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OT: Moorabal/Lal Lal wind farm 17-Jun-2009 At 11:18:28 AM gremlin
Now i've posted most of this in another thread, but it's my morning coffee break and i feel like hoicking a few web enabled hand grenades around the place... explosions are cool!

What a stupid poll and pointless 'debate', of course the climate is changing, it always is... Not to far ago in human history there were wombats as large as cows, six meter long lizards, tigers in Australia and a lot more ice as well. Throughout most of the planets history it's either a giant snowball or a firey ball of burning death.

Wow you statistics amase me! <40 years of data along with a couple of hundred years of scribblings in comparison to hundreds of thousands of years (and then some) of real climate change that humans, all the animals (past and present) and the planet have actually gone through... To me it looks a lot like all the false positives you get when you first introduce a spam filter or firewall and need to fine tune the system a bit, when all you've got is a hammer everything starts to look like a nail that needs a good bashing in the brains.

Now i'm all for the conservation of resources instead of clear felling all the trees like Joe did back in the 60's up in the western parts of central Queensland with his mates bulldozers or pumping the rivers dry to grow cotton and cow feed, however what i don't get about some of these climate change doomsayers is at what point in history do you want to preserve things? Yesterday, a few decades ago, last century, thirty thousand years ago or maybe a couple of million?

They're kinda like idiot wannabe environmental activist uni students who hang out at the tent embassy in Canberra and have fallen in love with some false misunderstanding of 'wilderness' yet seem to be oblivious to the fact that Aboriginal people were farming kangaroos, emus, goannas, burning down the bush and carving vagina's in rocks long before the Summarians even thought up the idea of building ziggurats.

What we need is a really awesome and terrifying new strain of spanish flu, instead of this pansy swine flu which can't even kill 10,000 people across the globe, kill off a couple of billion or so humans and make the price of fuel (along with all the other resources) a hell of a lot cheaper for those that are left to burn all the corpses in mass graves...

Bugger lowering immigration levels (closet right wing neo-nazi?), in my eyes most of the Australian population looks like 4th-5th gen immigrants to me anyway, but you won't see me complaining about the recent introduction of moden medical sceince, the wide array of interesting drugs or the bus loads tanned up female European tourists.

WWIII might be another good alternative, one that starts in about 10 years time so we can send all these gen Y/Z f---ers that keep sitting in my seat on the train off with their ipods and mobile phones to their gory bloodstained doom in central China somewhere... Most of em would make really good soldiers too, since they've all been training for endless hours on their xbox's for years already!

Think of the possibilites! We could bump off that annoying Kim Jong-il so he no longer keeps making up bullshit about being able to put nuclear warheads into orbit along with that crazy Mahmoud Ahmadinejad motherf---er who's getting a little bit big for his boots lately AND! not to mention (in the words of Biafra) get rid of practically everybody in our dole queues.

Levels of employment would sky rocket up to 100%, we could have people in wheelchairs making depleated uranium tipped bullets, Rupert would have an amazing wargasm fireworks show of death to fatten up his bank balance and we could even annex NZ, claim all their mountains as our own and maybe starting building a massive imperial empire in Indonesia and all the south pacific islands! War = Profits man! Think of the possibilites!

The benefits would be yet another huge leap forward in technology, all our resources would be rationed in order to support the war effort (50 years later we'd all glow fluresant green, sparing millions of lightbulbs a year and save all our xmas paper/plastic cheese in the kitchen cupboard or some shit) and we get the same effect as a really awesome flu.

Peace, rainbow colours, free kinky love and all that hippy bullshit...

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