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Jon Muirs 3 poles talk - nice night
2:37:56 PM
We went to listen to the talk last night. My g/f didn't really know who he was but thought it looked interresting, bought some tickets and told me to turn up.
I didn't know what to expect really, I've seen pictures of him (pink pants and possum skin vest comes to mind?) and have read of his achievements but that was about it.

The presentation covered his early days climbing mountaineering and the trips to Everest plus the walks to the north and south poles. He also spoke about other adventures - crossing the the Australian continent (desert crossing). The '3 poles' title led me to expect this. The format was Jon talking, with slides and a few short funny film snippets of the adventures. If you've ever been to these types of things then it probably sounds pretty formula.

It wasn't formula... Jon Muir doesn't fit into any formula. I think it was his delivery that really made this a learning experience for me. Maybe it was because we blagged seats down the front then ended up lounging on the carpet next to the projector, maybe its because i'm making big changes in direction myself, I don't know. Its hard to explain. It was like I had become a kid again, listening to a well travelled uncle who was recounting his stories on a more personal level. Not to impress or garner applause but out of a genuine interest to share the wonder of the world and what he has seen.

What came through wasn't just what he has seen, but the way Jon sees it. We saw the images on the screen (as you do on any 'slide night') but the dialogue swept us into his world and the images were then seen through his eyes with his enthusiasm.
The presentation was a timely reminder of why we do the things we do. His telling of the 'smaller adventures', the ones in our own backyard, were no less exciting than the 'big 3'.
In contrast to the message of the nights sponsors', who want you to be inspired to go on their big money expeditions, Jon showed that adventure can be were you find it and if you carry it in your spirit then it will be all around you. For me Jon's talk was a streetlight on my own journey.

Those wanting a slick run night with lots of 'woah' visuals might not walk away so moved. For those wanting a contemplative lesson on getting the most from your time here, I give it 5 stars.

Take care out there

12:55:36 PM
i revcall two presentations i saw once in melbourne. The first was by Andrew Lock, becuase the shop was a sponsor. His talk was proffessional, with slick photographs. But it laked heart, it apperad he only gave it because it was a commintment, and he dissapeared quickly afterwards.

Then Gren Hinton gave a talk on a solo iceclimbing trio to NZ. It was allready late when he started, but such was his enthusiasm he spent at least 10 minutes talking about the first slide - a picture of his gear! It wasn't a slick presenatation - it was the real Gren talking, it was raw and spontanoeous. Not practice, no cliches. I'd understand if some of these things drove some of the audiance mad, but I loved it - thought it was the best presentation I have ever seen.

10:34:09 AM
You have made me envious of missing Jons presentation Take.

Richard wrote; (snip)
Gren is certainly an 'out there' character.
Ever since I met him at Buffalo just after he soloed Clouded Queen I have been interested in how he fairs.
Heard he survived an avalanche (in Alaska?) while preparing for an attempt on Everest, and have heard nothing since.
Anyone know if he made it & what he is up to now?

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