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vote for the Sharma MC
11:49:53 AM
On 22/03/2013 shortman wrote:
> 3 ppl - They will
>be preferably male, arrogant, outspoken and generally obnoxious.

didn't they win the poll already?

12:29:27 PM
On 23/03/2013 One Day Hero wrote:
>On 22/03/2013 shortman wrote:
>>How hard do you really mean when you say hard hard?
>Now that Ondra has proved that hard hard is actually possible, how long
>do think it will be until somebody climbs hard hard hard?

hard hard hard hard hard is out there, just waiting to be used *

* apologies to Ewbank.
1:41:53 PM
Well as it so happens I’ve just uncovered this recent interview with Chris Sharma, compiled as part of a recent effort to reinstate Crux with an 8th edition.

Crux: Well Mr Sharma ..
Chris: Call me Chris.
Crux: thanks Chris, let me start by asking you about how you name routes. For example, the recent achievement of “La Dura Dura”.
Chris: Yeah, I really liked that one, I thought about it a lot beforehand, and hey, y’know, it’s got great extensibility.
Crux: how so?
Chris: Well, y’see, we start with “The Hard” and then we go to “The Hard Hard” and next of course we could y’know have “The Hard Hard Hard”, and so on. It’s like, really extensible, like your Aussie grading system, eh “mate”?
Crux: Well, I see your point. But what happens when the route names get a little long, won’t that become unwieldy?
Chris: Yeah (chuckles). I’ve been thinking, y’know, about moving towards adjectives as well. I think calling a project “The Harder Hard” might work, y’know, it might intimidate some of those Euro teens to stay the hell off my projects for a while.
Crux: nice, yeah good thinking Chris. Tell me now about your other major achievement, “Jumbo Love”. Was that a satirical comment on the economic reliance of the greater Seattle area on the aerospace industry?
Chris: (pauses for a while, looks confused).
Crux: Chris?
Chris: actually no, I just heard this song on the radio, like, it just came into my head the whole time. It’s a really cool song, y’know, it goes like this: “Jumbo Love, Jumbo Love, Jumbo Love, dah dah dah”. Unhh, I can’t remember the lyrics, but it’s a really cool song, really cool.
Crux: Oh. Well thanks. Do you listen to the radio much?
Chris: yeah, really, getting pumped on the drive up the crag, it’s like really good y’know?
Crux: Any projects in the making at the moment?
Chris: Yeah, I’ve got this one at the moment named after a song I heard the other day.
Crux: What’s that?
Chris: “De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da”.
Crux: well in that case, that’s all I have to say to you, Chris.
Chris: yeah uh thanks, cool.

4:39:42 PM
On 22/03/2013 shortman wrote:
>I could regret this but here it is anyway. A Chasers style film for nexts
>years Goatfest.
>I will pay for 3 ppl to accompany me to the Chris Sharma night. They will
>be preferably male, arrogant, outspoken and generally obnoxious. We will
>start the evening mid afternoon with pre drink drinks. We will then take
>travellers travelling to the venue 2 hrs in advance. Mood will determine
>our next location, the only proviso being that no food is eaten and more
>alcohol is consumed. At the event we shall proced to the front row and
>basically just make complete fools of ourselves asking inane questions
>to Chris until we get kicked out. >

With no one else playing the role, I’ll pretend to be a mature, adult voice of reason for a second (where are you, Miguel?).

If you do go through with this, please do take into account that you’ll be ruining (in the eyes of some) a presentation by a world-class climber that they’ve paid $60 to attend. You’ll likely be making him either very uncomfortable or worse, and from all accounts he’s a pretty cool guy (I don’t know for sure, maybe ask Muki), if not a world-class presenter. He’s a bit of a soft target too - likely to not push back too hard (I can’t imagine you’d try the same with, say, the late Athol Whimp, yeah?). Finally, you also run the risk of leaving the impression that Victorian climbers are a bunch of rude pricks.

Having said that…

If you do go through with it, it has the potential to be hysterical and brilliant. Make sure you ask the question suggested above, confusing him with Honnold. Make sure you have whoever is playing the clueless noob fan (you’ve gotta have roles – the ‘how hard is hard hard compared to very hard?’ hairsplitter, the ‘OMG!’ fanboy newbie, and, um, another one at least) recite the ‘have you climbed Everest? Do you wanna climb Everest? I had a cousin who went to “basecamp” andblahblahblah’ spiel we’ve all heard before. And get it on film, I’d pay to see that.

Good luck whichever path you choose…

5:25:47 PM
Thanks WillP. You have totally changed my mind. And BTW u didn't make the cut. Sorry bro, not quite what we are looking for.

8:27:58 PM
Maybe he just used google-translate - it reckons 'la dura dura' is 'the hard hard' . . .
9:56:27 PM
If you watch Reel Rock Tour 7 he explains the prosaic backstory to the name.

Am guessing that there is a minor lost in translation element involved too.

Eduardo Slabofvic
11:09:55 PM
Hey Edwideoh, it's a tie. How are you going to deal with that then??????????

11:29:12 PM
No it's not - I'm in the lead, if you take my share of the triumvirate, plus my individual votes . . .
10:02:12 AM
On 25/03/2013 Cliff wrote:
>IMU La Dura Dura translates as something like "the firm solid". Dura generally
>refers to things like texture/firmness/solidity, not "difficulty" as in
>"The climb was really hard to do". Maybe La Dura Dura refers to something
>other than the route in question.

In spanish "Dura or Duro" refers to difficulty as much as to surface pressure.
It's quite common to repeat something for emphasis.

It's more like saying "We generally climb hard - but this is HARD hard."

10:11:42 AM
I thought LDD was just a tacit acknowledgement the Poms got it right with their grading system all along. Next we will have La dura muy grave.
10:30:52 AM
On 25/03/2013 Will_P wrote:

> You’ll likely be making him either very uncomfortable or worse, and from all accounts he’s a pretty cool guy

Climbed a fair bit with Chris and Tommy in France back in 97 whilst they were both still whipper snappers being driven around by Jimmy Thornburg; who I knew from my time in the States back in 95. Both Tom and Chris were genuinely interested in how your day went regardless that already back then they were climbing way harder than I was! Doubt Chris or Tom for that matter have changed much from then.

So go if you want to listen but otherwise leave the bloke alone.
11:04:58 AM
On 25/03/2013 shortman wrote:
>Thanks WillP. You have totally changed my mind.

Really? Shoot. Your committment to lulz is now in question.

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