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Poll Option Votes Graph
Yes 42
No 30
Yes, but not with me (different level etc.) 0
I want a climbing girl/boyfriend/wife etc. 2

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Is your partner also your climbing partner?
6:10:50 AM
On 18/10/2010 Mike Bee wrote:
>I'd throw a vote in there for "ex girl climbs, and climbing is a desirable
>trait in future girls too".
>Climbing is a big enough part of my life that I need to have a girl who
>wants to share that with me, otherwise we wouldn't spend enough time together


> It didn't end nicely
Maybe there could be a sub-poll, climbing ruined my relationship?

7:41:19 AM
Been married 12 odd years now and my wife dosnt climb and never been an fact probably a good thing TBH. I work from home with the missus and a bit of away time doing our own things dosnt hurt at all.

It does probably mean though that i do miss out on some climbing days due to family priorities but also means I enjoy the days I get out alot more...her not climbing has never been an issue..same as me not scrapbooking etc dosnt worry her :)
12:40:01 PM
So when you climb together, if your less experienced partner keeps going on to you about putting in more gear because it scares her when you run it out a little.
Do you?
Or just continue to put in what you know you need.
12:48:22 PM
I'm a believer that the person on the sharp end has the right to say or do whatever they want as long it does not put the belayer in jeopardy and loining matters are of no concern.

Eduardo Slabofvic
12:58:19 PM
My partner knows I don't like hearing any unnecessary speaking whilst I climb. So the only time I get the "put more gear in" is on traverses, and i get that from most people I climb with, so no difference.

Plus she's been climbing for 19 years, so cannot be described as inexperienced. I can remember day 1 when I was showing her how to abseil off the Plaque, she was so scared she cried, and she used to have this fear about putting her weight on an anchor (so she only wanted to do routes with belays on ledges). The point is, everyone has to start somewhere, and since then we've done some really great climbing together, and I consider the time we swung leads at Vendenstock as evidence of her abilities.

My greatest frustration is that she has the perfect physique for climbing but wont push her grades beyond 23s. Her point is that she doesn't like doing hard things, she would much rather do nice things. I wish I had that problem.
1:18:30 PM
I would have thought a better question is, all together now, 'does your pussy do the dog?'

1:35:19 PM
That could be interpreted in so many ways.
1:59:26 PM
Since I started climbing I have had:
- One serious girlfriend who used to come climbing with us all the time, but spent most of the time hanging out relaxing rather than climbing.
- One fiance who started out as a climbing partner but seemed to lose interest and found golf.
- One wife who does not climb at all. She does have a pair of climbing shoes that were purchased in the 'honeymoon phase'.
All these arrangements worked quite well.

11:25:13 AM
Way, way back in the day, my Girlfriend climbed. Now she does not, because i am "obsessed" with it. It is also my job, but have lost a few climbing days to spending time together but have also spent over a month away overseas, more than once, climbing without her. It is good to get away and she loves it when i am not there as well. :)

10:58:03 PM
My boyfriend introduced me to climbing not all that long ago. To be honest all of the stuff I have climbed and felt really proud about climbing, were the climbs when I would have quit if I had a belayer who did what I asked, but instead he tells me to stop being a wimp and to give it a go. Sometimes, like now when I am just learning to trust my gear placements, it makes me want to just get to the bottom of the climb so I can cry and kill him all at once. But most of the time it is awesome, he really believes I can do most things, and so generally I can!

I get a bit freaked out belaying him sometimes as well, he takes risks I wouldn't take. Then again, I am probably the least risk-taking sort of person in the world, to a degree :)

I hadn't climbed before I met him, but I know most of his previous girlfriends also climbed. He stopped for a long time because he didn't have a belayer, now we are together he has started again. I am pretty sure that any future boyfriend I have would have to climb, because none of my friends seem to be interested in coming climbing with me!
7:52:45 AM
Since M9 encourages it & this recent article in the SMH I thought I'd revive the poll.
Results in 2010 were:
Yes = 40 or 57%
No = 28 or 40%
Not with me (different level etc.) = 0
I want a climbing girl/boyfriend/wife etc. = 2 or 3%

4:51:40 PM
Maybe the 2 who ticked "I want a climbing boy/girl" could hook up? Depending on the odds, some flexibility in preferences may be required.

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