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film footage for technique...
miss crag
7:05:26 PM

Wondering if anyone has used / is using / considering using footage of themselves climbing to help
technique etc?

Had some visiting mates take some footage of each other climbing in our lovely country like happy
tourists and I started thinking...

What are people's thoughts - a waste of time or something that may be useful for the 'crazy-over-


8:37:09 PM
A bloke came into my work with a helmet camera, used for cycling/snorkelling.
Would be great if someone made a film using one of those cameras.

8:53:32 PM
They do this alot in Golf. Could be good for analysing specific moves.

10:55:28 PM
Or a how to place gear doco!

9:54:58 AM
When I played ice hockey I had some training sessions filmed and then sat and analysed them with a coach. It was very beneficial as it pointed out several minor problems with my skating technique that made a huge difference in the long run.

I've also been filmed walking in different pairs of shoes to see which ones supported my feet best.

I think being filmed climbing could reveal similar things though it might be a lot harder to get an appropriate angle to film from.
10:24:34 AM
Filming yourself climbing and analysing immediately whilst muscle memory is still fresh is a great tool. As long as you are able to analyse the movement with an awareness of what needs to be improved...

11:43:02 AM
We used it in state and national rowing. As pointed out it's not very useful unless it's able to be analysed by the athlete/coach/mentor. Overall it's a small tool in the box.
mikl law
12:23:31 PM
even a still photo can be very revealling- Am I really THAT fat!
4:30:56 AM
On 5/01/2009 mikl law wrote:
>even a still photo can be very revealling- Am I really THAT fat!

stop living in the past and masquerading in that online fatman persona - pic of the week links show us how skinny you really are these days!

9:02:25 AM
I've filmed myself a couple of times in the gym, leading a hard route. Found it very intersting to watch afterwards to see where I hesitated, where I was climbing fast. Would definitely do it again, also outdoors. Especially watching it with someone else can be good. I pointed out quite a few things that I noticed on a friends video for example, and it was really helpful for him to see my version of the same route right next to his ascent. So yeah, I think it can help a lot to pont out and visualise mistakes that one makes!
It's diffferent if someone tells you "you're climbing to nervously" and then trying to fix that on the go where you obviously don't notice it anyway compared to watching yourself climb while someone tells you that.
miss crag
9:00:13 PM
Hey thanks for the comments...

dreamingof8a that's exactly what i'd like to pick up regarding feedback when amongst it - I have a feeling
the 'just go for it raaahhh' attempts I think I'm making aren't the same as what my climbing partners see!

Not sure I'm up for still or film analysis of the figure post Christmas :)

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