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Havachatwithhexy... 18-Jun-2005 At 3:16:14 PM HEX
Stand-by y'all... The HEX is preparing the inaugral Chockstone 1000 Club Party in Mikez cyber-spa ...

Neil Monteith 2888
Havachatwithhexy 1420
M8iswhereitsat 1387
Dalai 1229
Rich 1051
HEX 999
JCP 963

Hurry-along, now , Mousey;-))

>The beer was quickly slammed down...."Wha the F###? Damn you Hexy!!!!"
>There would be a lot of work to do......

Damo --- you can start by changing the spa-water ... not that, that will matter ... the addax will probably do whoopzy in it anyway ...


Author Chockstone Usage Stats
>Has a quick look at the stats and saw that Neil has an astounding 990 posts !!
>Go Neil, go for the 1000 ... for the record Kieran appears to be in second place, but a >long way behing with 400-odd.
>(It's a slow, slow day here at work)
>ekkk! Don't let my work know this sort of information....
>Just did a sort on the number of posts - I have three users within 38 posts to get into >third place. Time to start posting...
>Okay Neil, your Lucas Heights post brought it up to 999 ... just one more to go !
>Mike - you should ban him at 1000.
>Start "chopping" his posts ?
>Congrats dodgy on the 5000th post in General discussion.
>(Yup, another slow work day)
>Is a thousand plus considered spam?
>0r is it time to get a life :P
>First to 1000 gets a free tshirt?!
>Where do i collect my free shirt?
>you have to make it first...
Topic Date User
Havachatwithhexy... Wednesday, 5 January 2005,HEX :
>& CONGRATZ to A5 ---> M(illennium)8 !!! :

>User, Location, # Posts :
>>nmonteith Victoria, Australia : 2246
>>>M8iswhereitsat Victoria < !! > NSW (Wodonga - Albury) Australia : 1002
>>Rich Nunawading, Melbourne : 878
>>Dalai Victoria, Australia : 844

>Apart from having to digest the occasional addax-dropping ,I, (& I'm sure ' we ' ), have >gained quite considerably from your contributions to the 'stone ...

>Luv HEX & da crew...
Topic Date User
30,000 th post - Congratulations Chockstone. Wednesday, 30 March 2005,LittleMac:
>While we are on the topic of numbers, Congratulations to Dalai who posted his 1000th >post today.
>For he's a jolly good fellow,
>For he's a jolly good fellow,
>For he's a jolly good fellowwwwwww
>And so say all of us
Topic Date User
Jacqui Middleton Rocks, Again! Thursday, 28 April 2005,Rich :
>On 28/04/2005 ShinToe Warrior wrote:
>>On 28/04/2005 Damos wrote:
>>>What's that skip? The threads been hijacked?

>>Yes, Fake Damian, this is a Jacqui Fan Thread.

>ooohhh... now i'm confused..

>woohooo! 1000 posts! :D
Phil Box
>Speaking of stats the haveachatwithhexy thread is nearing its 1,000th post.
>Congrats to all who make this site an excellent resource for Australian climbing. Golf >clap (pat pat pat, muffled clapping with gloved hands).
>On 31/03/2005 Phil Box wrote:
>>Speaking of stats the haveachatwithhexy thread is nearing its 1,000th post.

>Yes; another milestone in the making.
>Hexy is no slouch in the posting dpt either. If you combine his/her former self (Hex->Troll) s/he is up to 886 posts now; and that thread certainly has had the most 'views' >at 36465 ~> which is a significant testimony to its popularity.
>I also find it useful as a filter of the whole Chockstone site as it allows easy catch up if >you've have been away and have heaps of posts unread, or don't have much time to >peruse after logging in...
Topic Date User
Havachatwithhexy... Friday, 20 May 2005, M8iswhereitsat :
>I have been remiss!
>(*5 now).
>His/Her 1000th post: (includes 177 as hex-TROLL but excludes the miriad retro-edits!)
>His/Her 1st post?
>Topic Date User
>Chockstone Hits 500 Members, 3 February 2004,hex[mods added the -TROLL...]
>On 3/02/2004 Rich wrote:
>>yeh all those who have not posted.. now's your chance to say hi :-)
>IS HEX 500th ?
>~The rice paper record is rich indeed for the Hex contribution~
The first squeak...

Topic Date User
looking for trad mentor/climbing partner in Sydney Tuesday, 11 November, 2003,JCP[nee: Mighty Mouse ]
>Im a 17y/o guy and I wanto get into multipitch trad and eventually big walls, but i don't >know anyone who really knows their stuff
>please let me know if you can help out
Topic Date User
New Member Verification Sunday, 8 February 2004,JCP :
>...fair enough- you shouldnt be deleting peoples opinions no matter how stupid they >are, (eg. it would probably be fair to leave hexes posts up, but piggy's sneed to go)...

Thanx Mousey;-))
Feb 7 2005
1025 posts
>We get new members everyday but no one posts, even the regulars have gone quiet, >have we all turned into lurkers. Surely Chris Coghill has put up some new best route >ever in the blueys that we need to hear about, Nick Clow surely seen some bolt >somehwere lately that dosnt take his fancy, *Josh C surely wants to sprout some crap >about something that leaves us all saying wtf?*, hatman must have some new holds to >sell or woodie designs to expose, Steve M and Bundy must be itching to again claim >the relevance of the shires top climbing spots...somebody, anybody pleeeease post >something or Im gonna have to actually do some work????

With 830 postz on CragX, Mousey , you will soon be invited to rodz? spa-party;-)

" 2 spa-partyz ?? ..................... gimme that cyber-spinach ... glug/chomp/glug/chomp...swallow .......buuuuurp !!! .... Here I come, Hexy !!! ..."

P.N.(nee/aka Damo) continues :
>It had been years since he had last checked email. When a stray bullet had taken out >the sat phone there had been no option to get online in the desert. As a result the >email inbox was full of unread messages. The most disturbing was an email from >Michael, an old mate in Australia...

>>"P, I need your help, Hex has taken over Chockstone. He's now reached 100,000 posts, most of them to himself, only a few of them climbing related. As you know, we'd been trying to set up Chockstone based on Neilo's original premise - an informative and friendly site for people to browse through, catch up on the latest climbing news, buy gear and pick up technical tips from more experienced climbers. All this was going great guns until Havashatwithexy came into force. It's taken over Chockstone, we don't know what to do. Please help! I've gotta go now!! Nothings safe any more...."
Author The Inaugural Post
5:35:33 PM
Well I've just completed coding this forum from scratch. Hopefully it will prove to be useful to climbers from Victoria, (or indeed from anywhere), as a place to hang out and discuss all things climbing.
You can register as a member of the forum very easily. It only takes a few seconds. To assign yourself a cool little icon, simply hit the "Profile" button after you've logged in.
The back end is currently merely an Acc

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