shared passion.
We do differ though, I have a tendency to want to climb at my limits and she doesn't.
11:07:28 AM
My girl climbs. She like to remind me and other that she got me into it way back when.

Of course, we have the occasional hissy fit climbing together (and then I mutter about "not mixing chicks and climbing" ironically though as she got me into it and quietly).

She tends to train less indoors hard but, nevertheless, has a pretty rock solid lead head.

A shared passion for us too though our choice of routes and shape (ie overhung or not) can differ meaing we do not always do it together.

..::- Chris -::..
11:55:54 AM
My little lady climbs, our first date was climbing..... I find it fantastic that we can climb, surf, snowboard etc together a great way to spend time together.... and the clucking is insane.... man o man i love a good cluck ; )

Our first kiss... ; ) Not the most romantic of area's...

I've always been told from mates don't mix love and climbing, but i've found it to be great...

4:24:24 PM
poor guy... how can anyone be bored at Arapalies...

Next time bring some Vogue magazines
Online Now
5:48:59 PM
Wow, no votes for the "we don't climb together"
I remember a friend of ours brought her boyfriend to Araps last NYE - and she was really keen to try some climbing, but he wasn't into trad climbing, so took her bouldering and then they left the next morning. It was a very interesting scenario, particularly since, as a sport climber, he climbed a lot harder than most of us.

Real shame for his girlfriend to miss out on a guided trip up Eskimo Nell though.
6:11:07 PM
bugger i meant "no"

i thought it was yes we dont climb together
Mike Bee
6:48:46 PM
I'd throw a vote in there for "ex girl climbs, and climbing is a desirable trait in future girls too".
Climbing is a big enough part of my life that I need to have a girl who wants to share that with me, otherwise we wouldn't spend enough time together.
7:00:16 PM
Im still looking for a woman who wants to "belay" me

8:57:33 PM
My wife and I climb a bit together. We get out together less often now we have a kid, unfortunately. Our best weekend's climbing together was probably also the last multipitch climbing we did as a couple - in Yosemite when she was ~2 weeks pregnant.

I've been stuck in the middle of some friends' messy breakup that was probably exacerbated by the fact they also climbed together. The guy insisted that the climbing relationship should be "exclusive"; she didn't take too kindly to this and pointedly continued climbing with others (myself included). It didn't end nicely.

I guess it works well for some and less well for others...
9:32:22 PM
On 18/10/2010 Ben_E wrote:
>I've been stuck in the middle of some friends' messy breakup that was
>probably exacerbated by the fact they also climbed together. The guy insisted
>that the climbing relationship should be "exclusive"; she didn't take too
>kindly to this and pointedly continued climbing with others (myself included).
>It didn't end nicely.

Sound like the problem was less climbing together and more that he was a possessive fruitloop. Perhaps someone should warn Anthony I will be destroying the sanctity of our relationship with a fivesome at the mount tomorrow?

10:07:47 PM
Some truth to that (the bit about breakfast cereal), and I think the fivesome on the wall was more or less what he was imagining anyway.

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