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Homemade poop tube
1:44:56 AM
First of all, excused my english, it is not my first language ! I am planing to do a bigwall and I'm looking for information about building a poop tupe. Is there different kind of PVC ? How long, how big, how you tied it under the haul bag ? How you fixed the cap ? Thanks for all the info.

9:40:23 AM
Try this...

It is the same as a climbing poop tube. Just clip it under the haul bag when you are hauling. Keep it away from food and sleeping bags! I reccomend adding some kitty litter to suck up the smells.

11:40:49 AM
I have made 2.
The 1st one was 'full strength grade' PVC and dimensions about 250 mm long by 150 mm diameter. It was not much longer pipe than that required to allow fitting of screw-on end-cap piece on top, and glue on base-cap glued with blue/red plumbers fitting pvc glue (which 'welds' the join).
I used small broad headed self tapping screws (top and bottom on the sides) to a fit sling around it for hauling. The screws did not penetrate inside the pipe due to being placed at points where the pvc was effectively double thickness.
The sling was threaded through a small captive eye (ship chandlers) wiregate karabiner-style clip, and tied off as a loop. This clips the tube to the bottom of the haulbag which has a dedicated attachment point.
I drilled a small hole in centre of top-cap and filled it with a bolt having a captive 'eye' and secured it with washers and a locknut. To the eye I attached a short length of nylon cord and tied the other end of the cord to the haul-strap (sling).
The lid unscrews fine and is retained by the cord. The washers complete the sealing of the hole, which the eyebolt can rotate in, with minimal clearance.

I use a couple of handfulls of 'builders lime' in the bottom and it works excellently.
Have used it for an 8 day ascent with 2 people and had it about half full by the end, because we found the lime dehydrated the faeces. (Note: Each 'drop' was into a paper bag which we then stored in the tube).

Basically I decided after this multiday ascent that it was too big/heavy for a 2 person team, and made a smaller lighter one out of 'stormwater grade' PVC. This one is about 110 mm dia and about 220mm long.

I put loo paper in a cliplock plastic bag and store it in the top of the tube along with paper bags inside their own sealable plastic bag, or attach it to the eyebolt with heavy duty rubber band if the contents are getting high.

The lighter design has taken heaps of hauling abuse and withstood it, though I think that if you are unlucky it would still be possible to crack the base cap if it takes a hard knock.

In the heavy duty PVC model, most of the weight of the product is actually in the end-cap screw on fitting/pieces.

(Post edit; since I notice the original questioner is from USA. 25mm = 1 inch near enough).

12:08:51 PM
What took you 8 days to ascend?

Personally i just hold on (up to four days) until i get back on real flat ground a proper toilet.
1:17:43 PM
Monty, does that mean you're full of shit when you climb big walls?
1:31:15 PM
We could have a case of the exploding Mr Creosote with Neil on a big wall.

1:49:38 PM
On 27/05/2004 nmonteith wrote:
>What took you 8 days to ascend?

Ozy Direct in 'slow-cruise-for-the-experience' mode.

We took just about everything including creature comforts such as 1 litre SS thermos, 'hanging' Trangia Stove, incense sticks ...

Had a very enjoyable sojourn and lit the imagination fire for more of the same (including climbing at night and also in the rain)!

1:50:16 PM
decided against making a poo tube for el cap . didnt have the money or the time. we planned and climbed the triple direct in 3 days which meant not too much of the brown stuff. As a result of not having a crap at camp 5 on the nose on the last morning my climbing partner shat himself midway thru the day and promtly ran for the bushes when we topped out.

We inspired a few parties we passed along the way with our cunning invention who always dreaded the job of emptying the toob out afterwards..

we bought a stuff sack from the mountain shop and put some duk tape around it.
hey presto. then hang it under the haul bag.

warning - it can get a bit funky after a few days.

get some large paper bags - its to hard to aim with the smaller "vomit" bags as i found out on Ozy the previous year. after usage scrunch up the paper bag (great for those chilly mornings on a wallwhen the fingers are cold and the contents are body temperature) and put it in a zipock bag and dump in the stuff sack.

on returning to civilisation, promply dump the sack and its treasures into a big bear proof bin. no messy cleanup or exploding tubes (that reminds me of another story ....but more on that later).

best of luck

2:09:10 PM
This reminds me of the time Nick McKinnon HAD to go half way up a wall in Zion when we were speed climbing. He had nothing that resembled a poo tube - in fact the only thing we had was a museli bar wrapper and a very small ziplock bag for the topo.... very nasty - espcially on a hanging belay stance!

5:40:14 PM
We used 2.5L coke bottles quite successfully last year. Drink the contents, then use the bottle as a poo tube. Close the lid, and cut a flap in the upper section of the bottle large enough to post those filled paper and ziplock bags through. Seal over with duct tape for re-use. Dangling below the pig, they took heaps of abuse, and turned out to be very abrasion resistant.

A few years ago we spent an arvo making poo tubes for a trip to the snowies. Most of the afternoon was spent brainstorming how much volume ten people would produce over a week. About an hour was actually spent building the things :-)

Needless to say, chance intervened, and the weather crapped out, leaving us sunning ourselves at point perp instead. The poo tube collection has since gained many quizzical looks from new club members... Sadly few have been willing to take them ski touring on subsequent trips.

5:55:19 PM
Weight wise I reckon you are onto something good here ecowain.

I shall experiment further with your excellent idea.

7:20:21 PM
1. Make sure you cut the flap high up to prevent leakage.
2. No longer airtight, so don't have to worry about "blow out" potential.

1:28:40 PM
On 27/05/2004 ecowain wrote:
>We used 2.5L coke bottles quite successfully last year. Drink the contents,
>then use the bottle as a poo tube.

Please don't use "drink" "bottle" and "poo" in the same sentence. I'm having lunch at the moment...
;-) Steve

1:56:41 PM
But you could train yourself :-)

Imagine every time you saw a coke bottle you needed the loo... Hope you don't have one there with you now :-)

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