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Urgent advice required - night boat to Railay
6:25:22 PM
Can anyone help with some info, 5 of us are travelling to Railay on 9 April this year and we will be arriving
in Krabi at about 6.30pm. Is it possible to get a long tail boat or any other boat to Railay during the night,
if so where from? Thanks Col

6:53:06 PM
Hey Col
Was there a couple of years ago and we caught all our longtails from aonang. Not sure about the time , but if it's not dark i am sure they still run.
9:04:06 PM
Last time I went there a boat was prearranged with the accommodation. Basically we got met at the airport, driven down this dark back street and dropped off, and asked to keep walking to the water. It felt very sus! But the boat was waiting there in the dark on a small jetty and dropped us at East Railay in due course.

I was also convinced we were going to hit something in the dark, but everyone had their lights on, and the boat driver seemed to be able to navigate by starlight.

Not sure how you'd arrange it otherwise, tourist office or your accommodation perhaps.
12:08:21 AM
I am sure I have the answer...I am just in a bit of a panic cause its 'urgent'!

Are you pre-booking accommodation? They will happily sort you out if you ask.

Otherwise you should still be able to easily get a longtail at 6.30, even if no drivers are on the pier, just
pop into a shop or cafe, someone will 'call a friend' that will be willing for a few Baht.

You could also go to Ao Nang instead of Krabi (if you are flying into Phuket)

Worst case, spend a night in Krabi!

12:08:30 AM
You can get them after dark, it'll cost you about double but they run. Just talk to one of the Boatmen at Ao Nang
10:13:48 AM
Thanks all for your replies, hope i didn't cause you too much stress re the urgent thing SteveH, have a lie
down and rest.
4:40:03 PM
Just remember, don't pay the ferryman till you get to the other side...

2:59:54 PM
all bar one time I paid as I got on... at Ao Nang you need to pay at the ticket booth inside office hours...

Not sure that they'd like you not paying until you arrive

9:42:23 PM
its all down to the BAHT!! if you have to take a boat in the evening when there may not be other people to share the ride then you pay for what could be a full boat. they will take you at anytime as long as you pay! when i was there i was glad not to be arraiving after dark, it takes a while to get your barings! but remember that every one (more or less) is very friendly so if you feel the need just ask and someone will be able to help you.
11:13:18 AM
On 26/01/2010 Dane wrote:
>Not sure that they'd like you not paying until you arrive

Sorry - old song lyrics - bad attempt at humour
11:52:57 AM
It certainly set my theme song for the morning, thanks for that Martin.
4:07:23 PM
i remeber catching them from ao nang pretty late in the night for a standard night fee, that obviously wasnt that much cause i cant remember being annoyed about it... that was back in 2003, so i can only assume that it is easier now... if you cant get them from the krabi pier just get some form of taxi to ao nang... it is all pretty easy, i am pretty sure you will end up wondering why you ever worried about this...

...more concerning will be the swarms of californians wearing bandanas, euro trash climbing in speedos, and girlfriend/boyfriend climbing teams having arguments when the weaker on the two cant manage to top rope dog their way up the 6a that has a four km queue to get on on it....ahhh, good times in thailand....

4:30:06 PM
On 2/02/2010 linze wrote:
>...more concerning will be the swarms of californians wearing bandanas,
>euro trash climbing in speedos, and girlfriend/boyfriend climbing teams
>having arguments when the weaker on the two cant manage to top rope dog
>their way up the 6a that has a four km queue to get on on it....ahhh, good
>times in thailand....

Thai people are great. Go where they are after you are done climbing.

Trang and Satun provinces have very few Farang and are not far from Krabi. The north and North-east also offer loadsa places with very few Western tourists and are heaps cheaper than tourist traps like Krabi and Phuket.

3:11:09 AM
it actually pays to stay in krabi for the night and get cheaper supplies in town before getting on the boat the next day. things i found very useful: couple bags of oranges, hammock, suncream, shampoo, and if you want to make your own tea in the morning, camping gas and tea. high season boat rates are annoying, and running to town for things gets pricey. might as well carry a bunch of stuff to railay instead of buying things there for triple prices.

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