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Chockstone Forum - Gear Lust / Lost & Found

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JRC gear found.

E. Wells
10:12:48 AM
One 'stodder 34'? wedge shaped peice of aluminium stamped with 'JRC'
Chockstone Moderator
12:57:55 PM
On 24-May-2020 E. Wells wrote:
>One 'stodder 34'? wedge shaped peice of aluminium stamped with 'JRC'

Maybe PM this fellow?

E. Wells
2:35:37 PM
All sorted. Something vintage i found under crater bluff can be returned via a five minute walk from my place.
8:35:14 PM
Thanks Evan yes i recovered it from my gate where you left it. Thanks again. Come around some time when we're in for a beer.

1:58:59 PM
On 24-May-2020 E. Wells wrote:
>One 'stodder 34'? wedge shaped peice of aluminium stamped with 'JRC'
... ~> subsequently found at base of Crater Bluff.

Címon John, please share the story of how and when this historical piece of climbing gear decided to sojourn in the Ďbungles.
9:23:04 PM
so exciting it was Rod you will never believe it.

bit of an extended family ascent. Took a while on the easy pitches, so 2 members of the party (daring canyoners) stayed behind on the 1/2 way ledge...were planning to abseil off

I continued with 2 others. It was late in the afternoon... third on the rope clipped carabiner onto his harness

ping pang plonk noises ...

' um i think the nut fell out of the 'biner. Sorry about that, (Chief)' (end of nut story for now)

We continue. Get to top after dark and bivvy. Nice starry night. Being October not
too cold.
Dawn- great photos of peaks in sunrise light. Descend and wander round to base of cornerstone to check other 2 are OK. Shout loudly to the 1/2 way ledge area - no response.
Walk back to Balor. As we cross little creek below C Bluff hear pathetic bleat from half way up cornerstone ..."Don't leave us behind".
Trudge (yes, literally) back to base of cornerstone to supervise intrepid canyoner experts abseil off said route on already fixed gear (the old peg). Thought you might have abseiled down the route. Yeah right actually now i know why C Exp. had such a big pack which made them slow - it was full of their bivvy gear. Silent and anticlimactic plod back to Balor. Ate last nights dinner then went home. Frankfurts for lunch overlooking Pantoneys crown; exciting 4wd drive along fire trail!

Back 7 months later with Richard & Ross T this time all too easy. Flew a kite on the summit. 5y later Richard led FA of Zombie Love (DS to Lieben).
Epilogue: (15 y later) Evan finds my 8 1/2 stopper, hangs it on the gate post of my house, thank you Evan!

8:13:04 AM
Excellent memoir excerpt jrc!
You had me guessing what route at first but the circumstances description soon sorted it for me, and for those that havenít been there itís Cornerstone Rib, the mid grade classic of the cliff.

Ahh, if gear could talk!
An 8 1/2 stopper eh, circa mid-late 70ís and likely Chouinard manufactured, is my guess. Itís done well to have survived the significant bushfires that location has experienced during its holiday away from the rack, as excessive heat and aluminium donít make for comfortable bedfellows.

If your canyoner mates took bivy gear, then it sounds like they inveigled you nicely!
It would also seem that the experience of other members of your party on that trip at that íretreatí location, possibly set the scene for your trip there with Mikl quite some time later, though not as a gear finding expedition on that occasion!

Given that the stopper was presumed lost for all time originally, did the dropper of it make good with a replacement soon after?

9:43:07 AM
>Given that the stopper was presumed lost for all time originally, did the dropper of it make good with a replacement soon after?

No I got one from an old friend who retired from leading.

In my bag at Arapiles right now. The other one is hanging up in my BMtns garage

Incidentally I mail ordered 11-14 rocks from climbing anchors Last Tuesday. Got to my place on Thursday free postage very neatly wrapped! (Apologies to Steve - I wanted them before I came down here)

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