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Cathedrals today; public servant death match...

11:57:46 PM
Today dawned beautifully as we drove through Buxton on our way to misty heights of the Nth Jawbones. Mist shrouded the Cathedrals as we arrived, ready for what might be. My brother, (Att), buddy (Jake) and I were excited because today was their first multi pitch climb and (unbeknownst to my brother) the inaugural public servant showdown, team Fire (me) vs team Police (Att) death match...

We sorted gear in the car park and I set off, determined to see what team Police were really made of. I set a blistering pace up the path hoping to have Att admit I was the fitter, more handsome brother but when we reached the turn off boulder I was surprised to be alive, while Att had barely broken a sweat. First blood to team Police I thought, before I remembered I would be leading the climb while he would not. Clearly my win!

Fire - 1: Police - 0: Jake - Walking home as he'd forgotten his belay device

We racked up and I set off up Speigals, determined to show Att and Jake a good time regardless of the heat. I also had the opportunity to break in my new boots, 5.10 Grandstones, and realised Att was responsible for shipping my boots so 1 point to the fuzz! The boots were great too.

Fire - 1: Police - 1: Jake - Still walking home

Both Att and Jake seemed to enjoy the climbing on P1 and even with the temperature as it was there was a lovely breeze which took the sting out of the sun and actually made for a pleasant outing. During the second pitch I heard a small, forlorn, police voice from below, "Ahh, Mike, I can't get the nut out!" Me, "Have you used the nut tool?" "Ahh, not yet!" "Try it and let me know." "Ok. It's out!"

Fire - 2: Police - 0 (-1 for not using tools at your disposal) Jake - Still walking home

P2 saw more action with Jake dropping a draw and its associated nut from midway up. Luckily for him it dropped into a prickle bush at his feet and the hundreds of prickles he suffered was just punishment for such flippant handling of my gear. A point was also added to the Fire team for a beautiful lead. The top of pitch 2 also saw a sudden death round - continue on up Speigals or take a walk along the "Traverse of the Gods". There were no takers so Att and Jake suffered the consequences of their actions.

Fire - 3: Police - 0 (minus 1 for piking on TotG though plus 1 for not dropping gear) Jake - walking home backwards!

P3 was uneventful. I'm usually not a fan of P3 but today it was fun. I'm not sure why! Whatever the reason, team Fire was awarded a point for a super positive attitude.

Fire - 4: Police - 0: Jake - Still walking home

The descent: This is where we had lots of fun and adventure. Given Jake had forgotten his belay device I loaned him mine and used a grigri 2. I felt super cool rigging a reepschnur and awarded 2 extra points to Team fire for their grooviness. Meanwhile I started to rap, (after tying a knot in the end of my rope) and arrived at the second rap station with no problems, with Att and Jake following easily. I have to say I'm not too enthusiastic about rapping on a 9mm half rope though as you can see, I survived. It wasn't until later that I committed a fully sick trick: 'forget to untie the knot and pull the rap ropes' that I realised I may have blown the game wide open for the fuzz. The knotted rope had pulled to approx 12m above the end of 'Traverse of the Gods' and would require me to lead back up through rather easy terrain, though not abounding in gear, capture said rope and return it to the second rap station. All went well though the level of gumbiness exhibited by my mistake saw me lose all point for my team. Jake saw the lighter side of my sadness and collected more points for his team

Fire - 0: Police - 1: Jake - Walking home from Taggerty! Backwards.

Rap 2 - Saw Att tangle a cordelette in a prickle shrub on the way down resulting in a long, prickly battle. He was ultimately victorious though cost all teams considerable time so lost 1 point...

Fire - 0: Police - 0: Jake - not walking home as he advised he has a stash of lollies.

Buxton burgers - Still pretty darn good though they lose a point for not putting through a $4 eftpos order, after we spent $36, because of a 20c surcharge:(

In the end all teams came out on top, regardless of point count, having shared a great adventure, great location and great food, except for team Fire again; they suck for forgetting the camera:(

3:10:40 AM

6:48:43 AM
Grouse Mike.....does this mean Argus aint gettin nuthin from u again?

I thought I had dibs on all your TR's?

9:22:29 AM
On 25/01/2013 shortman wrote:
>Grouse Mike.....does this mean Argus aint gettin nuthin from u again?
>I thought I had dibs on all your TR's?

Feel free to put this in Argus buddy. I've been too lazy to write up any of my other TR's from recent times. I think it stems from being a public servant;)
10:49:16 AM
Great TR, thanks for the chuckles

11:00:47 AM

8:57:31 PM
On 25/01/2013 Miguel75 wrote:
>I've been too lazy to write up any of my other TR's from recent times. I think it stems from >being a public servant;)

I thought the public service was all about the documentation and the paperwork?!?

Thanks for the TR, though minus points for it not including a portaledge on an unlikely or single-pitch climb.

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