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Seriously, this site ... ! 31-Aug-2016 At 8:44:03 PM hero
And the answers:

1. a. Possibly correct, 5 points for knowing it b. 5 for thinking it c. Total wonker, 10 points d. possibly correct, 0.
2. Any answer to this question gets you 5 points. Buoux 10.
3.a. You may not be a w0nker but are probably an idiot, 5
b.Yes, you've got to give them little muscles a rest occasionally, 5. c. This is an all purpose answer, 0 d. W0nker, 10.
4. All answers 5 except for d which is 20 points.
5. Same answers as question 3 also.
6. a.5 b.5 c.5 for being unfashionable d. Things that make you go hmmm, 5.
7.a. 5 for having a hero at all b.10 c. 5 for being unfashionable d. 5 if you're male, for picking the non sexist answer.
8.a.0 b.5 for knowing it c. for making it up. don't you hate people who think they can just use luck to get through multiple choice. d. w0nker, 10 (but only if you've climbed at Arapiles, otherwise 0.
9.a.5 b.10 c.5 d. the obvious choice, but the question was trust, not use.
10.Score same as answer. Same with 10a.
11. a and b. Ouch 20 points.
12. a.10 b.5 c.10 d. Nice try, 5 for not knowing. You must be aware of thing that threaten the purity of our activity.
13. Exactly, all answers except c. correct.
14. a.10 b.15 c.5 for being a smart arze d. 5 for being a wimp.
15. Possibly all answers are right but the only scores are 5 points for c. for knowing and 10 points for d. for being a sycophant.
16. d. is the correct answer. The others all score 10 points.
17. All are w0nkers and get 5 points except for d. You're not a w0nker, you're a bloody idiot.
18.Score 10 all questions.
19. d. again is the only correct answer. Score 5 points on others for not owning up to believing d.
20.5 points for a. for knowing what `Angels' is. If you've done it give yourself another 10 points.


Less than 50. You are not a w0nker. In fact you are probably a lot like me. Which is nice, because not many people do like me. They usually think I'm a w0nker, but now I can prove, with this test that I am not. They are.

50-110. OK, so you're not so much of a w0nker as an insipid, sycophantic, meretricious wimp. You'd like to train harder, wear bright lycra, tell people to stop calling you by your nickname, drive faster, in a celica, and all in all be a w0nker, but you don't have the spine or bank book for it. You're destined to spend all your time at Arapiles doing good routes you've done before. Boring.

110-220. Whoah Nelly. Do people make life saver motions when you walk past. Do they put on their sunglasses to shield their eyes from the glare from your clothes and the sunshine streaming from your...Ask your friends for their honest opinion off you. Be prepared to be horrified. You probably are a member of the VCC to boot. Face it sunshine, you are a w0nker!

Above 220. Kill yourself now!

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