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Goatfest 2013 - call for entries
Dave J
Online Now
9:27:28 AM
Goatfest is happening again.

Saturday the 30th of March, 6pm in at the Soldier's Memorial Hall in Natimuk.

$10 to get in, food and alcohol extra.

Doors open at 6 pm, films start at 7:30 sharp.

This gives you all about 2 months to make some excellent climbing related films (or send them in if they're already made).

Free entry for all filmmakers and two $100 vouchers up for grabs for "Audience Prize" and "Jury Prize" (Thank You Arapiles Mountain Equipment).

Films strictly under 15 min, submit in DVD format to:
Dave Jones
PO Box 56
Natimuk 3409 Vic

Any questions ask below or contact me:
2:59:00 PM
Man, the prize is so mine this year !!!! I would suggest other people don't bother cos they would be wasting their time.
ben wiessner
5:36:19 PM
Yay very pleased to hear it is happening again this year. I hear Immaculate Conceptions have been hard at work on their latest production.
6:37:34 PM
On 5/02/2013 ben wiessner wrote:
>Yay very pleased to hear it is happening again this year. I hear Immaculate Conceptions have been hard at work on their latest production.

Exactly what films have Immaculate Conceptions been responsible for in previous Goatfests? (I am trying to confirm at what point in proceedings should I leave for a toilet break).

6:45:11 PM
On 4/02/2013 hero wrote:
>Man, the prize is so mine this year !!!! I would suggest other people don't bother cos they would be wasting their time.

I'm not so sure Hero. Given the first prize and rousing acknowledgement that my film from years ago received for reenacting the first ascent of Bard, I am thinking that historical climbing films are my forte. I might just have to enter something along similar lines this year.

(Note to organisers: my preferred font for inscribing the trophy is Palatino if you would like to organise it ahead of time).

12:16:03 PM
Maybe you're right Simey. Maybe a historical biography using this as inspiration.

8:27:34 AM
I'll be receiving entries for Dave.

Please submit your entries as a MOV file either burned onto a DVD or on a USB drive. Post them to me:

Goatfest entries
4 Guest Court
Horsham Vic 3400

Last mail for acceptance is Friday the 22nd of March.

Any queries about entries, email me.
Dave J
Online Now
3:47:13 PM
The spirit of competition being demonstrate in the thread here so far is great to see but I feel I need to warn you all. We have had an ACTUAL entry, of an ACTUAL film, ACTUALLY delivered, which, at this point, makes it the extreme front runner in the competition.

If any of you chaps want to be taking home the prizes you're going to have to at least equal that effort.
Dave J
Online Now
10:05:06 AM
On top of the submitted films we're also going to be screening the Reel Rock 7 set.

So thats Wide Boyz, Honnold. Sharma. Ondra and more...On top of the cinematic masterpieces that Hero, Simey and Ben are slaving over even as I type this note.


Eduardo Slabofvic
10:39:50 AM
You have had the easiest run of anyone on the film front, Dave. I'm putting forward a motion at the next meeting to appoint you permanently to the role.

All those in favor?

2:02:48 PM

Goatfest is a refreshing change from the slick commercial films which many of us have seen already. I can understand that at this stage you might be worried about filling a reasonable program if the local product isn't forthcoming (I am planning to send something in). But I reckon a trawl for local product on the internet, or Chockstone, would be more interesting and in line with the goaty ethos.

Trying to be constructive rather than critical.
Dave J
Online Now
2:31:18 PM
Thanks for the feedback,

It is nice and comforting feeling to know you have a set of films or a feature as a bottomline. And if 3 months out from the festival we had enough films to round out 90 minutes I wouldnt feel the need for to do it. Traditionally when Eduardo was running Goatfest there would be an obscure climbing related feature film but the supply of those dried up a few years back. Ideally the festival would be purely local climber made content and all submitted months prior to the festival (I know most of the animation/film festival I submit stuff too entries close 6 months prior to festival but I think we'd end up with a pretty short list of films if we did that).

The focus of the night will still be the submitted shorts and I'd rather them be local films and have the actual filmmakers present for the screening rather than sending out requests over the internet (though if someone were motivated to do the internet trawl and send out requests it would definitely something to consider). We'll screen the reel rock films after an interval and if anyone feels it will spoil their evening they will be able to slip out at that point. I haven't actually seen the reel rock 7 films and there are a few of them that I'm pretty keen to see. I mean how slick and souless can you make a film about someone thrutching through 30 meters of roof trench?

Glad to hear you're working on a film.
10:07:11 PM
Hey, can Nina do film commentary, a la European Song Contest between films?

10:52:32 AM
Irlande - Neuf Point
Allemagne - Troi Point
Grande Bretagne - Un Point
Dave J
Online Now
10:21:42 AM
Not much time left.

Get your films in now.

Flier for this years GoatFest courtesy of the talented Eduardo.

Eduardo Slabofvic
10:54:13 AM
Hi Dave,

Although I may be talented, I may be numerically challenged. That poster NOW HAS THE CORRECT DATE ON IT , and as my talents do not extend to computer literacy, I can't post the correct on. I'll email it to you.

The correct date is Easter Saturday, the 30th of March.

For the record, my talents do extend to brewing beer.


Eduardo Slabofvic

...... opps, I mean Edward Oslabofvic

Dave J
Online Now
11:06:23 AM
On 22/03/2013 Edward Oslabofvic wrote:

>Although I may be talented, I may be numerically challenged.
>The correct date is Easter Saturday, the 30th of March.

the date that is...

Your computer literacy is beyond salvation Im afraid.

Dave J
Online Now
3:28:32 PM
In other exciting news, Simey will be presenting a slideshow at Goatfest to celebrate the 50th anniversary of climbing at the mount.

Eduardo Slabofvic
2:55:04 PM
We should have a "Guess how many slides are going to be of Simey" copetition.

I'm going with 23 slides will feature all of, or some part of, Simey.

6:39:59 PM
Dave - no problems any time mate.

Edward - last time I subcontract out to illiterate imbeciles. Final payment will be withheld.

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