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WANTED climbing holds
9:24:38 AM
Does any one have any climbing holds for sale? If so could they tell me how big, how many and how much. thanks.
9:28:16 AM
Try contacting Hardrock. They are planning to sell of some used holds shortly I believe.

7:21:42 PM
Cliffhanger has holds for sale, you might want to check it out.. I cant remember details but i think they were $60 (not sure on brand or how many, didn't take much notice).. I'll post more details in the next couple of days.
Climb Monkey
4:23:56 PM
Me and a mate are about to start making and selling them, we will be selling them at a lower price than others. How many were you after?

11:03:18 AM
yeh i'd be keen on buying some 2nd hand ones or cheap new ones .. the other alternative i've been looking at is biting the bullet and shelling out some cash for those uncarved block holds so i can particpate in the virtual woody idea.. have you seen this? It's a great idea.. My woody that I'm building is the same specs (except adjustable) so would be pretty worthwhile i reckon..
Anyone else done this?
4:51:21 PM
climb monkey, i would want about 25 10 very small, 10 small and 3 medium and two large
Climb Monkey
10:52:09 PM
Alright we should have a pretty good range in 3 weeks the reason being is that we have to make the molds then pour them and wait for them to set. Hopefully we will be on the market before Hardrock! Anyway Ive got some lovely crimpers

..::- Chris -::..
10:26:46 AM
Climb Monkey:
I might be interested toooo!! Post some prices
10 pack JUG set
10 Pack Sloper Set
etc etc

post some prices, or alternatively if your looking for someone to stress test your holds, there is no better than me....95kg of down force should test them pritty well !!! hehehe

Anyways best of luck with your new venture.

11:54:37 AM
Of course chris, there would need to be double and triple checks of the holds. I suppose i could find some time to test them....for safety's sake....

Anyone know what happened to the holds and moulds that vinnie day was playing around with months ago? They were really cool holds and textured great
4:36:12 PM
climb monkey i sent you an email i dont think you got it though could you post me prices on my desired order? and could we come to a shipping aggrement to?
4:43:40 PM
Not to put anyone off, but before your spending hard earned dollars I would recommend checking out the shapes / texture / finish of the holds when they are available. Cheaper doesn't necessarily mean better.
Disclaimer: In no way is this a reflection on climb monkeys products, but there have been quite a few companies over the years making holds, and most have come up short in some or all of the above requirements.

..::- Chris -::..
4:58:11 PM
hehehe Dalai you crack me up....

(Disclaimer) - I was off my dial, when i wrote this (Can I say that??) hehe

Keep it going, Forum Humor is the greatest!!!
5:29:49 PM
Just concerned the number of people putting orders product unseen. I have no vested interest either way, I have just seen alot of substandard holds come and go that's all. I guess it comes down to the old motto 'buyer beware'.

A message on behalf of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission

6:07:30 PM
On 24/09/2003 Dalai wrote:
>A message on behalf of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission

Are they the ones who determine if the supplier was on bad drugs when they produced the product?

7:05:35 PM
*Opening a suitcase of money*

"I'll buy 1000!!"
8:08:17 PM

>(Disclaimer) - I was off my dial, when i wrote this (Can I say that??)

Chris I see you posted this at 4.58pm, must have been a good day!

Climb Monkey
10:09:01 PM
Alright seeing my product is already being questioned ill send one free sampler hold to potential buyers and then you can decide
11:11:04 PM
im guesing only 1 potential buyer per address?
9:17:00 AM
Climb Monkey. Don't probably need to go as far as sending out samples. Just when you have made the sets, take pictures, put it all into a word document. Create a pdf document (free pdf compiler at ) and send it out to prospective customers to get an idea of the shapes at least. Course texture can be sorted with sandpaper.

Kudos to you. It's hard work making holds so I hope your venture works for you. There is definitely a niche in the market for good shapes at a good price.

..::- Chris -::..
11:34:03 AM
Buyer beware mate !! If climb Monkey wants to send samples sweet !!! I know a number of poeple that would like a sample, Me, girlfriend, her mum and dad both climb, my mum and dad, my grandparents still crank pritty hard ,my brother, his girldfriend and my cat and dog both get out a fair bit .....hehehe

Nah Climb Monkey sample not nessesary, just post a few photo's and if your in Vic then fair chance i'd pop over for a looksee first, or wait for the thumbs up from other climbers.... These things always work best from a "word of mouth" thing....

Chris : )

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