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Havachatwithhexy... 14-Jun-2005 At 5:53:39 PM HEX
M8 wrote :
>*Moisturised baby wipes are a hygenic hand cleaning item to have after the event also.
>going to do some searching and maybe edit this post. Standby ...

Let Hexy give you a hand, old-fella , while ur searching-around in that awesome-Hexy-link,again;-)

>Re: boater's DRY BAG as poop "toob"
>Trad climber
>From: Eagle River, AK
>>Isn't it legal to piss off the walls? If so, just eat prunes and dried apricots and piss out >>of your ass !

AAAHHHHH !!! --- suchagreatidea !!! --- no wonder the yanks rule the world ...

Online Now
>I also had a friend who used the "hold on" option for days at a time on mountain trips. >If someone is using that strategy, make sure to beat them into the toilet when you >return - they will be in there for some time... shit ! hehehe ... butt seriously ... hehehe ... make sure you don't drive-off with-out them, cos they might in fact have a massive-bowell-constipation-blockage , not to mention toxic-shock-syndrome ala shielas who leave (ah-hem) tamponz in too long ...
>they will be in there for some time...
Don't let those words haunt you Kieran ...

Online Now
>For pee storage I believe you can use a substance that turns the pee to jelly, reducing >the risk of leakage. I just can't think where I saw that particular gem of info. Perhaps >M8 can enlighten us...


>Regarding the question about small lumps of yellow jelly in the Babies nappy - a lot of >nappies appear to use a substance which absorbs a lot of liquid and in doing so turns >into a jelly like substance I suspect some of this is leaking into the inside of the nappy >a way of proving/disproving this Theory would be to try a different brand of nappy (I >have not noticed this happening with Snugglers or Huggies) or try using non >disposable Nappies

>Richard Freeman
>Thursday 30/4/98 I heard a lady comment on todays show about and crystal/jelly >appearing when her baby urinates. This happens to my 5 month old twins when we >use a cheaper brand disposable nappy. If they fall asleep before being able to change >them into a good nappy when we get them up in the morning the disposable is full and >a jelly/soft crystal like substance is all around thier genitals. This to me seems like >what ever substance they use to absorb the urine in them becomes over loaded and >then leeches out as a little extra something different, don't know if it is or not but you >can decide for yourself. Regards Dave

>Dave Bolch

Fascinating road ur putting us on, Kieran ...

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