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Room for rent in Brunswick - in a month...
11:42:40 PM
>On 5/07/2007 steph wrote:
>I may think that someone who worships a teapot is off their rocker

and steph - i'm politely requesting that u keep comments like that to yourself.
7:57:33 AM
Good Morning to you all,

for the record we are both atheists (don't believe in God) and are most happy to share with someone who feels the same.

We are still looking for a housemate, have seen a number of people, but sadly not many climbers (which is our preference, as living with both Nick and Kent has been fantastic, not only because they are two wonderful people, but also because we share a common passion for climbing). The training side of things I am yet to consider a passion, however Nick and Kent seem to have got over this bridge and crossed it so to speak (probably one of the key reasons they climb so well!)

Trad V Sport? I love both! They both have their place. It would be great to have more sports routes in Vic I say.

And so we continue our quest, mission... thing for a groovy housemate.

6:23:52 PM
On 4/07/2007 M10iswhereitsat. wrote:
>On 4/07/2007 Bluey wrote:
>>M10, at the risk of having another run in with you, it has to be said
>>your comment is totally inappropriate and, I imagine to those of the
>>background to which you allude, offensive and insensitive.
>Ura funny man(? ... help me out here, Steph ... can a sheila be called
>Bluey, too ?), Bluey...
>But seriously, you dumb ass ! , environmentalism is a significant
>' religion ' these days.
>If those chimneys are active then blar blar blar

" I mentioned the war, but I think I got away with it ..."


Anyway, Bluey , I hope this ' run in ' of ours facilitated some valuable exploration of ur ' gender ambiguity '


6:55:16 PM
On 5/07/2007 dalai wrote:
>C'mon. why can't you kids just get along???

Cos it's the only way to get Kent to post on CS these days .

2:47:21 PM
Move out of th way Ten'o !!!

Dear Mike,Neil,Dalia, Delilah what ever ur name is ... my dad doesn't churn th keyboard like me, so he aint real net-savvy, see ? But he nos sexism n that ... he reacons ur pms to me were sexist cos u pointed out that 'females shouldnt have to be put thru that' HA !!! U boys r gettin old before ur time !!! , so dad recons , cos hes genX too , an he sees ur types in th office at th meatworx everyday, being all politically correct!
Travis reckons uz need t get out more often n see just how tough th new gen of aussie chicks r !!! Piercings and tats and attitude !!!

Anyway , weve got Travis squatting in th sun-room , but mums getting a bit toey cos of his ... interesting late night habits... u no th usually stuff like wakin mum up when chicks cry-out in XTC as theyre being bumped rythm-rood against mums bedroom wall.
But ,anyway , Travis would be a good house mate , cos he anit into religios or sexist joking-off... he's very good with asian food : his Nazigoring is delicious an maybe u boys would like to come round, bring Kent too !!!:D, an try his excellent asian soup : Cream of sum yung g-eye !!!:D

2:52:44 PM
Ur invited too Steph !!! Sorry if me an Trav upset ur middle class feelings n that ... u too skull-features !!!
11:04:06 PM
Hi All,

we've found a fantastic woman named Tania to share our house.


Joe & Nick

9:21:09 AM
Thank God for that!
9:29:48 AM
So have tania & eisbear hooked up yet?
8:13:21 AM
Well I'm not sure of their gender preferences (I really should be asking that kind of thing seeing as I'm the architect of the Munro Street Dating Agency. Along with my trusty network facilitator - Naomi - who actually does most of the hooking up I'm sure these two will be happily married with 2.2 kids, a BMW each and climbing 28 in no time).

We'll be the first to let you all know what their status is when it changes...

4:37:50 PM
On 4/07/2007 M10iswhereitsat. wrote:
>But seriously, you dumb ass ! , environmentalism is a significant
>' religion ' these days.
>If those chimneys are active then blar blar blar

Derek my love.
You are so inconsistent!, which is partly why I love you!!
I am pleased to note that you had the good sense to partially retract your remark to Bluey, but I feel that an apology would have been far better. Anyway it is good to see some improvement in your attitude, as heaven knows I think the time you spend in front of a computer is stifling it.
Please don't take him seriously Bluey my dear, as it is nothing that a good cup of tea and a lie down won't fix, I am sure.

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