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10:56:18 AM
Hi guys
I am building a small climbing wall (2mx2.4m), and among other things I need t-nuts. You guys know of any place that sells them by the small box (eg. 50 or 100)?
1:56:42 PM
you can get them mail order from uncarved block, find url under links on this web site
2:40:56 PM

There are several shops in Melbourne which sell T nuts and bolts (in any number). Look in the yellow pages under "bolts" and then call around as the prices vary considerably but if you buy a 100 you should be able to find them for less than 20 cents each. Also if you are buying bolts I have found that most holds only need fairly short bolts which are considerably cheaper. Also long bolts are not normally threaded for the entire shank and cannot always be fully tightened in smaller holds. As with the nuts the bolts are cheaper in quantity so try to decide how many you need and buy everything at once.

The plywood panels also vary in price $ 50-70 15mm 2400*1200 (I think) so it is worth calling a few timber yards.

If you want to make your own holds RF services in Queensbury St North Melbourne sell resin and casting silicone. You can buy "Oasis" foam for making the template holds from Spotlight.

Have fun

9:47:20 AM
Shepp & MatD
Thanks for your replies. I live in Canberra so I will have to manage to purchase the gear and get it sent through the mail, or try to find it locally (harder). I have bought 2 playwood panels already, 17mm thick, 2.4m x 2m, $79 each (climbing surface will be 2m x 2.4m, all I can fit into my garage). Next step will be the frame to support the panels, then the nuts/bolts and holds. MatD, good advice on the bolts. I want to have a systematic pattern on the wall so I can try some problems as those for the Virtual Woodie. I'll need lots of nuts & bolts.
Thanks again.

11:23:47 AM
Hey Sagamartha, I just finished constructing my wall last night so if you want to know what i did for any of any of it let me know..
dimensions.. free standing adjustable 2400wx3600h (3 panels) sitting on a 2400wx300h base..

2:32:01 PM
G'day Rich
Thanks for the offer. Please let me know if there is anything that requires particular attention in building the wall. Basically, what I want to do is to have a 2.4m wide by 2m high climbing surface, with a base attached with hinges for a 15 degree tilt. For the frame, I am planning to screw timber all around the perimeter, and to have studs running from top to bottom every 60cm (eg. 3 in the middle plus the 2 sides to cover 2.4m). Then drill lines of holes at approx 20cm distance (starting 10cm from the edge of the panel) with a stagger between lines over the whole surface. The wall will be free standing (I have a metal garage, the structure would not be able to support the weight of a wall I believe), and I will use a support frame to tilt the wall approx 15 degrees. It will require approx. 5-10 min to set up everytime I want to use it, but this is really the only option if I want to have a practice wall and a wife at the same time!

2:54:28 PM
Ah special areas? Well i'll tell u some things i did which may or may not be useful..

- using 100mm treated pine screws into the studs from the bearers then gang nails across the joins making sure that the studs don't protrude past the front of the bearers so the panel will be flat when screwed on.

- check out virtual woody construction plans
for info on positioning of the studs so they don't interfere with the tee nut placement (it goes 200, 600, 800, 600, 200). If ur keen get the set of holds on that site to set up there problems.. I've ordered set 1 and am lookin forward to doing that.

- i used 12 100mm x 75mm hinges to make the wall adjustable. 100x100 would have been better tho. These were screwed to the on 300mm base which is sitting on 3m long 2x4s running across the ground.

- it's supported by 2 3.8m 2x4s bolted to the bottom supports and also with a diagonal cross-support from the end of the bottom supports. i positioned the wall at 45, 50, 55 & 60 degrees, supported it and then drilled 3 holes thru vertical support and the side studs. so to adjust it u just support it and take the bolts out and lower/raise it and then put the bolts back in.

-cos mine is heavier i put the panels on to the wall after mounting the frame but it'd be easier with urs to do it prior. i used 8g 50mm particle board screws every 25cm or so to attach the panels.

-if u have the 10mm (approx) strips that run between the panels to hold them together they are very useful, if u don't, no matter.

hope that helps! u can email me if u have any qs..

4:09:06 PM
Thanks Rich.
Your comments will help. I'll let you know how it went once I get it done.

1:48:06 PM
Here's a couple of pics not long after painting (to appease the neighbours!) so no holds on it. You can see the holes for the adjustments on the side as mentioned.


2:34:17 PM
Hey Rich
Looks great - and fits perfectly in that space!

2:38:17 PM
hehe yeh lil bit close to the fence tho when u tilt it to 45 or 50 degrees.. but not to worry few crashmats sort that out! hows urs going?

2:13:03 PM
I'm still buying materials (I had to wait for the tow bar to be installed on the car, and a temporary although acute shortage of cash slowed the project down dramatically), after which I'll start sawing/drilling/glueing.
I'll post picture of the work in progress.

9:37:12 PM
I got mine from Very is easy to buy, just email the details they find it and ship it. Best of all they donate a percentage of all orders to the rebolting fund of your choice. What more could you want.....

9:53:39 PM

Check out

They should have T-nuts, and are Aussie based.

1:11:11 PM
Chasing tee nuts for my woodie, anyone got a brand for the preferred heavier non-stripping kind?

I had been intending to go M10, but it seems that 3/8ths is more dominant, whats the go here?

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