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OT: Do you donate blood, platelets or plasma?

8:20:36 AM
There's less than 3 days supply of blood at the moment.

If you've been thinking about donating but hadn't got around to it, maybe now is a good time?

9:05:03 AM
Agreed, it really doesn't hurt and only takes 30mins plus you get free food and drink.
Easy done.
Ps its a great way to monitor your health without going to the doctor.

9:54:23 AM
I went bouldering for a bit the other morning, drove home, changed, and then headed to the blood bank. 5:23 donation time. Turns out the nurses get a little antsy when you give 470ml in less than 6 minutes and force you to drink juices and eat mars bars.
12:36:29 PM
Yesterday took 2hrs from arrival to leaving to donate 846g (750mL) plasma.
Out of the Penrith rooms at 1130, started a 2hr WW kayak-rolling practice session at 1pm...
Again - they don't recommend this behaviour, yet will tell you that the return of your own RBC's will give you a bit more 'get up and go'.

3:46:38 PM
only 1 hr 10 for plasma the other day , a bit put off when 3 nurses were trying to work out which was the best vein , above or below the branch .
Feel a lot more sympathetic towards the cows I have regularly stabbed 14 g needles (about 4mm) into veins to infuse with calcium.
Like the process -any side effects last time , NO ok we'll take another 2% this time. Put on weight ok we'll take more
Loved the survey they sent me rate from 1 to 10 how enjoyable it was . If I enjoyed sticking needles into myself I suspect they wouldn't want my blood or plasma

9:28:27 PM
On 21/06/2012 Wollemi wrote:
>yet (they) will tell you that the return of your own RBC's will give you a bit more 'get up and go'.

That explains why a mate swore he could always climb a grade harder for a few days after donating!

One downside of having lovely big veins is that sooner or later they'll want to let the apprentice practice on you...

What freaks me out the most though is the average age of donors - plenty appear to be 70+! If you want to increase the likliehood of getting nice, fresh, juicy young blood packed full of oxygen carrying goodies, get in there and donate.

2:26:31 PM
Anyone been in to donate before the long weekend? Supplies of O- are low.

7:52:04 PM
On 17/04/2014 ajfclark wrote:
>Anyone been in to donate before the long weekend? Supplies of O- are low.

O, no!?!

8:20:22 PM
I signed up for the free sausage rolls and milkshakes. 20 donations and counting. Feels good man. (smugness levels are rising)
11:05:05 PM
My wife & I were adement we wanted to donate our babies' cord blood after birth - but unfortunately both our daughters were born early morning; and the ONE nurse at the RPA Sydney who does the collections works 9-5.

We made a point of asking, despite long the labour both times!

10:11:09 AM
I donate plasma every two months. Would do it more often, but I need to avoid exercise after donating and I don't like to interfere with my training too often. I had a lot of bruising in my arm once after heading to the gym within 24hrs of donating.

10:55:00 AM
Urgh. Nope. Would love to be a contributor, but it's a struggle not to pass out just having a normal injection. I simply panic so much I stop breathing, which results in passing out if the breathing does not recommence in time.
11:27:49 AM
Lived in the UK early 90's for a few years. Still no screening test for BSE prions in blood, so not allowed to donate. Before I left for UK used to donate plasma. I found it very chilling in winter due to the cell re-suspension fluid.

11:08:41 PM
Love the buzz I get after donating, knowing I've done a good thing. I donate blood only as there are no donor centres nearby, so I utilise the mobile blood bank when it's in town. Work supports and encourages staff to donate during work hours. I'm a fairly new donor and donate when I can (every three months). They won't let you donate while on some medications, for instance, I am being desensitised for hayfever, and while I am taking the desensitising drops daily, I'm unable to donate (April to August-ish).

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