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Burnley Bouldering wall after dark?

6:14:46 PM
Hi any Melbourne locals.
Wondering if paths would be lit enough for me to ride a pushy (without lights) from southbank to Burnley bouldering wall (im assuming its lit in winter months?) after sunset?
Have been to the wall before, but only in summer.
Cheers in advance
6:19:25 PM
Get lights. Riding without lights on that path puts you and others at risk. It is illegal for a reason.
6:19:25 PM
No. They aren't lit, and it'll certainly end in tears, most likely after you've collided with an unlit jogger.

Just get some bike lights. They can be found for as little as $10.

6:41:10 PM
The no lights thing is because I'll be hiring a bike.
I'm only in Melbourne for a week or two

6:56:44 PM
On 30/06/2015 Timfreddo wrote:
>The no lights thing is because I'll be hiring a bike.
>I'm only in Melbourne for a week or two

Take your headtorch?
7:34:21 PM
Bah - I rode for years around Adelaide with no lights, and apart from copping a bit of abuse (but made sure I gave better than I got) and a minor altercation with a gate in a park had no issues. Too many people automatically leap to the moral and legal high-ground these days - fuch em! Rules are there only for those too stupid to have common sense.

But this reminds me of a story about Casterton that doesn't involve inbreeding, and that in itself warrants telling.

A bloke was at the pub waiting for his mate. Said mate was stuck at home dealing with wife/kids/domestic issues, but as he was itching to get down to the local, he was busy hammering the homies. Finally he managed to leave, and being half cut, decided to take the treadly. Meanwhile, his mate at the pub, who had managed to get himself pretty legless, decided that he had had enough and decided to head home, thankful that he had the foresight to ride his treadly.
Now being a small western Victorian town, once off the main drag there were no street lights, so the common modus operandi on a treadly was to follow the white centre line on the road...which in this case resulted in the two mates having a pretty nasty head on, with one of them being flown to Melbourne after copping a handlebar through the eye...

Hmm...maybe lights are a good idea after all...
8:27:00 PM
As long as you stick to the northern side it is pretty much lit all the way. Any gaps in lights are short or are adequately lit from the freeway lights next to the path. However in a couple of spots if a track light blew it would be dicey. A year or so ago I found it dicey under the punt road bridge even with lights but it seems like they've fixed it up now.

9:39:24 PM
On 30/06/2015 Timfreddo wrote:
>The no lights thing is because I'll be hiring a bike.
>I'm only in Melbourne for a week or two

A couple of knog or similar lights to be at least seen is a must!

Southbank to Burnley would have to be one of the heaviest trafficked shared paths in Melbourne. Wacky commuter racers overtaking on blind corners, joggers, walkers, dogs on and off leads and rowing coaches with megaphones wandering all over the path...

If you can't afford them, i'll lend you a front and rear Knog to use whilst you are here... Won't illuminate your path but at least you won't be one of those ninja cyclists!
11:26:03 PM
"She'll be right".

10:21:07 PM
Dude I just got a set of backup rear lights from Kmart as my old ones busted on Friday. 10 bucks for a front and back one less if you buy just one.

You must be in serious shit if you can't afford that. Let me know where you're staying and I'll drop off some pot noodles or something. Mum makes really good chicken soup - I could get her to whip up some of that for ya.

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