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Tour Of Ireland
9:22:36 PM
Somewhat out of climbing left field, I am going to be spending a short time in Ireland at the start of May and will have some time for climbing/bouldering.
I've sent off for the new Irish bouldering guide and also hope to catch up with some climbers at a climbing meet in Donegal and am open to any ideas.
Has anyone here done any climbing/bouldering there and has any recommendations apart from "buy an umbrella"?

9:39:14 PM
There was an article in one of the earlier editions of CRUX. Looked like quality sea cliff climbing.

10:00:19 PM
Me and my girlfriend are going to to Culdaff Climbfest in Donegal in the first weekend in May if you're around, think it starts on the 29th of April.
10:03:45 PM
I'm hoping to catch the end of it. I've got a wedding within spitting distance of Fairhead on Saturday 30th.
How on earth did I put this under Crag & Route Beta? It was supposed to be under Trip Reports to contain my extensive reports on standing in thigh-deep bogs in pouring rain.
1:29:53 PM
yum. seacliffs. shame about the weather...

from Victor Lucas I believe.
5:33:17 PM
On 31/03/2011 grangrump wrote:
>yum. seacliffs. shame about the weather...
>from Victor Lucas I believe.

Not very good at Mtn biking, but what happens when he gets to the corner...?

10:24:16 PM
Bouldering In Ireland was waiting for me this evening. Another prep for the trip. Weather permitting I'll get to sample a couple of areas. Maybe you wouldn't travel around the world to boulder in Ireland but if you're there... It professes to cover "all the major and minor bouldering areas across the length and breadth of the island of Ireland".
Looks great, beautiful cover photo. Lots of good photos, and looks like it should be easy to locate things.
Must also commend David Flanagan for the speedy service - ordered Wednesday night and arrived from Dublin today.
David's website is if anyone's interested. I understand that he's been unemployed for the last year or so because of the GFC, hence had time to do the book and would really appreciate any purchases.

8:58:30 PM
OK, so you are in Ireland.
What I want to know, is did you post on the Irish equivalent of Chockstone (Blarneystone?), before/after you went, and ask them obvious questions like many that plague this site?*1
... and if you did, did you do a search first?*2

(*1 & 2 If you didn't, then I am disappointed!)
Heh, heh, heh.

On a serious note, I hope you have the time of your life on your trip to Ireland!
9:17:51 PM
Not there yet. Leaving Easter Saturday and going via darkest Abu Dhabi - as long as the UAE hasn't fallen to democracy in the interim.
And yes, I've posted on Irish climbing ( but no bites.
According to my niece's future in-laws yesterday's max temp in Northern Ireland was 8. I will not take shorts. I will send photos of rain.

9:22:06 PM
>max temp in Northern Ireland was 8. I will not take shorts. I will send photos of rain.

Shorts? What have they got to do with bouldering?...
~> Just take your T-shirt off.
You can leave the beanie on!
9:38:05 PM
On 6/04/2011 IdratherbeclimbingM9 wrote:
>Shorts? What have they got to do with bouldering?...
>~> Just take your T-shirt off.
I have some self-respect - my shirt stays on.

8:27:05 AM
On 6/04/2011 kieranl wrote:
>...According to my niece's future in-laws yesterday's max temp in Northern
>Ireland was 8. I will not take shorts. I will send photos of rain.

Your thread is reminding me why I got the fcuk out of Ireland as soon as I left school and never went back.
4:38:17 PM
On 30/03/2011 kieranl wrote:
>Has anyone here done any climbing/bouldering there and has any recommendations
>apart from "buy an umbrella"?

What ever you do don't go camping! Or hang around in the evening near forests - Midges are by far the worst bug I've ever encountered in my life.

There's apparently some epic lines close to Galway but the entire week we spent there was wet and miserable, so we only glanced at them from a look out point.
7:39:05 PM
a mate of mine climbed lots on some sea cliffs somewhere there. The locals called him Bruce, just because all Australians are called Bruce.
Damp Irish weather & sandstone sea cliffs didn't mix apparently... mate decked, couple fractured vertebrae + 6 week stay in the hospital courtesy of cams ripping from wet weak sandstone. He said he rapped the line once he got out & saw the neat gouge marks from the cams tracking out.
Despite all this he said it was one of the most fun climbing experiences. I could try find out exactly where if you want.
8:48:10 PM
James, any info is welcome and might influence what I do. I've still only got the sketchiest idea of a plan. Going to Culdaff for the festival there and from there who knows?
8:14:48 AM
the areas were Donegal & Antrim.
Looking at google maps Culdaff is in Donegal (?) so maybe its a good start?
10:22:31 AM
Thanks James

6:10:18 PM
Fairhead looks good... not from personal experience only seen it in videos.

In the North though
7:39:24 PM
I have an family event to attend very close to Fairhead.
11:10:19 PM
Haven't quite reached Ireland yet. Currently in beautiful downtown Abu Dhabi which,apart from appearing to be the armpit of the earth, has a burger joint called Fuddruckers. Would go down well in Canberra.

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