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Weather at Arapiles this weekend
1:53:51 PM
Was planning on going to Raps on Sunday night, Monday and Tuesday.

The weather looks pretty patchy this weekend though is predicted to get a little better on Monday and Tuesday. Am trying to work out how much the wet weekend is going to mess up climbing on those later days.

Can any Natimuk types shed some light on how its looking up there atm..? Much obliged.


Sarah Gara
11:12:15 AM
too wet, too cold. I'd leave it. flooding and soggy brrrr. but you never know we did have a nice day or so of sunshine last weekend but it was still freezing and pretty windy. roll on summer. x
11:24:33 AM
Don't listen to Sarah, she is getting soft now that she lives there. When she says, "Freezing" she means 15 degrees. I have had a bunch of great days at Mt. Arapiles when the weather was supposed to be bad. If you go the worst out come is sitting around a fire waiting for the rock to dry a bit. If you stay the worst will be seeing the radar clear over Horsham and Natimuk while it drizzles all day in Melbourne. You won't climb if you stay, you probably will climb if you go.
1:15:17 PM
I'm with Sarah, it's bloody miserable. Howling gales. Slightly less rain than yesterday, but that isn't saying much. BOM has a flood warning out for the Wimmera. Almost unheard of.

salty crag
5:23:30 PM
I was hopeing for tuesday but the woody might be the go, nice to see a real winter though!
5:26:18 PM
look on the bright side it may help recharge the aquifer that supplies the water

7:46:31 PM
quite a bit south but the rains stopped in Hamilton finally, though the waterfalls and floodways are pretty much chockers... Hope arapiles doesnt get it as bad and certainly hopes it clears in 2 weeks.. 1 week if someone invites me out next weekend :)

Sarah Gara
9:09:55 AM
On 15/08/2010 egosan wrote:
>Don't listen to Sarah, she is getting soft now that she lives there. When
>she says, "Freezing" she means 15 degrees.

Wind chill Sol. Wind chill. It'll all be damp and slippy all the wood will be wet and it will just be yucky.

9:28:06 AM
You keep forgetting what makes most people miserable is an entertaining day out for egosan.
10:13:32 AM
This was the first weekend I was going to use my brand new crack - shitty victorian weather

10:21:49 AM
On 16/08/2010 cseisun wrote:
>This was the first weekend I was going to use my brand new crack - shitty victorian weather

Is there a word missing from that sentence? Surely shitty weather is the perfect excuse to sit inside and use crack?
10:27:02 AM

I meant RACK..

Freudian slip.. :)
1:03:09 PM
Yea it won't be long before you lot will be crying that it is too hot to climb.
3:25:57 PM
On 15/08/2010 Sarah Gara wrote:
>too wet, too cold. I'd leave it. flooding and soggy brrrr.
Geez "a fair suck of the sauce bottle" sarah . You just described a lovely fresh english spring day . Amazing how you forget such lovely weather after a stint in Robinvale and Nati . Just don't commit any crimes or you maybe sentenced to be taken to where
you came from , and there to climb until you freeze over (or something like that)
3:36:19 PM
We finally get some good rainfalls and all I'm reading are complaints.

The country has been dealing with a prolonged drought. What we need is more decent rains, not less!
4:03:04 PM
but i have a virigin rack.............
6:08:45 PM

Treat it like your b_tch, not your lover.

You are such a princess!

9:43:35 PM
That flood warning was actually warranted - when I last crossed the bridge at Quantong last Wednesday, the river was languishing in a similar state to the end of summer. This morning it has flooded over into the turning circle and is higher than I have ever seen it.

I don't like cold and rain. That's why I live in a desert and fck off every winter. This winter (which I have seen far too much of) has reminded me why. Squamish next August, here I come. You'll never hear me complaining it's too hot too climb, Sol.

Sarah Gara
9:58:22 PM
nor me -when have I ever moaned it's too hot. I survived a summer in Robinvale. which even is cold and wet at the moment brrrr....

We know about the flippin drought I've listened to grape farmers and more recently wheet farmers I can even hold a (vauge) return conversation now. And from my limited understanding the entire situation seems to be made worse for melbourne stealing all the water/increasing their resevoirs to include other areas over night! so you don't have to be on water restrictions. We are all on tank water up here - where as melbourne -I've never seen an extra tap in melbourne where it rains non stop -(I;ve never been down and it's not rained) what a waste. Anyway I've been told by several keen rain water measurers in Warraknabeal that this year isn't a drought year. -Needs to rain in sept though otherwise what we've had up to now will be wasted... and don't even get me started about the locusts.

Don't get me wrong i'm happy in principle about the rain (not about the cold) but I don't see why I should like it. but I say roll on nati lake filling up and yeah the water - but I'm british It's what we do moan about the weather -what else would we talk about if not the weather? x
10:40:54 PM
Thanks dudes!

Am happy now I did not go and I know that the weather sucked.

Having said that, a full day at Altona (mums and bubs) through to mid-arvo is still not as good as dry outdoors... Still, more climbign than at the Pines in a tent. Princesses get bored easily!

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