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Bouldering Mats

2:05:00 PM
I've decided that what I REALLY need is a good bouldering mat in anticipation of a bouldering trip out to Araps sometime soon. I've had a look around at whats out there and at things like the Rock review/round up of bouldering mats from a few issues ago.

What I think I really want is the 'Tools of Adventure: Stunt Mat" - mainly because it's really big and beefy and because in most cases I don't think I'll be carrying it on huge long walkins.

Having missed the really cheap one that Cliffhanger had in stock for a while (damn :( ) I'm owndering if anyone knows of anywhere else that sells them at a reasonable price/discount (rock hardware doesn't appear to do bouldering mats). I've got the VCC card.

Has anyone had any personal experience with this mat?
2:33:46 PM
if your in sydney.... go a venus workshop mat, they velcro in half and make a single bed mattress!!!

3:19:51 PM
Bogong in the city have them, and i'm pretty sure they give a VCC discount. don;t quote me on it, but its like 15-20%???

But yeah, go the stunt mat - its soooo cool, and HUGE! super comfy.

5:06:51 PM
Excellent - I need to trip in and grab one at some point then! They look great.
2:59:31 PM
Does anyone have any other recommendations for a really good mat (preferably cheap?!), where they are available, prices, etc?
3:18:57 PM
There are no cheap ones...I was looking a while back and I thought what a bunch of rip offs at the exhoberant prices they were charging and it would be cheaper to make one yourself...Then I priced foam etc...that's just as expensive...

If anyone has a contact at a foam manufacturer, that'd be the go...
5:22:09 PM
"I have a dream" (thanks MLK)
I reckon I can make mats for around the $120-150 mark that will work, and be lighter than anything else. Watch this space...

5:54:36 PM
Hey Ben, I'm also after a Mat. If you decide on the Tools of adventure: stunt mat let me know. Im sure we could get a good price if we purchased two items. I think they retail for about $420. Im all cashed up and ready to go so let me know bro he he (rymes)

11:57:26 AM
On 5/11/2003 dodgy wrote:
>"I have a dream" (thanks MLK)
>I reckon I can make mats for around the $120-150 mark that will work,
>and be lighter than anything else. Watch this space...

Though I not in the market for a new mat (my Cordless delux is still going strong), if you can make a quality mat for that price I think you have will quite a few orders.

Good luck

12:59:38 PM
Jev - yeah buying two together should help us get a little discount - the Bogong shop in little Bourke has the Tools of Adventure Stunt mats for $449 retail or ~$400 with 10% VCC discount. I feel really stupid for having missed the one at Cliffhanger that was 30% off :P. Is anyone else out there looking for the same mat - maybe we can grab even more than 2 at a time ?

1:09:05 PM
ben, I'm not sure whether Bogong keep more then 1 or 2 mats in the store, so better just check before getting 3-4 people into the shop, all cashed up, then realising only 2 of you can leave with a mat.

6:07:16 PM
I work at Bogong. If you have an idea of what you want and how many of them you want, I can ask the boss what sort of deal he can do. No guarantees, but I can ask.


5:17:26 PM
Thanks Tim, Jevon worked out a deal with Frank and I picked up two of the mats yesterday - damn they are huge - wrestling two of them around the city and onto trams was awkward. :)

7:01:15 PM
no worries.

8:07:54 PM
Ben, Hardware, I was in Bogong late this afternoon and they were in the process of getting some more. So wondering if you, or anyone else for that matter could offer up a review of sorts on them.

8:49:59 AM
I've been looking at buying one too for a while now. And after bouldering in the Gramps on the weekend, I'm keener than ever. So if there's any kind of deal going, I'd proabably go in on it too...

2:17:32 PM
Has anyone tried the mountain designs mat, or any other cheapish, or locally made mats (most mats I've looked at are way outta my price range)? Just looking for ideas.
2:31:08 PM
is the md one the one with a target on it? if so it looked thick

3:09:37 PM
yep the MD on has the target on it....
rocknrich, if the MD mat is in your price range , for the same price you can get the Solution Mat, by tools of the adventure. both are $299.

The specs
• Folding bouldering mat • Constructed with the best in dual density cushioning inner materials• Highly durable nylon fabric • Printed target design • Key and tape pocket • Air vents • Daisy loops for clipping a daypack • Padded adjustable shoulder straps • Velour shoe dusting pad ....4.5kg

Solution Mat
features,... removable harness, metal buckles, handle, splitfold design, 100 % polyester 0.2 mm PVC coating, size 1200 x 900 x 80, foam 30mm closed cell, 50mm open cell

I purchased " the tools of the adventure stunt mat " and I think it rocks, so my leaning is toward the solution mat (bogong stocks them).

3:17:04 PM
anyone familar with Ben Moon bouldering products in the UK. they look pretty sweet.

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