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mouseys last words

12:13:41 AM
ok ok i know i sorta quit from the whole forum thing, just thought id log on to give you some last words/heads up on a couple things.
first up, about 2 weeks ago i quit my job to do the full time photo thing which is pretty challenging but great fun!
also i started a blog, so that i don't feel so guilty about never updating my folio... check it out

well thats all folks, best of luck

1:20:58 AM
Come off it, Josh. You're too young to have a mid-life crisis.

1:38:31 PM
yea we all know that you're lurking!

Chuck Norris
11:33:47 PM
I tend to agree with you wombat and skull face...if mousey was really serious about ending
his life on the net all he'd have to do is start calling everyone cynts.

come to think of it're a cynt!'re a cynt too're too nice to be a cynt.

eduardo you are the nicest cynt i've ever met.

hero you are the skinniest cynt I've ever met

ummm...who else...ok...swine of the're not a cynt....just weird...I can't dislike anyone who
was my chauffeur around the states.

I could go on...but it would get kind of repetitive... see'ns I think everyones a cynt (in the nicest
possible way)
11:27:55 AM
i'm little bit confused,

do you have to take a pill to become a cynt or are just born one
11:58:16 AM

As the graffiti on one of the rail lines says in Melbourne, "some dudes are c*nts"

some people are born c*nts, other's have c*ntness thrust apon them

and Stugang, thanks cynt

Eduardo Slabofvic
6:46:56 PM
On 23/05/2008 stugang wrote:
>eduardo you are the nicest cynt i've ever met.

I'm not a cynt all the time, only when the opportunity presents itself, but thanks all the same....cynt!
7:35:47 PM

Didn't check the link at first. That's funny.

As you are obiously a chemist could you get me some amphetamines? I have trouble sleeping.

2:11:27 PM
Interesting to see the evolution of mousey from brash young schoolie, to climbing (& snow sports) dirtbag, to night high-access worker, to photog; and the corresponding decline in Chockstone postings from heaps to a trickle, and now none?
Next thing he will be married ~> or a father anyway? ~>old ~>and may become a born again climber!
Who knows he might even evolve to becoming an aid climber to get up stuff he once could climb in his warrior days!!

>well thats all folks, best of luck

He is prolly climbing Cerro Torre with Hex, and can't get to a puter ...
or been locked up for base-roped-jumping at 'gonia.
Vale cybermousey ... rip ...

Heh, heh, heh.

4:41:36 PM
On 27/05/2008 IdratherbeclimbingM9 wrote:
>He is prolly climbing Cerro Torre with Hex, and can't get to a puter ...
>or been locked up for base-roped-jumping at 'gonia.

im afraid not, he's on facebook everyday...... !!

4:09:25 PM
>he's on facebook everyday...... !!

Hey mousey, .... your link to Macca interview is broken(?) & trying to access it gives;

>This error (HTTP 404 Not Found) means that Internet Explorer was able to connect to the website, but the page you wanted was not found. >It's possible that the webpage is temporarily unavailable. >Alternatively, the website might have changed or removed the webpage.

Everything else looks great.
Excellent photos mate. Hope they are paying your way to the expectations you have.

3:30:14 AM
cheers for the heads up, link fixed!
to clarify, ive already taken up aid climbing & but I've also started 'real' climbing again recently after a few months off (niggly injuries & bit sick)

id be interested how much is in that betting pool... i do keep tabs on chockers still, have a glance through every few days, would be daft of me not to really
James is right, i have facebook open in the bg when I work on the compy (a lot) so if anyones on that, its a good way to contact me

by the way if anyone wants an awesome handmade custom snowboard or tees/hoodys/beanies/thermals/etc lemme know (email joshcATheresysnowboardingDOTcom), just signed on (yeh, *another* side project) as the NSW rep for heresy snowboards cus i reckon their gear is just swell.

also if anyone wants a ride to/from the geoquest race in coffs next week (go up thursday arvo, back monday arvo) let me know asap, ive got a spare seat (potentially 2) that i may as well fill!

party on!
5:36:42 PM
thanks for the link, its a great interview. go macca...and manolo!

2:59:54 PM
>id be interested how much is in that betting pool...

This is the one that is taking bets on how long it takes mousey to regain his senses re the good thing that Chocky is and not diss it, or remain as a lurker.

I hear it's all the way up to 7 cents* now, and still rising at the rate of a rope jumarer who has a slipped disc!

[*cynt(!) let him know the real figure or else he will be tempted to time his rejoin, so as to split the proceeds with an inside trader ...]
12:15:39 PM
Who won the bet M9? ;-)

He's back!

3:29:30 PM
Hmmm; I noticed that.
Exactly 1 month (30 days in this case).

The 2,078 th Chocky member scooped the pool, though I doubt the proceeds would buy much dirt bagging time in the Pines!


9:33:32 PM
nah just passing through, sorry lads, all bets are still on

8:16:12 AM
On 1/07/2008 mousey wrote:
>nah just passing through, sorry lads, all bets are still on

You going for a new record of 31 days now?


1:23:16 AM
how long did I last this time?

just dropping through to let you know that;
a) life is rad
b) ive uploaded a few more pics to my website, lemme know what yall reckon
(its still a 'placeholder' site, ill be getting a 'livebooks' site as soon as ive got me a new logo/branding, which brings me to point
c) does anyone know of a rad graphic/logo/business branding designer?? looking through lots of folios but cant find anything im really happy with

9:19:01 AM
i know a good designer but your pm box is full....!

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