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Poll Option Votes Graph
do you ignore it as best you can 12
politely ask for a little shoosh 0
tell them out right to just shut the **** up 2
heave a sigh, pack up and move somewhere else 2
I know this stuff and always act accordingly 0

quiet please

2:39:49 AM
Bouldering etiquette... well I'm sure most would be familar with the standards that it is not good manners to go greasing up the holds on a problem someone is working, and it is always polite to give them a brush after you have had your shot and there are others working the same problem. Things such as asking to jump on a problem as opposed to just barging on through when it is obvious others are on the same problem. Don't start volunteering beta unless you have been asked etc etc . So my question for this poll is about chatter, especially loud incessant chatter. Not to be confused with encouragement. This may also apply to those that suffer from that rope affliction thing also, though possibly not to the same degree... hmmm not sure
The scenario...
You have brushed the holds, chalked up and you are now sitting beneath your project. In your mind you start working throught the beta, visualising the moves. You control your breathing and try and quiet your mind. With eyes closed your begin to focus, left hand, pull up, heel hook,extend back righthand crimp,
lock off, lefhand match
right foot toe hook
pop left hand to pocket, kramer and george..... what the #$%^
Well you get the idea, end result focus is gone. The questions are above but they do beg a little further interrogation....
If you were aked for a bit of shoosh, would you understand the reason why or think the person is being a bit of a whinge?
Would you feel upset if you were asked to be quiet(working with the assumption it was a polite request)
At what point do you feel you would lay the law down and tell chatter bugs to can it?
And I suppose the most important question is, how to ask for a bit of shoosh without offending and sounding like a prat?
Obviously it is taken as given that the incessant droners are in the same vicinity.. best thought I'd add that


6:13:46 AM
id rather someone chatter about seinfield than spray shitty 'bugalugs beta' at me

7:16:53 AM
Listen up, pad-peeps.

A true pebble wrestler must be adept at shutting out the rest of the world and having unwavered focus, oneness with the problem even.

An even more rare Pebblewrestling master can turn this skill off upon leaving the crag

7:42:32 AM
Are we playing tennis here or blouldering, time to get a guy in a big high chair saying "quiet please" when someone about to jump on something???, its just background noise Tel, if it "made" you fall off you obviously were not as focused as you thought

Phil Box
8:12:56 AM
You`ve obviously not understood that it is the audiences God given duty to attempt to make you lose your concentration anyway they can. If it looks as though you are going to send that problem you`ve been working on for oh so lone then it is by necessity the crowds duty to try to ensure that you do not send. This is usually accomplished by the telling of jokes and other fun stories that they know you will get a laugh out of. After all bouldering is not only about movement over rock but also the social aspect of having your fellow man/woman share the experience with you. Why else would you not be out on the real rocks climbing as an individual high up on the pointy end of a rope far from the prying eyes of the masses.

If you want the moment to yourself go soloing, if you fall off you only have yourself to blame.

(Trying to emulate "Ask the noob" on

8:26:12 AM
Sorry Tel,
I can't see the problem. I used to enjoy that side of bouldering, it created a "no pressure" environment. I was just out bouldering with mates and bystanders became new mates. Mind you there were also times when I would just find some quiet out of the way area to boulder on my own.
But if the chatter bothers you that much, maybe you just have to ask those guilty to keep it down in the calmest manner possible.

Super Saiyan
12:51:36 PM
Seinfeld.. Oh the luxury!

Our bouldering sessions are usually accompanied by a fair amount of piss taking aka "It'd be easy if u werent so weak" etc etc, farts or the old "look out!!!" to stop each other from sending....

1:23:28 PM
Shut up Phil...I'm try-na....climb...goddamnit.

4:38:09 PM
I have a saying for you Tel:

"All distraction is internal"

The only time being distracted has lost me a climb is when I fell off from laughing so dam hard which proved to create some great memories of climbing in that place anyway. Most of the time, the people around you will also be focusing on what you're about to climb. So for the remainder of the time, just remember the above saying, take a deep breath and shut them out if you let yourself decide they bother you.

Nick Kaz
4:57:08 PM
I only get the shits with others when I'm getting frustrated with what I can't do, by then I know its time to move on. Otherwise they blend into the background.

12:44:56 AM
Phil Box, Climbau, Obsessedclimber, yep I agree, and thats one of the reasons I enjoy bouldering so much is the social aspect, and definately yes when with a group of friends by all means give a little stick. But if I turned up to an area with a few people and there was a couple of others there I would turn off the noise when they are getting ready to send.
I simply see it as showing a little respect for what the person is about to try and do. Now I am not suggesting that others are disrespectful because they don't share my view, they just have a different point of view.
But as much as we are all out to have fun, we are also there to try and accomplish things which we thought at one stage might be or seem impossible. I realise background noise doesn't directly interfere with you doing the problem, as in "make you fall off " { liked that Rod ;-).. }, but sorry to say I can see how it can be a distraction. Anyways interesting nonetheless

8:39:36 AM
I prefer if they talk coz don't like being watched. I've always been that way whether it's practicing harp, piano, singing, or more to the point climbing. Being watched makes me feel self conscious and climb worse than I normally would. So if I'm around, talk all the hell you want! I'll thank you for it!

8:58:43 AM
Tel I thought you would be use to someone talking all the time while bouldering, you went to NZ with Mousey and he never shuts up, or if he is quiet, then its replaced with the constant clicking from his camera shutters firing off at a steady pace.

God knows as soon as I hear the "bing' of a video camera sounding off I become (even more so) Mr Bumbly Man and only a matter of time when I fall off. Thats my excuse anyway...either that or excessive gravity!!!
9:25:08 PM
As long as they keep their music to themselves

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