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Renaming/rebolting aid route/attracting a girl! 3-May-2007 At 11:41:54 PM Nottobetaken
On 3/05/2007 stugang wrote:
> 2 bobs worth is to 'sensibly' rebolt the stupid route, leave
>the old rusty f---ers in so if
>some old geeza on a death wish wants to bounce test 100 year old dave
>mudie carrots then he can
>still have the pleasure. And if that old geeza survives the experience
>he can gloat knowing he has
>ticked "gilgamesh", whilst on the other hand someone that ticks your route
>can gloat having done "my
>granma gives the best blowies...i know cos i've tried"
>as for ruining your "reputation" through engaging with this site...most
>of the people here are either:
>1) bored at work
>2)bored in nati
>3) drunk
>4) procrastinating for exams
>5) bored
>so i wouldn't worry, though i'll add my congratulations as you sound like
>you are number 4...hope your
>exam went well (btw if you haven't guessed i'm number 3)

- Stugang... that is the best answer I've yet read!

The fact is skip skip, that despite your best interests, you will not gain any worthwhile comment on these matters on this forum - for this very reason. Not surprisingly you are preaching to the wrong people, and trying to shift the 'way it is' regarding the state of Victorian fixed gear, let alone the issue of naming rights to the majority of people that frequent this site who will never lead to a conclusion. This site is about bollocking on about various (meaningless as well as - important) issues, but never really doing anything about it. The issues that you speak of are to do with cutting-edge ascents, therefore why are you trying to gain some sort of relevance via this forum? My advice to you (and your friend) is to simply go out, do the business, make the first free ascent, re-equip the route, and rename it. That is your right as the first free ascentionist. Now - that said - it may not be received well, and the newly (freed) name might be ignored, based on some long forgotten belief that those people that hammered their way up the line, and stood in a series of home-made slings to 'ascend' the line somehow gave them the rights to naming the route - but guess what? They have the same amount of respect for your efforts, as you do theirs. Take matters into your own hands - and simply DO IT! That is the only way - for as you say, there really are no hard and fast rules in Victoria, (apparentely apart from Malcolm's) and having that ethical 'impurity' basically means that it is up to the first ascentionist - period. I totally agree with your sentiments regarding fixed gear/no fixed gear - but it's never going to wash in this country. Just be thankful that there are some places in the world where you can go and not have to deal with the archiac bullshit that resides here, and has since been forgotten in the midsts of time - whilst style (and) difficulty have been raised significantly. Now when last did that happen in Victoria? It's hilarious!

PS: I'm 5 and 3, and (invariably) 1.

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