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3:19:28 PM
I believe this has been said many times before.

>This is a climbing forum, suprising with a focus about climbing. The founder
>of Chocktone wanted to
>create a friendly and informative space for climbing knowledge. That's
>the reason there are
>discussions about gear choices, route beta ect.

And as random as the stuff is that comes from MOUSEYS keyboard he has at least created his own thred and doesnt get too personal when hanging shit on crew.
Good work Mods.
One day hero
3:20:37 PM
On 11/10/2007 chockstone moderator wrote:
>37 votes each actually. Considering those 37 voters are the core users
>of this forum then we have every
>right to remove him.

So, how many posts per week/hours of viewing do I have to log in order to achieve 'core user' status?
Strikes me that with the shear volume of crap he posted, Hexy may have been the corest user around!
One day hero
3:22:45 PM
On 12/10/2007 bomber pro wrote:
>Was'nt that delightful post made by the same angry little man that has
>started this one?

I reckon this proves that I'm still getting through to you, Muki..........psyche!!!
3:24:40 PM
if your're looking for good old fashion trolling check out supertaco, for example

3:38:58 PM
If this was a more commercially oriented website, its aim would be to attract advertisers by the number of visitors to the site. If pain-in-the-rear trolls starting turning visitors off, you can bet the troll would have been arbitrarily shut-down quick smart.

As it was, it appears Hex (and his other MPD incarnations) was shut-down on the basis of democratic principles (the vote off) and judgement by the controllers of the site based on the interests of the climbing community. And the moderators are even willing to partake in a debate about their judgement call!

Whether you agree with the outcome or not, at least the mods are applying non-commercial, non-arbitrary, community-conscious principles to reach their decision. They don't have to.

6:28:33 PM
One day hero, I think that if "core user" status existed, you already achieved it. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't respect the wishes of the majority.

9:25:20 PM
Some people see unaware of the fact that the owner of this site is RESPONSIBLE for its content. He and his moderators would be negligent if they don't cut out the crap.

Of those who object to moderation, hands up all who are old enough to remember when two kens tried to sue Argus over something the rest of us thougth was amusing?

chockstone moderator
11:52:40 PM
Totem Pole troll topic was deleted - same problem user, same problem.

10:29:04 AM
>f your're looking for good old fashion trolling check out supertaco
i just love the line: "YOU ARE SO GAY, IT MAKES MY BUTT SORE THINKING ABOUT IT! " - don't those yanks just have a way with words...

3:00:25 PM
On 27/10/2007 chockstone moderator wrote:
>Totem Pole troll topic was deleted - same problem user, same problem.

It is good to see swift action on this identified troll.
It is also good to see continuing integrity backing up decisions made, and in my opinion the site has been a lot better for it.

I understand that a ban is a ban, … and I wonder about individuals who don't seem to learn from their experiences, … though the thought has still occurred to me that if such an individual/s does eventually learn, and also acknowledge that their 'time out' was legitimate; that if they restrict themselves to one thread that they be allowed back after an appropriate time?
I write this knowing full well that it could backfire and some users of the site could become troll-victims (yet again?), however if the troll/s prove recalcitrant; then the ban could be re-introduced for a longer period (indefinite?), next time.

To support this point of view, I think the ‘Have a chat with Hexy’ thread worked OK while it was active; ... though it subsequently seems that individual has since lost the plot, and now suffers the consequence of their action.

Some users are outright spam and their removal is fair enough. Some like Hexy did/can contribute good stuff to this site, although had a hard time distinguishing between being provocative and being a pain (too often), at times.

Maybe I am voicing a lost cause as the many reincarnations of that user attest?

I doubt that he/they couldn’t abide by Chocky rules if they wanted to.

All it would take on his/their part to start the reconciliation process happening, is an email to Chockstone creator or a moderator?

Don't get me wrong. I am not calling for the re-admittance of a pain, but instead am offering an olive branch in the unlikely event of that individuals reform; so am posting this for consideration/debate. I will be happy with the outcome either way …

3:06:32 PM
Most of us would be happy to have him continue posting on Chocksone - providing he kept to just one
thread! I agree he posted lots of interesting and thought provoking stuff (amoungst a bunch of crap). The
fact that he feels the need to start trolling on other forums because he can't do it here proves the
attention seeking hypothesis!

5:32:34 PM
Now he's telling everyone on Cragx that Frog Butress has burnt to the ground.

It's quite funny because he has now started 2 threads there and one has been hijacked and one has been ignored. I'm sure it is only a matter of time till the other one gets hijacked too. In fact I might go and hijack it now.

5:38:25 PM
How the once 'recognised' (hex) has fallen!

If the CragX'ers get sucked in with that then they have not been paying attention to the weather lately.
Bit hard to see Frog burning down after recent heavy rain and not summer yet ...

... maybe it is a good thing that he is pestering that site, as it means he is not here spreading sillyness?

Post edit:

Just went and checked CragX ...

He is using the same user IDs over there and boring them with his XR250 rubbish.
I'd forgotten how annoying it was ...
Hmmm, ...
~> might take some round-up to my olive bush!
6:55:57 PM
the irrational find rational difficult. the site is better for the absence of post hex incarnations - the loss of the hex thread is small price to pay.
12:10:34 AM
I agree with the ban until he complies (to one thread or whatever) but think we have to be careful also deleting posts of other (regular) users - and maybe losing the humor in the process.

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