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Havachatwithhexy... 13-Jun-2005 At 12:05:55 PM HEX
Jun 12 2005
1021 posts

>Went to The Heights today as only had a few hours before having lunch at kevins >place and was disgusted by the amount of rubbish left at the place. Drink bottles, chip >& chocloate wrappers , plenty of ciggy butts and empty ciggy packets... even a pile of >old tiolet paper right on top of bull ant wall next to decent gully. If your to f---ing lazy >to take your rubbish with you, f%*k off and do some other responsible... just >cause its not the world greatest crag dosn't mean you can treat the area with >disrespect. If gives our sport a bad name and lets everybody down.
>It's a crag that dosn't have a high level of visitors, probably mostly by locals and/or >new people to the sport and I was surprised at the levels of rubbish. We impact the >bushland enough with normal climbing activities without adding to the degredation of >any area with laziness and basic selfishness. It will certainly make me think in the >future wether I'll make any crag I develop completely public if thats the way poeple will >treat the place.
Well, howbout as part of the (initial) 'development' of 'your' new crags, you take into account the inevitable primary(poo-poo) & secondary(litter) human waste ... Having discovered & 'developed' a few cragz during The-Grand-Epoch-Of-The-HEX, I know that it is not just the rock that excites & motivates --- it is also the natural-ambience of the (spirit of) place ... itz not too hard to dig a shit-pit, off to the side of the crag, place a big rock either side , then straddle these with a log seat --- all very rusticly-charming as the tweeting-dicky-birds relax that rat-race-stressed-sphinta ............... much better than stepping-in a gnarly-great-grogan, just when the leader is yelling for slack ...... one or two poly-weave bags for rubbish can be left hanging discreetly on the snapped-off stub of a tree-branch , which YOU as the 'responsible' crag-developer can carry-out every now & then , happy in the knowledge that etc,etc,etc ...
>Okay enough rant, apologies to anyone not involved, but hopefully a few of the people >that left crap at the crag, actually read the forum.
>I picked up some rubbish on the way out today but if anyone goes there in the furture >please take a rubbish bag with you and clean it up...
If you get it clear in ur head , grass-hopper, then we can keep the inevitable tertiary(whinging on the inter-net) human waste to a minimum ...

*wipes bum & throws soiled paper into dug-pit, then sprinkles some dirt on top , all ready for the next punter...*


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