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off-topic: climbers who ride bicycles
9:06:13 AM
On 4/02/2007 M9iswhereitsat wrote:
>The Audax Alpine Classic (Bright / Tawonga / Buffalo area), was held recently
>and the weather was the kindest (fine & 23 degrees - unusual temperature
>for summer!), they have ever had for it.
>How'd you go this year dalai / others?

With the house renovation/extension taking all my time over the last 4 months, I hadn't swung a leg over the bike. So I decided in the interests of self preservation to bail out at the last minute, and in doing so missing out on the best conditions in years!!!(especially after last years 42 degrees)
3:30:22 PM
>The Audax Alpine Classic
>How'd you go this year dalai / others?

I went and had a bash. Did the 200km run - all four climbs, 3500metres of vert - with the 6.20am start, and I gotta say the temperature was extremely kind to all. The sun was out so there was a need for plenty of sunscreen, but things never got uncomfortable heat-wise. The peaks were very cool on top; you didn't want to hang around to long after your ascent lest the teeth started chattering.

Coming down the first descent on Tawonga in the very early morning of a perfect day into Mount Beauty was the most beautiful + brilliant thing. A great part of Australia. Geez I'm glad I dragged my bum out for some training beforehand.

Was heartening to see how little Buffalo had copped it in a serious way from the fires. Some damage, but the regrowth from 2003 was largely still intact.

4:15:02 PM
One for this thread*...
(* Not to be confused with the other one of similar name).

Mountain bikers are beginning to dread the phrase Ďrights of way improvementí as it almost invariably means that another trail has been sanitised.

Simply playing the faceless bureaucrat hamstrung by rules and regulations isnít good enough any more. Those who purport to administer and protect our countryside have to be prepared to engage with those who enjoy its beauty.

It would seem that the sanitisation of adventure is happening everywhere?

10:57:18 PM
used to ride downhill, but nowadays i just burn about on a reid fixie
2:24:28 PM
For those of you with a lycra fetish (and I'm not talking tights):

The theme for this years Nati Frin is bicycle power. We will have high tech pushy powered games, and low tech puppet races. There will be dancing to * Foot Felix if you are willing to contribute to power the lights and amps.

There is a workshop this saturday to create other bike powered creations. Have you always wanted to make a pushy powered microwave, blender, mother's little helper? Now's your chance.

Also, there is a game where you can race up the hill using Virtual Reality googles. Now's your chance to compete with Steve, Gordy and H.

8:54:03 PM
Though it is in Richmond and not Abbotsford, I daresay the folk at Abbotsford cycles are pretty awesome. They make me want to break my bike, as I always know there is some old knarly dude who knows how to fix it for nix.

10:49:13 AM
Found something that some who appreciate this thread may like...

A harley joke!

Picture one of those balmy sunny weekend days, you know, those rare occasions that happen maybe once or twice a year. the weathers perfect, traffic is minimal and you're in the right frame of mind for a spin on the bike.

Well a few weeks ago such conditions presented themselves and off I went, all relaxed and at one with the world, just tootling along minding my own business when....BLAM a violent blast of noise followed by buffetting from slipstream....I recovered my senses to see some sort of Harley barrelling down the road. The noise was deafening and he was really shifting. I raised and eyebrow to myself but I was determined not to let anything destroy my tranquil afternoon when, of all things, the idiot went and gave me the finger.....!!!!!!!

Now I'm not one to easily get angry but I must admit the red mist came down and I took off in pursuit.
I slowly gained on him, when, he glanced in his Iron Cross mirror dropped a cog and shot off. Wow, that thing could shift but the race was on, honour needed to be served. There was no turning back.

I managed to stick to his tail for a couple of kilometres but it was hard work. His bike was obviously not standard and he was leaving me for dead in the straights but I could claw back the distance lost in the bends, and I knew this road. Up ahead was a couple of kilometres of really twisty road, perfect.

I stayed in touch and held on until we arrived at the point where I knew I had the advantage. as we went through the first left hander I saw my opponent glance nervously in his mirror and I sensed his fear, he knew his advantage was lost.
Within the first three corners I was right on his back wheel, the roar and blast from his straight through pipes pounded my face, the sparks from his pegs showered me but there was to be no turning back.

At the next bend I showed him my front wheel and he responded with a twist of throttle that had the rear tyre spinning leaving a black line down the road, the back of his bike weaving. He was on the ragged edge and I knew I had him.

We tipped into a left and I got on the inside, then flicked into a hard right, this allowed him to edge away again but I knew the next blind corner was a long left and I had the line. As we entered the corner I grit my teeth, now or never, this was it. I got my front wheel ahead and hit the apex spot on, forcing him wide and as I straightened up coming out of the corner I was ahead, I'd done it.

I look over my shoulder to see him falling back behind me, and, he raised his hand in salute before turning off and away.
I pulled over to the side of the road, I needed a drink.
I was elated but shaking all over, bathed in sweat but happy.. I had won.

And I can tell you, he was a good rider. I can honestly say Iíve never pedalled that push bike so hard in my life!!!!!!!!!!

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