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Bouldering wall in Afghanistan
9:53:12 PM
Hi I am in Afghanistan at the moment
and I am thinking of trying to start a bouldering wall in a park in Kabul
and try and teach some Afghans bouldering
In the future a actual climbing wall would be awesome project
at the moment it is an idea and worth while pursuing while i am riding around parks
looking for a suitable location
possibly might team up with the guys who are looking at making a skate park

any ideas on making holds or getting donated holds would be great!

At moment i am bouldering alone around Kabul
so if you know anyone who would like to boulder and climb
sending them my email

Also possibly looking into climbing into the Wakhan Corridor. I will be there next month

ShinToe Warrior
10:01:26 PM
On 22/06/2008 supercatgenius wrote:
>At moment i am bouldering alone around Kabul
>so if you know anyone who would like to boulder and climb
>sending them my email

byo body armour and private security team...
10:04:40 PM
i only use body armor in Kandahar which reminds me about how sick the 40 Steps would be to climb. I am unlucky to have a security team either but hey i have chalked up a few ancient walls and a few boulders up in Barbur Wall and cliff side.
11:04:18 PM
make your holds out of wood
5:30:52 PM
time to start carving!

this, i hope will give some locals something to do/ hope in life, after all, climbing is addictive :D

Cool Hand Lock
8:25:06 PM
Make your holds.
Use resin and sand. Both of which I'm sure you have enough of. 'ha ha resin' (a drug joke) No seriously. Use two pack epoxy. Better still, just glue rocks to the structure. Using the epoxy.

9:46:48 PM
Yeah that's how Burnly was back in the day, just rocks glued to the wall, nice rocks! but hey it works!
11:59:29 PM
get in contact with all of the hold companies. see if some of them want to do some sponsoring. It would be a good PR exercise for them spreading the gospel of climbing.

try for links to lots of hold companies and write a well written proposal and send it off. in the meantine as the guys have said just use timber and rocks glued on or drilled and bolted.

12:36:07 PM
afghanistan would be perfect for buildering, there's pockets everywhere from the bullet holes. you'll be ready to hit aktion direct in no time
7:36:00 PM
thanks for the help.
i'm going to try to get a hold of some proper holds and make a proper wall in the park in Kabul
it would be great to promote climbing here then war and destruction.
Put in a proposal with the UN so twitching fingers.
i've done the glue onto the rocks at home, broken them a few times
and it is too hard crimping on bullet holes. I've tried at Murad Khane, there is a great Taliban stronghold which makes climbing the wall at the back of Aldi in Maribynong a good challenge.

8:30:37 AM
Well there is a winter olympic sport involving cross country skiing and target shooting, maybe there is potential for a new climbing multisport....
8:48:58 AM

make sure you keep us up to date with how you go. seeing you have access to the web get one of those hosted blogs going so you can help spread the word a bit.

10:40:47 AM
i made a climbing wall in japan and just used blocks of wood cut at different angles and such. try to find a hard wood if you can.

you can do a lot with sheets of plywood and screws and a drill. if i can find my pics from building, i'll try to send them.

good luck. cheers.
10:13:52 AM
Hi, I know a group you might be able to get some funding from them. please email me at and I will give you their details.

10:32:19 PM
thanks, i will give you a email. I found a really cool park and so I am doing up a proposal to get funding through the UN but just been slammed with so much work at the moment.

Have to stick up some photos of the rock walls in Bamiyan and Badakshan and boulders in the Wakhan Corridor. One day people will be able to do some great climbing here

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