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Morton's Neuroma
4:18:59 PM
Hi. Anyone have experience of this condition? Probably caused and/or aggravated by wearing climbing shoes. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks
4:54:31 PM
Normally caused by tight high-heels!

I had a climbing friend with it, surgery cured it.

I'm told that the BD boot testers all have it
4:56:56 PM
Years ago when I was an aspiring ski racer, I had some bad times because ski racers like climbers think tighter is better when it comes to foot wear. I could heat and stretch a little extra space in my plastic ski boots. Problem solved. We like nice easy mechanical problems.

TLDR: Give your feet some rest then get bigger wider shoes and don't lace them so tight.

5:33:17 PM
If it's real Morton's rest won't do much. It's a small neuroma - a tumour-like blob on the nerve that, when pinched, causes pain and unconciousness
6:48:27 PM
On 27/11/2012 mikllaw wrote:
>If it's real Morton's rest won't do much. It's a small neuroma - a tumour-like
>blob on the nerve that, when pinched, causes pain and unconciousness

I have had two neuromas of the mechanically induced sort. Both caused by too tight ski boots. Once the mechanics where fixed, the pressure removed, the neuromas both went away in some timeframe involving many months. One of them in its worst state was visible under my skin. Not there anymore.

Keep in mind that the neuroma in Mortons Neuroma is not the tumor kind it is the irritated, inflamed nerve kind.

So mostly stop irritating it. But I am not a doctor and only wear high heels on special occations.
6:51:07 PM
Thanks, yeah I wear genuine high heels about 3 times a year and climbing shoes about 3 times a week and have done for 15 years! But I recently got a new pair of climbing shoes that I laced up pretty tight the other day so that would probably explain it.
6:53:53 PM
Besides, most people could climb the grades I climb in runners so I needn't bother!

8:18:23 PM
On 27/11/2012 Felix wrote:
>Besides, most people could climb the grades I climb in runners so I needn't

But could they climb them in high heels?
Barefoot TJ
12:01:29 PM
Any kind of footwear can cause Morton's Neuroma, if it's too tight and/or causes you to place your weight over your fore feet. Studies show the number one cause of MN is the types of shoes we wear (and how we wear them, of course).

I have had surgeries (yes, surgeries) for four neuromas (two in each foot). I think three have been resolved now, and I am either still dealing with the 4th or I have a 5th (not common, but it does happen).

A Morton's Neuroma is mistakenly called a tumor. Other types of neuromas may be tumors, but MN is not. For something to be considered a tumor, there has to be a change at the cellular level--I'm sure a better definition exists than mine. MN is a perineural fibroma (fibrous tissue formation around nerve tissue).

Rest can help a neuroma decrease in size and perhaps even go away, if you catch it early and baby it often. I have heard some success stories with just resting and others where it didn't work for them. This is one of those situations where everyone is truly unique.

If any of you are suffering with MN, please join us at MN Talk at It's a new forum dedicated to just this one condition, and there are no others out there that are. There are forums dedicated to MN AND other conditions but not just MN. At MN Talk, you can find a lot of valuable info about different treatment options and learn what types of surgeries to avoid, so you don't end up suffering like I have.

Phil S
9:43:10 PM
Had surgery for MN in my right foot 3 or 4 years ago. No recurrence. Just a weird numbness between toes. Surgery was a heaps better option than ongoing pain. Orthodic (sic) inserts did nothing but I'm told that in mild cases they can resolve the irritation.

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