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tyrolean traverse
10:56:28 AM
my tracksuit pants where pulled up because they dont have any cord in them. the harness is correctly fitted. the picture of me strinked when i uploaded it. ive decided to ask for a partner because im still unsure about certain things. i dont want to do the traverse of the North Gorge without additional safety aspects (eg- i'd have two ropes and two pulleys) my safety line would be my dynamic rope while my working line would be my static line. i would be investing more money in my anchors (eg-more slings, sling tape and biners). also i'd like some advice on how to join ropes togther so i can go further (eg- past 50m) i just dont want to do things alone and end up on the news for all the wrong reasons.
3:19:48 PM
Don't forget to pick up some extra 2mm cord for said tracksuit pants - again, you don't want to end up on the news 'for all the wrong reasons'.
One Day Hero
5:21:41 PM
On 21/11/2011 Will_P wrote:
>ODH, why are you letting this go unaddressed? Where is your humanity?

I got nothing to say on this one mate, wouldn't know where to begin!

7:39:48 PM
On 21/11/2011 One Day Hero wrote:

>I got nothing to say on this one mate, wouldn't know where to begin!

You should help him. Imagine the trip report. I can see a new precedence in entertainment!
10:00:10 AM
On a more constructive note, I'd suggest posting these queries on Those Valley guys love their tyroleans, and you're sure to open a window on Australian culture for them too. Also, I was relieved to read in your blog that you endorse Vertical harnesses for this type of, ah, activity. As demonstrated in the documentary 'Cliffhanger', those BD harnesses tend to fail under bodyweight on tyroleans. And please, please, please post a trip report (with more photos) of your weekend reconnaissance.
10:50:54 AM
yeh ok i will. i was going to see if they finished the work on the walkway over there enough for me to get half the way around. im looking for suitable trees to anchor too and the even angles from the other side. is there any such thing as a electronic measuring tape. ill have a look. its better than stringing up my old reel tape and getting it damaged. its been started on supertopo as well under nickname "bitsey" thats what my friend called me when i use to do electronics. because i use to collect all of their old junk.
12:31:19 PM
Oh gee. Now I feel kinda mean. Unless (as I still vaguely suspect) you're having a laugh, in which case, touche, and well played sir!

1:23:57 PM
On 22/11/2011 cjradloff76 wrote:
>is there any such thing as a electronic measuring tape

Try googling 'range finder'.
You get what you pay for with those items, ie the more expensive laser types have greater accuracy. A cheapy over a distance of 120 m would still be easily within +/- a metre or so.


~> You are definitely putting yourself 'out there' ...

I notice one of the replies to your query on that site, referred you back to a Tech Tips link on Chockstone.

Seriously Clinton, from what I have seen of your posts and website (including its videos), you come across to me as an uncomplicated person who is taking on a complicated challenge.

Please save up your money, and obtain the services of a professional guide to achieve your ambition safely, as although you are on a learning curve seeking advice on internet sites, not all the information that you obtain is necessarily appropriate to your need.

I believe that you can achieve what you are setting out to do with proper guidance / help, but I worry that if you try this by yourself in the real world outside of your/family backyard, that you will badly hurt yourself due to inexperience.

1:27:24 PM
This deserves a repost in my opinion:

On 19/11/2011 Paul wrote:
>Had a look at your web site, It is very bad and dangerous that you are
>offering advice on how to so something which it would appear that you have
>little knowledge on how to do safely. Either you of someone else who uses
>the information could have a serious accident as a result.

I also had a read and I am both concerned and confused. The information in your blog is bizarre at best and as Paul said dangerous. If you don't understand the setups and associated dangers don't post it on the web as if you do because people will read it and assume it is right (regardless of the warnings).

It is great that you are enjoying rope work and getting into this stuff but you need to get some experience before you do anything by yourself involving heights. The best way is to partner up with someone who knows what they are doing, they can teach and guide through the processes and check for any mistakes.
Steve Peckman
2:37:19 PM
I live not to far from straddy maybe I should go make sure he is safe...
2:41:53 PM
I think Clinton is a thinker and doer. He'll be right. I'd really like it though if his website had videos.
2:44:08 PM
go for it steve help him out. you might even get money from shortman
2:44:59 PM
Absolutely. C'mon, didn't y'all see the picture of the trampoline under the rope set-up? If a fricken tramampoline isn't redundancy, what is?! And +1 on the videos. Bounce back, Clinton!

3:00:26 PM
There's a couple videos on his main site...
3:39:36 PM
On 22/11/2011 ajfclark wrote:
>There's a couple videos on his main site...

Mmmmm, worrisome

4:01:13 PM
If you are going to wimp out and get "professional instruction", Clinton, then I reckon you could do worse than these guys:
Head to the snowy peaks of Nowra, solo a 27 in hiking boots with your tyrolean rig in your pack (like the picture they have of Julian [Julie-Ann?] Saunders in the Gramps section), set it up, you'll be good to go. Give 'em a call. They look like stone-cold pros.
4:15:16 PM
Sadly this doesn't seem to be a troll, I hope for most of you replying in jest that Clinton here pulls out of his plans before he kills himself or has a serious accident.

Clinton, you are messing with serious stuff you have no idea about. You will probably hurt yourself seriously or die if you continue with your plans. An abseiling course is not going to help you.

Furthermore, the stuff on your website could get somebody else hurt or killed.

I can see the headlines now: "Man dies after taking advice from internet Piss-takers".

If this is a troll, I'm happy to have been taken by it - those of you joking around might not feel so jovial when Clinton here is the subject of a news piece. The mods should consider contacting this guy and closing these threads. This is the sort of stuff that kills people.

5:19:48 PM
A little good-humoured mockery doesn't kill people - Mark Twight kills people. But in case you're right... Clinton, as you recommend on your own website, seek professional assistance (of any ilk, but specifically in regards to high-access rope work). Enjoy your Kangaroo Point abseilling class but talk to those in the know about ropework before even starting rigging this thing you have planned, and be willing to be talked out of your plan if real experts tell you it is unsafe. Though... where would Mr. Twight, aka Dr. Doom, be if he had listened to the nay-sayers? Didn't he and Backes name a route in South Amercia in honour of their critics - 'F*ck 'Em, They're All Posers Anyway'? I'm just sayin'.
5:23:09 PM
i am not sure about the area up their but is important to consider. is it legal to rig something like this in that area cause i know if you done it int most parts of sydney they would not be happy with you.
5:45:11 PM
On 22/11/2011 Will_P wrote:
>A little good-humoured mockery doesn't kill people - Mark Twight kills

Is it good humoured, if the person you are mocking thinks you are serious? There is sandbagging, then there is encouraging a child to jump off a rooftop, which is what seems to be happening here.

Sadly I don't think our hero has the capacity to figure out which posts are mockery, and which are helpful. Which is fine, when he is setting up ziplines onto trampolines in his parents backyard, but not so much when he steps into the void above a rather nasty looking gorge filled with sharks with bees and lasers in their mouths.

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