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E. Wells
11:38:29 AM
Can any stinky lowlife mexicans tell me whether Buandik campsite is presently open? , I would like to camp there.
12:05:30 PM
I'm only a south aussie, so dunno if I'm qualified to answer, but the only thing stopping you is your sense of right and wrong, and possibly a ranger, though the one I drove past recently just gave me a smile and a wave... there were a bunch of oldies having a picnic there, and judging by the roads there's an awful lot of traffic for something that's supposed to be 'closed', and before all the do gooders acuse me of wrongdoing, 2 points to consider - 1. the number of tourists would far outweigh the number of climbers on closed roads and 2. whatever happend to climbers anarchic spirit? My suggestion - camp bush and pretend to be a hiker, the sooner we discredit them the sooner we can go bolt red cave
1:28:12 PM
The area is still closed so you definitely can't camp there.

3:01:37 PM
Stapylton campground is also closed.
11:06:20 AM
All of victoria is in fact closed, except werribee. There is good camping at Caroline Springs nearby.
3:30:06 PM
Red Rock Road and Harrop Track are closed. Buandik camp ground is closed. Most of the cliffs are open (except the Eureka area).
The roads appear to be fine. I don't know how I know this.
4:11:33 PM
Most of the cliffs in the Victoria Range aren't open at present. But the following are: Muline, Emu Rock, Mt Fox, Red Rocks (but not across the paddocks) and the Gallery. As far as I know the entire front of the range cliffs, Eureka, Lost World, Gondwanaland, etc, are all closed because that area was burnt the worst.

4:13:46 PM
There's further details of what's open and the access to Red Rocks on
7:09:21 PM
On 30/09/2013 Rossco wrote:
>Most of the cliffs in the Victoria Range aren't open at present. But the
>following are: Muline, Emu Rock, Mt Fox, Red Rocks (but not across the
>paddocks) and the Gallery. As far as I know the entire front of the range
>cliffs, Eureka, Lost World, Gondwanaland, etc, are all closed because that
>area was burnt the worst.

The glass is half full Ross. Eureka, Lost World, Red Sail, Gondwanaland and Weirs Creek are closed. Fortress walking track is closed but very few go there.

I have checked everything I can find on Cliffcare and Parks Vic and there appears to be no specific restriction anywhere else.

Some of the key roads are closed to traffic but walking is ok. When you walk along the closed roads you will notice several cars passing you. Must be the bushwalkers again ;)

E. Wells
9:44:38 PM
Having never camped near the Grampians before, and intending to visit the gallery and hopefully Muline, of the four campsites I can find that are open are there any recommendations? Cant figure out how to find a map for any campsites on parks vic either. Would camping at Black Ians Rocks be close enough to drive near to these areas? Should I just buy a guide book?
access t CliffCare
9:59:11 PM
Hi All,

There does seem to be a lot of opinions around that Vic Range is closed but " it's ok - it's open for climbing." Being 'discreet' seems to be about telling all and inviting all or promoting as such. It also seems to be about if the information isn't what people want to hear then it's confusing, not specific and the message isn't getting out there. This is not aimed specifically at any Chockstone posters but rather at a range of comments I have been hearing lately from a variety of sources. Below are 4 few links to where the latest information was posted which has been there for quite a while. There is also a large group of people who receive Argus (VCC newsletter which has the CliffCare update) so there are a variety of ways the information gets out there. All information is updated on Chockstone - though this can sometimes be a bit difficult to find depending on the thread name.
If there is no new information, the last report will have an older date - it means there is no update. Information and situation are still the same. Work is going on behind the scenes, but the situation hasn't changed. Below is the current state of play which is on all the noted links. I work for CliffCare and the VCC and I am directly involved with climbing negotiations with Parks Victoria with all and any issues that occur with the cliffs. So as I noted above, any changes or ongoing work will be shared with the climbing community as soon as possible. I try to do this within a couple of days. If you are not sure, drop me a line.

So, to answer the OP's original question - Buandik is not open for camping.

All of the roads are still closed. No vehicle access is allowed.There is some foot traffic allowed to access a few of the cliffs that we worked on at the Vic Range workday. Red Rocks Pinnacles,Mt Fox,Emu Rocks.Hollywood Bowl, Muline and the Gallery are all accessible by foot - from the intersection on Andersons Road (open) and Red Rock Road (closed). You will need to park on Andersons Road and then walk to any of these cliffs. Some are obviously a longer walk than others.
Eureka, Lost World, Red Sail, Gondwanaland and Weirs Creek - all the cliffs along that area will be closed for quite a while - say a year to 18 months as they were really badly damaged. All the other cliffs in the Vic Range are also closed. Their closures for the most part will depend on road reopenings although if any issues with regrowth and erosion are discovered this could affect it. As soon as this situation changes I will get the word out. But for now, they are closed.

I'm not going to go into the ins and outs of climbing in closed areas on this thread but what I will say, is that promoting the fact that it's ok to head into closed areas - especially the Victoria Range at this present time - is not doing the climbing community any favours now or for the long term. Something to keep in mind. victoria range workday Ė reopening update cliffcare facebook vic range cliffcare website cliffcare website home page

access t CliffCare
10:00:18 PM

(snip) This is a cut and paste from the last report on the Vic Range climbing areas.

Please remember that these areas have been impacted by fire. While they may have been the least damaged of the climbing areas, there are sections that have still been quite badly burnt, so extra care really does need to be taken. Donít go in with large groups, really keep an eye on the track markings such as tape, cairns and delineation. Just be a little more vigilant about keeping to the one track. The teams have assessed each area and for the most part, tracks are the same but there have been some realignments. These are the better, more sustainable options with what we have to work with. Please donít decide otherwise by creating new tracks and new cairns. Some follow up work will be done on these tracks in another couple of months when more regrowth has been established. Point to note: The Victoria Range has a strong indigenous cultural heritage content and all visitors should be aware of this and take due care and respect when visiting the area.

Due to the recent weather and rainfall, unfortunately much of the planned works by PV for the roads hasnít eventuated and some of the roads and tracks are definitely bogworthy, so at this present time, roads are still closed. A small extra walk is all that is needed to access a couple of the cliffs. Others require a bit more motivation.
NOTE: In the case of Red Rocks, this access is the new access approach that was established before the fire. Do not cross the paddock Ė this is private property and no longer allowed. (scroll down to page bottom on this link)

TEMPORARY (Due to road closures)- From the Henty Highway, take Andersons Road. Follow this all the way through to where it intersects with Red Rock Road. Park up here on Andersons Road not Red Rock Rd. This is closed so please respect this closure even though it may seem super easy to just park on it or drive a little way down. We are trying to establish some kind of road access but for now it is not possible.
Red Rocks Pinnacles
Mt Fox
Hollywood Bowl
Turn left and walk a short distance (150m) to a sandy track on the right. This track leads you to all of the above climbing areas and is the permanent access track after the road closures finish. Follow this track for approximately 500m to the intersection. Turn right. Another 70m will get you to the Mt Fox track(cairned) and a further 450m along will get you to the access track to Red Rocks area.

Emu Rock/Emu Cave
Muline and environs is as before (some track realignment) but will require a longer walk from Andersons road to get to the start of the access track.

Gallery/Buandik area Ė Track here has been cleared and re-established (no foot bridge) but with the road closures, you are going to need to be keen, as access at the current time is only by foot. A big walk. This area can be accessed by the Tower but this area is very wet and boggy at the moment, and we couldnít get in to assess the track.

Once road closures are lifted, I will provide further info on areas such as The Fortress, Chimney Pots and environs. Cliffs around the Camp of the Emu Foot Track will remain closed even after road closures are lifted. These areas were really badly burnt and need to recover. Please respect this.
10:41:52 PM
Tracey, do you know the access situation for Gilhams, Ruined Castle and Curiosity?

I know that the Harrop Track is closed but these cliffs are accessible quite easily on foot from the open Glenelg River Road.

The PV information sheet dated 24th Sept doesn't indicate closure of cliffs. It lists closed roads, camp grounds and walking tracks.

8:04:58 AM
On 30/09/2013 chalkischeap wrote:
>The PV information sheet dated 24th Sept doesn't indicate closure of cliffs.
>It lists closed roads, camp grounds and walking tracks.

Wonder why that would be??

Try really hard for a second to think about it.

8:34:07 AM
On 30/09/2013 chalkischeap wrote:
>I have checked everything I can find on Cliffcare and Parks Vic and there appears to be no specific restriction anywhere else.

It's listed right at the top under the map on the Grampians National Park page
Some areas of the Grampians are closed due to fire and flood damage. This includes the remote areas of Victoria Range and Red Rock which remain closed for all activities including walking, driving and climbing.
I take that to mean unless I've been specifically told otherwise by cliffcare or parks, if it's in the Vic Range, it's closed to climbing. I do think they could take the word remote off that page to make it more explicit, but they mean the whole Vic Range is a remote area, not that only remote areas of the Vic Range are closed.
8:49:51 AM
Cherry pool would be the closest spot to camp I think. It's not in the park - it's where the henty highway crosses the Glenelg river.

There's a lot of sport stuff developed in the Northern Gramps in the last 10 years - it might be worth reconsidering just relocating to there given the amount of cliffs closed. The ACA website has details, or you could by Neil's guidebook to grampians sport crags.
8:53:50 AM
So it's all closed ........apart from the bits that are open.
9:05:28 AM
On 1/10/2013 shortman wrote:
>On 30/09/2013 chalkischeap wrote:
>>The PV information sheet dated 24th Sept doesn't indicate closure of
>>It lists closed roads, camp grounds and walking tracks.
>Wonder why that would be??
>Try really hard for a second to think about it.

Shortman the minor tracks to the cliffs are not included on any closed lists and are not marked in red on the PV map of closed roads. These tracks are more in the climbers area of expertise. They may be impassable or ecologically fragile. They may be fine. I was after some information from a knowledgeable person.

E. Wells
9:15:42 AM
Thankyou Wendy and others. Last question....with short legs, how much of a walk exactly would it be from intersection of Andersons road with redrocks Rd(queue locals snicker now)?

9:24:24 AM
On 1/10/2013 chalkischeap wrote:
>So it's all closed ........apart from the bits that are open.

Yup. As listed in at least two places on Parks' site, the Vic Range is closed to all activities including climbing and walking unless otherwise advised.

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