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Info for Sarah...therefore not hijacked!

Sarah Gara
8:29:14 PM
On 26/08/2009 wallwombat wrote:

>Personally, I find my van to be the best piece of climbing equipment that
>I own.
>Mine is set up so I can be off on a road trip in a moments notice, only
>stopping to fuel up and visit a bottle shop. It has taken the whole planning
>and packing thing out of the equation.
>There is no way I would go back to owning a sedan or station wagon.

See that sounds so apealing... but I'm realistically only gonna be climbing once a month and I need a car as I have to get around the outback!!! no public transport here...and my tent is pretty cool x

8:35:59 PM
Fair enough. Again.

The main reason I sent the info on the van was that it had an LPG conversion.

The other main reason is that I like that van myself.

Actually, that Kia looks to be just about perfect for you and would be very economical, even without the LPG conversion.

And it's like a little station wagon, so you would easily get all your gear in there.

Go for it.

Sarah Gara
8:44:28 PM
yeah think I may. It's not too far away either. was gonna go to the wentworth show on saturday but may have a drive down to Swan hill for a look see. Cheers wwb.

Happy climbing -be gentle. x
10:10:25 PM
kia, hyundi with 150 on the clock may not be such a good idea around robinvale , holdens ,fords toyotas are plentiful with dealers and parts easily accessible .also more solid so better for you hitting up a roo with. dont think you,ll find many kia with huge mileage on them but the other three have lots with 300 + ks on them . If buying privately the seller needs to provide a roadworthy or remove the plates stamp duty on transfer I think is 6 % . If you have somebody who is mechanically minded then the private sales in the local papers can find good deals. 12 months ago we had to sell my fathers car (he is over 90 and no licence anymore ), a falcon with 100000 k that he paid (Too much ) 12000 for ayear before and travelled 1500 km in and the dealer who sold it to him would only give $2500 for it but he didnt want it. Our dealer said it was possible worth $4000 if we sold it privately but they could only pay $2500. Similar cars in Shepparton were available with warranty for 7 to 8000. Dealers have high mark ups that you may be able to avoid . You can always try with private sales going with a huge wad of twenties the sight of all those notes may get you a car much cheaper than they were asking for (particularly if advertised for several weeks)

10:46:33 PM
The Hyundai Excel is close to becoming one of the most popular cars on Australian roads. I don't think getting parts is that much of a problem nowadays.

There are increasing numbers of Kia's here too. I regularly listen to a motoring expert on the radio and just a few weeks ago he was talking about how getting parts for Korean cars is no longer a problem, mainly because there are so bloody many of them on Australian roads now.

A lot more Korean cars are imported each year now than were 10 years ago. They are everywhere. I'm not just talking about major population centers.

My mother bought an Excel in the late eighties (she's now on her third Hyundai in 24 years) , when they first started being imported and she didn't have trouble getting parts back then. Now they are everywhere.

Also I imagine you aren't planning on living in Robinvale for ever.
10:47:08 PM
Out of todays country news goulburn valley

1 ford falcon 2004 ba wagon factory gas auto air con cd $8000
2 falcon wagon GL road worthy petrol /gas 12 months rego $2800 (old)
3 Hyundi excel 1999 3 door hatch 168000km rwc 12 months rego $4000
all private sale

crowecars Echuca
toyota corolla conquest
auto ,1.8 l engine, abs air con power steering 123699 km $7695 drive away

hope I'm not confusing you but there is a huge range available

11:04:03 PM
hyundai good. kia bad.

11:12:33 PM
On 26/08/2009 masterofrup wrote:
>hyundai good. kia bad.

Must admit, even after what I wrote above, I tend to agree.

The motoring guy on the radio was saying the newer Kia Carnivals were pretty good but not to touch the earlier ones with a barge pole.

Also, my old employer Country Energy, trialed the Kia Sportage and decided they were crap and went back to the Ford Ranger.

I do quite like Hyundai's though.

And Capt Mulch has one , so they must be cool.

7:30:20 AM
On 26/08/2009 Sarah Gara wrote:
>I'm very tempted by that. very tempted. Any chance of Pics?
>How's it work with the roadworthy do we have to do that before it changes
>hands...or do I just do it in October. x

Sorry, no pics (at work).

You have to get a roadworthy to transfer the rego.

It's registered in Victoria. I'll be driving down to Araps on 25 Sep. If you're still interested then I'll bring it down.

Sarah Gara
8:40:40 AM
ahhhh I'm sooo confused now. I just want a car. sniff.

On outreach today so have to leave for NSW in a min and no internet access today either - I actually have to do some work boo.

thanks for ongoing help advice and suggestions.

Climboholic... I'm still thinking.. If it gets the roadworthy -that means they reckon it's good for a year -like a UK MOT yeah?

Do you reckon the Kia will break down? hmmm... I don't like car shopping -would rather buy ropes. x

8:55:12 AM
In Vic you don't have to get a roadworthy every year, just when you transfer rego.

I'd be flexible on coming to an arragement on roadworthy/rego.

Don't buy a Kia.

9:35:57 AM
I thought a Vic 'roadworthy' is only good for 30 days, and that the seller of the car is responsible for that.

9:48:01 AM
On 27/08/2009 IdratherbeclimbingM9 wrote:
>I thought a Vic 'roadworthy' is only good for 30 days, and that the seller
>of the car is responsible for that.

Yes, that's my understanding as well. You should get whatever car you decide you want to buy inspected by RACV (state motoring club) BEFORE you hand over any money. This will tell you if its got any serious problems. Roadworthy certs are notorious fro being dodgy, they only check the really basic things. An RACV inspection will cost you a few hundred bucks, but in the long term you will have piece of mind that the car won't blow up once you drive it off the lot.

Sarah Gara
6:41:56 PM
nm. would I still need to do that even if it's from a dealer? Thanks for link gonna go read it You never know that might even answer my own question..

Climbaholic How flexible? I really could do with a car sooner but I certainly would bare it in mind if I don't see a reasonable one I like on sat. Would it be poss -and all hypothetical at mo. for you to make it pass it's road worthy and all nice etc and then I pay the extra on top of the $1000 Is that feasible? In terms of the RACV whatsit - would you be prepared to split the cost of that... (gosh I'm a cheeky moo!) Also any chance of pics when you aren't at work. I realise that it's a pain uploading on to here. feel free to email... Thank you also. x

Sarah Gara
5:07:21 PM
On 26/08/2009 nmonteith wrote:
>Toyota Camry Wagon - can't go wrong if you don't care what a car looks

Oh yeah baby car is bought. It's burgundy and has pasta spirals in the pocket behind the driver -when I asked if I could get a discount for cash - he said no but did agree to clean out the pasta spirals!

190,000 1999 model lots of space and the fan blows hot and cold. I think it's quite cute.

My other option was a Holden commodore that some boyracer had suped up with a horrid white interior - I just couldn't do it. -plus it was white.

Pick it up on monday. prob not as cheap as I could have got but I feel fairly happy with it.

Thanks for all your help and assistance in my car shopping, I really appreciate it. x

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