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Winter at Arapiles
8:31:51 PM
Hey everyone.

I'm flying into Melbourne from Vietnam around mid June and am loosely planning to chill at Arapiles for a month or so.
I've only been once before for a few weeks in May and the conditions were perfect - only one day of rain.
Just a question for Arapiles veterans....Is it worth being there in winter? I'm content to put up with rain and cold, I just don't want to head there if the rain is incessant.
Any help on this would be much appreciated.

8:45:00 PM
check out

9:05:22 PM
Yea it's fine. Perfect climbing weather is not uncommon at that time of the year.

The cold might be a shock if you're coming from Vietnam but nothing a good fire won't fix!
9:08:39 PM
Personally my favorite time of year to climb in Vic. I'll take a couple of days of rain and seepage over a week of 40+ days
10:04:40 PM
I spent my first whole winter in Nati ever last year. It was abysmal. I've said it before, i'll say it again - go to Frog in the winter. Araps has the occasional really nice day (slightly more of them in the drought) but plenty of cold, windy and drizzly ones too. I think people like to block them out of their memory. It's the only explanation I can find for the strange habit people have of telling people winter at Araps is great. Or maybe it's like that pair of Tasmanians who told us what a great route Battleship Cruiser was... I have at various stages done large portions of June, July and August at home, and they have all sucked almost as much as the whole winter did. I shall be high tailing it out of here at the end of June this year.

7:26:12 AM
On 6/03/2013 Wendy wrote:
>maybe it's like that pair of Tasmanians who told us what a great route
>Battleship Cruiser was...

What's wrong with Battlecruiser?
7:43:34 AM
On 7/03/2013 Doug wrote:
>What's wrong with Battlecruiser?

Exactly. It's a great route. I think when Wendy had the operation on her shoulder last year, they accidently removed her cojones too.

7:49:54 AM
Wendy, it's probably more that it's people like me that only leave Melbourne when it looks like being a nice sunny weekend and you can bask in the sunshine...
Cam McKenzie
8:03:26 AM
On 7/03/2013 Doug wrote:
>On 6/03/2013 Wendy wrote:
>>maybe it's like that pair of Tasmanians who told us what a great route
>>Battleship Cruiser was...
>What's wrong with Battlecruiser?

Battlecruiser is awesome! Especially if you finish up Space Cowboy.
Dave J
9:55:41 AM
Don't listen to Wendy she has absolutely no idea and probably needs to do a bit more exercise to improve her circulation. Winter is easily my favourite time to be here...You will get 4 good days each as long as you are a bit flexible when those days are that seems like more than enough vs Feb March where you will get on average NO good days per week.
10:20:13 AM
What, was that 4 good days each winter? Maybe I need to do less exercise and get more insulation.

Yeah, the weather has been terrible here since I got home 2 weeks ago. Honestly people, don't come up. It sucks. Stick to climbing in a hot sweaty gym.
One Day Hero
12:14:51 PM
Wendy, you need to work on your comprehension.

What Dave said is that they will get 4 good days each. This means that it is very important to bring a large group!
Dave J
1:51:17 PM
Thankyou ODH for make some kind of sense out of my last post. I thought I had gone insane there for a minute.

Wendy I just went out to the mount then to double check and it was awful (rain would have been less debilitating). I think for you and me both the cutoff for what we call decent weather is about 25. I remember going out climbing with Greg P back in december when against all odds there was a half decent day and he said that you'd stood him up on account of the weather and I was shocked. For me that was literally the only day worth climbing that month.
2:00:19 PM
Douglas recently espoused a theory that given the option, most women would choose to live in a warmer climate and men in a cooler one. That division would make a rapid dent in the population rise. I am doubtlessly a warm weather baby. The one good thing about last winter was I couldn't go climbing and I wouldn't have gone climbing most days anyway, so I didn't really feel like I was missing out!
Dave J
2:55:10 PM
On 7/03/2013 Wendy wrote:
> I wouldn't have gone climbing most days anyway, so I didn't really
>feel like I was missing out!

I feel exactly the same about climbing at the mount at the moment. I mean. I guess, at a pinch, you could do routes or something but really...what's the point?

The good Dr
4:06:07 PM
What locals are trying to say is that Arapiles only has 2 months of good weather. That is why they all take up other sports after moving there to climb, or give up climbing entirely. Forget going to Arapiles, go to Cerro Torre instead, the weather is more stable.
4:27:40 PM
Yeah and while you're there just go ahead and solo the thing, including hacking through the unstable ice mushroom. Oh wait, that's already been done ..

9:58:16 AM
Araps is definetly a place of extremes! I dont think i have ever felt hotter or colder any place on earth except perhaps Moonarie. Having experienced the extremes in either direction many times i would have to say its easier to dress for the cold if your expecting it and you have a much greater range of possibilitys climbing wise in the winter
Dave J
3:47:33 PM
Wendy, I hope you've been making the most of the awesome summer conditions this week.
8:44:39 PM
Well, I had 3 days off work and climbed 2 of them. It's really not that bad out there. The chances of my climbing 2 out of 3 days in mid winter are somewhat less. And I'd complain a lot more, so you wouldn't want to be out there with me anyway.

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