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You climb first ( Melbourne )
4:32:28 PM
ok so everything are ok.

If Daming come with us we have 3 rope for 6 people which is the best. Instead of not it's still OK.

So ???

5:04:41 PM
sounds great

Sarah Gara
5:49:16 PM
i'm happy to buy a rope. I haven't got any of my limited rack with me. but will also be prepared to buy some walnuts... but that all means going shopping sat morning.

I am also quite happy leading. i was leading to Severe in Uk grades... on a good day - but am happy with the lower ones esp on new rock... what's that 11/12 ish

Birdh -are you a girl or a boy -if you are girl i'm happy to share my beautiful new tent with you -3 man one. If you are a boy -try being nice to Raph - i'm sure he'll agree seeing as you are giving him a lift.

I dont have any other camping equipment though as my stuff still hasn't arrived form UK. So what are we doing re: food.? Can I share someones stove? or camp fire - I'm not use to the ozzie way of this so not going to be any good without suppervision or cooking equipment.

Who is Eliot? Ahhh did i miss someone?

Stuart H -you are right BLOODy complicated!! Thanks for your offer of gear.

So is there just me and Andrew happy leading?? I imagine Sol will be too if he has rope and rack... We'll be ok climbing in 3s won't we? Otherwise - we can go buy a rope on Sat morning -i want one anyway -itching to buy one actually! otherwise a smile to Stuart H? Andrew? Sol? What do you reckon?

Anyone got a landmark for us all to meet at at the pines? So we are all in about the same place? x
6:46:26 PM
Hey folks,

It is exciting to see so much interest in our weekend at the Pines. Andrew is correct, I will be bringing a full rack and a rope. I am happy leading or seconding.


I will be sleeping under a tarp so there will likely be room.

Sarah, you are welcome to share my little stove. I will do you one better. If you bring dry firewood for some serious fires, I will provide the coffee. I do not fvck around when it comes to my coffee.

As far as the Pines go and landmarks, the place just ain't that big. Look for a tall beard stroker setting up a Kelty rain fly and passing around a bottle of wine.

See you all soon,
10:36:22 PM
Ok I got a complete rack (nuts, cam, quick draw,slings).

I happy to lead too up to 18.

But sorry still don't know if Bridh you are able to give me a lift ??????

I may be have also a stove and cook stuff.

Looking forward your news

12:26:45 PM
this thread is hilarious
1:59:53 PM
I am sorry if you find our fumblings in the dark for companionship and a ride funny. I will
endeavour to raise the level of seriousness here.


2:17:58 PM
10th most viewed thread in the find climbers forum. Can't be all bad.
2:18:52 PM
2:28:06 PM
On 12/08/2009 ajfclark wrote:
Can't be all bad.

Hilarious, not bad. RobertSonja's tread is bad...

2:29:57 PM
On 12/08/2009 Paz wrote:
>Hilarious, not bad. RobertSonja's tread is bad...

There's something wrong with his shoes? ;-)

God I'm bored today...
2:33:11 PM
You guys should really do this route on Tiger Wall called Dribble. Make sure you take a big rack so you don't have to clip the belay bolts because that'll wreck for you.
2:39:13 PM
WWS you just wait for my spew Sunday night. I will be climbing Dribble with a set of RPs
and my shoes.

2:50:25 PM
I'm happy to have a crack at it and let you know what I think. What qualifies as a big rack?

2:52:23 PM
On 12/08/2009 ajfclark wrote:
>What qualifies as a big rack?

40 double D?
2:57:56 PM
I suspect there is an inverse relationship between the size of your rack and the size of
your penis.
martin saint
3:23:27 PM
On 12/08/2009 pmonks wrote:
>On 12/08/2009 ajfclark wrote:
>>What qualifies as a big rack?
>40 double D?

Yeah, not really, that translates as about an Australian size 18DD
Since size 18 is a pretty big woman, you'd probably need a bigger cup size to have a big rack (cup sizes are relative to band sizes, but not that relative)

Sarah Gara
4:47:26 PM
On 12/08/2009 egosan wrote:
>I suspect there is an inverse relationship between the size of your rack
>and the size of
>your penis.

mine must be massive then!!

Come on keep it clean guys!

I've just bought a billy can. Sol - well up for coffee - last time I went camping we forgot the coffee - it was torture -only had green tea -not good. x

Sarah Gara
5:10:42 PM
Ok so just to summarise:

Andrew/AjFClarke (bringing sol) is bringing rope and rack. happy leading

Sol/egosan (coming with Andrew) bringing rope, rack, coffee and a beard. happy leading

Raph (coming with Birdh???) bringing rack no rope and 3 man tent happy leading??

Birdh (is bringing Raph) and no tent. seconding

Daming -all gone quiet??? are you coming

Elliot??? mystery here but his name been mentioned.

and little old me. bringing billy can and dry firewood. happy leading no gear.

Oh and is there a James??

Now will my Telstra phone work at the pines? it's 3G. x
5:30:05 PM
Yes the 3G network extends even to the Pines. So much for the illusion of being in the

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