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General Climbing Discussion

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Dead Poets Society (formerly Poetry Corner)
10:54:45 AM
LOL! Delightful.

11:32:05 AM
This is like a hip-hop MC battle. Excellent!

11:52:14 AM
Hex lost the 1st option on hosting this event when s/he suggested to Littlemac and myself that pooetry (sic) corner should go elsewhere!

Well done contributors with having longer presentations than the small works-in-progress we started (jousting) with, during embryo days (left on Hex thread).

Good to see dalai involved also!!
Post edit
I like the following sideways view by Rhinckle too!

1:50:50 PM
A suggestion, by Ross Hinckley

(An empty stage, a small pool of light illuminates a figure who clasps hands, takes a deep breath & recites:)

When you come into this space
and you want to have your say,
have a dreamy look upon your face
while you're RHYMING ALL THE WAY.

(he pauses, sits cross legged on the floor, some barely audible and yet strangely resonant words emanate from his inner being :)

Or hai-ku. Someone
fu-ri-ous-ly typ-ing while
rocks warm in the sun.

(another pause, he leaps up into a litle jig, and cheerfully offers:)

a limerick's a good way to play
if you think you have something to say
you just have to fiddle
the bit in the middle
and then make a quick getaway...

(He capers ludicrously from the stage.)


(House lights come up. There is no one there.)

8:01:21 AM
On 21/06/05 Hex-Troll added to dalai's poem;


>Chalk was the first thing,
>That Steph said is bad.
>Her narrow view of such things
>a crazy notion she had

>Then to much amazement
>her ideas on suppliments in food
>the uneducated comments
>were niave at best too

>Finally given some practical advise
>to perform at her best
>She dismisses psychological tools as lame
>ignoring how to excel above the rest...


8:37:47 AM
eh eh eh very funny.

There's a couple of things wrong with that picture:
1 - The Dalai didn't have his hands covered in chalk
2 - He didn't seem to have benifited from protein shakes
3 - Cats don't wear shoes...

4:49:33 PM
ahahahaha very nice !!!!

8:55:20 AM
I CLIMB BECAUSE........ by Steph

I climb because I love it
I climb because it's great
I climb to push myself in ways
That no doubt own my fate.

The mental challenge is bizzar
The physical's an addiction
It's a way of life to be sure
We live through rock and friction

Stamina is needed
Guts can't be climbed without
Pain cannot be avoided
There's no room left for doubt.

Above all though is passion
All climbers would agree
We rule the world of the vertical

10:16:26 AM
On 29/09/2005 skip wrote:
>When I was travelling I wrote down a few words in my journal about Why
>I Climb.
>I never been one for meditation,
>Meditation is climbing for me,
>For when youíre concentrating on a move,
>The moment is all that you see,
>The world becomes a little sharper,
>Lifeís confusion is stripped away,
>Past and future are of no concern,
>You are climbing today.
>Climbing isn't always pleasurable,
>You feel thirst, heat and pain,
>But there is something deeper,
>Than simple pleasure to gain.
>Your goal is on the whole pointless,
>You top-out just to come down again,
>We set challenges for our own entertainment,
>Life is just one big game.
>So don't climb for a tick,
>Donít climb to reach the top,
>For when youíre in the moment,
>You hope the climbing will never stop.

X-posted from 'Epiphany' thread for posterity.

8:54:59 PM
Hex Troll wrote on HavachatwithHexy thread; & x-posted to here for posterity
>I'm The HEX !
>I'm for rear-eal !!
>An' my best mate's name is Neil !!!

>Ima cyber-freak by daaaaay ...
>I piss-up all me pay !!

Welcome back Hex.

9:11:18 AM
X-posted for posterity.

On 7/10/2005 jiminy cricket wrote on 'Is Hexy Back' thread:

>TriMock asks who can be creator
>of this so called Hex-that-came-later
>But Hex-Troll was distinguished
>a sly, cunning linguist
>the new one is more a fellator

On 12/10/05 gfdonc wrote on HavachatwithHexy Thread.

>Poet's Corner? -
>The mysterious Hex is upon us,
>with indignant indolence shall prevail,
>in place of stony silence yields,
>a name, a clue, a helpless wail

9:08:26 AM
Another classic for posterity;

HEX wrote
5:21:48 PM

>On Watch Tower Crack
>I dropped me dacks
>cos I was dyin' for a dirty great grogan !!
>After lentils the night-before,
>I fairly sprayed out my back-door...
>And left those 3 pitons
>enhanced with brown-coloured yogert ...

>Now simey was stressed !
>cos he seen me half-undressed,
>with vile-cack runnin' into me chalk-bag...
>" You're a bogan,a westie, a feral for sure !!
>--- now how the F@#$ will I clean-up those pitons ??"

>I had an idea ! , but not very clear...
>if I could just ...

>...sqeeeeeezing mental sphinter for inspiration...

12:26:28 PM
X-posted for posterity;

On 18/10/2006 Duncan wrote:
>Or possibly the road haiku? Although it seems to have worn off. Can
>anyone tell me what it said, btw?

M9iswhereitsat replied;

Perhaps ...

すべてのWimmera の明白な驚くばかりで置かれる石は夜に美しい苦闘に私達追憶する味をつける。

(translates as),

Rock sitting on Wimmera Plain
Awesome in all seasons
The struggle beautiful we reminisce at night.

8:43:28 PM
Are lymrics allowed?

There once was a noob from the coast
who always got first post
He refreshed with F5
the rush made him feel alive
then he'd leave the thread like a ghost


9:30:19 PM
>Dry autumn paddocks
>Yellow stubble and blown dust
>A hawk hangs above

This should be here. Eh Fey.

2:48:34 PM

'The special crew' ...

X-Link to wallwombat song on another thread.

9:11:58 PM
... another bump for posterity.
~> a good mini report within a report!

On 20/06/2008 rhinckle wrote on Arapiles Chockstone Gathering 2008 (Trip Report thread):

>"rhinckle started acting wierd"
>Over Saturday's earth
>in nocturnal drunken angry solitude.
>(Within Sunday's hours
>real names but secret identities
>masons of the gums
>without ritual or handshake.)
>Under Monday's sodden sky
>tent peg
>i have ever seen.

11:41:20 AM
X-reference of an oldie but a goodie for posterity.

ODH's take on Damiettas ID

12:42:14 PM
To Be Fun

I climbed at Nowra Saturday
A place called Thompsons Point
I clipped some friendly bomber rings
And got to know the joint

I gunned the Getz and made the dash
To the Bungles via Gil
And slogged the path to Balor Hut
With grog for us to swill

We made our plans an Alpine start
That Bastion Buttress line
Then backed off as the wind blew bad
To try another time

An easy trip back home was planned
With Nangar hills for finding
Those begging routes around that crag
'cept Rod and Claw's first timing

I made a lonely camp and slept
The wind and rain was beating
Then bashed around those worthy cliffs
And left 'til our next meeting

When weary bodies make it home
And all is said and done
I remember what a climber said
"It don't have to be fun, to be fun!"

12:46:07 PM
Excellent contribution Capt.
The piccies enhance the wordage a lot!

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