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Bourge is gold 17
Bourge is not gold 4
Get rid of 'im 15
He's got potential 8
This is a waste of my time, rack off Bourge! 12

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Bourge: sack him or give him a go

2:41:11 PM
Here's your chance to have your say. The critics have been outspoken, some have been angered, outraged, now we're going to the people.

PS all votes are anonymous

Eduardo Slabofvic
3:02:31 PM
Are there any other options further down the list?

3:07:26 PM
I don't want to ask what........Isn't is national elderly week or something? go easy on an old codger (but be honest!)

Mike TS
3:49:58 PM
Doesn't he have a better picture?

4:21:59 PM
ok - this has gone far enough. I have temp disabled Bourge from this forum. This will give him some time to reconsider this flood of shithouse posts that have appeared on this forum in the last week. Take a look back - 132 posts as Bourge - how many of those actually contained useful and interesting information? This website is about climbing not about dribble. Please keep personal crap to yourselves. Other offenders recently - Simey, Eduardo, Syd ect.... Can you all just tone down the rubbish you post. Think before you hit 'ok'. Bourge - you will be re-enabled in 24 hours.
5:26:25 PM
Well done Neil - Bourge is the only member I have used the silencer feature. Using the forum as a chatroom for your mates destroys its usefulness to the rest of us.
- Steve

6:14:03 PM
I personally didnt see the harm, it pretty easy to simply ignore the posts which tend to stick to a couple of threads anyway. Whats the harm as long as its not personal attacks???

12:36:04 AM
Hey Neil, Just out of interest, I posted a thread, stating my opinion and basically mentioning this, about a week ago, and yet it was removed, did you remove it, and if so why, and why now you take the initiative?

8:58:49 AM
I didn't remove your post Shaggy! - Simon Carter, Phil Box and Dalai are admins also...
10:04:17 AM
Wasn't me. I have just been letting the ebb and flow continue Shaggy - I haven't performed any mod tasks for ages.

11:57:36 AM
On 9/03/2005 rodw wrote:
>I personally didnt see the harm, it pretty easy to simply ignore the posts
>which tend to stick to a couple of threads anyway. Whats the harm as long
>as its not personal attacks???

One (perhaps forgotten) impact of all this is that Mike is undoubtably feeling the impact of steadily increasing bandwith usage and the subsequent "costs". We can all help by trying to keep the traffic down.

1:20:47 PM
I don't know that the issue is outright bandwidth, but rather one of signal-to-noise ratio. The number of worthwhile posts as compared to the total number of posts has been steadily dwindling over the last 18 months or so.

That said, I would have lumped Hex in with the 'noise' when he first popped up. His historical insight, and willingness to trawl threads and juxtapose comments have put him well and truly into the 'signal'. It's a shame that the recent imitators have so little to offer in comparison.


2:55:45 PM
Yep agreed, thats why I just said 'one' impact. Signal-to-noise is a nice way to put it :)

4:03:20 PM
But by the same token people need to keep a sense of humour. I didn't see anything harmful in the material in question

4:27:08 PM
Bourge is now active once again.. you are on parole my friend.

Eduardo Slabofvic
4:30:30 PM
The solution to your predicament would be to exercise your discretion and not click on any thread that may contain posts that do not interest you, these are easy to spot. If you don’t like my posts, don’t read them, very simple.

“Signal to noise ratio” is a good metaphor, but why does the signal have to be as dull as dishwater. Well done to those who make their posts interesting to read and fun at the same time. For those that don’t get it, try reading between the lines and maybe you’ll see a message somewhere, if you don’t then no big deal. I can understand that some people like things spelt out.

To respond to Shaggy, sorry to hear your posts were deleted. Censorship of ones own opinion is never really appreciated. I did not have the chance to read them, but I hear that you were giving some people a bit of a bagging. I hope Neil, Rupert and tmarsh don’t fall into that same trap (you are very close to the edge). In this respect, I agree with rodw, no personal attacks, other than that go for it.

I note that some of the other administrators have been participating in the aforementioned “noisy” threads, all with the good humour that makes for a fun read. I hope they continue. I trust that those who don’t like the “noisy” threads will just ignore them, as I have ignored those threads that I find dishwater like.

Ask the site sponsors if they are upset with the increasing demand for bandwidth.

There are the “subscriber only” threads available on this site for your meatier discussions, so why not let some of us post in our own way. We are part of the climbing community as well, and have opinions. You will have noticed from your reading of climbing literature, that expressing views in a satirical fashion is part of the culture. So don’t get your knickers in a twist, lighten up, it’s the internet.

4:34:01 PM
Yes I would be the first to agree Eduardo, I don't understand the harshness. I come across plenty of carppy posts which I just ignore.

4:46:08 PM
As an admin I have to read every one of these posts to make sure they are not slander ect. If they are just dribble than its a big waste of my bloody time! The owners of this and Qurank have both mentioned to me their desire to shut the whole thing down as it is just becoming out of control. All I am saying is - try and make this site a useful source of information about climbing (generally in Victoria). To an oustider these forums are now filled with bizzare people spouting about crap. It was once full of real people who were doing a good job of collecting information and enthusing and eductaing others. My 3 months overseas were a quiet relief from being a Chockstone admin!

4:55:38 PM
I'll just labour the point a fraction longer. To use 'Bourge's World' as a case in point, I thought a good part of that thread was climbing related - if it wasn't climbing news articles links to other sites, it was climbing or weather-related talk. There were a couple or posts there that weren't climbing related, but the comment "bizarre people spouting about crap" might have missed the mark.

Neil I don't think the "was once full of real people who were doing a good job of collecting information and enthusing and eductaing others" is that different to now. I don't see how someone scouring the web for interesting stories and news, the majority of it being climbing related, and posting them in one thread is that much different. You would have noted the lack of personal slander, I'm even being nice to Hex, in the thread.

PS If I see any of ya that voted me off at the boulders I'm gunna giv y'a wedgie!

5:17:20 PM
All i ask is to keep the normal information based topics free of crap. Stick to Borges World (or better still just join into Hexy's thread). What may be needed is a cleansing and lock-down process for worthwhile topics. Every month or so I might go back and delete the useless posts and just keep the informative stuff. I might then lock these topics so people like Kento don't go messing with the past... anyway - thats a worst case scenerio. Continue on rewardless folks... big brother is watching.

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