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Injured Wrist

8:01:26 PM
I am currently in Ton Sai and have injured my wrist - it hurts when I twist it downwards on the top of my hand / wrist. It does not really hurt when I press anywhere specific - it hurt a lot while climbing yesterday. Also hurts when I press down .

Nothing specific I can remember that caused it - just woke up with a sore wrist after a days climbing about a month ago. It may have been after a particulary hard hand jam climb but did not hurt specifically at the time. It sort of settled down into a nagging pain that was bearable. Yesterday something on the climb must have aggravated it - likely I twiste it beyond what it liked.

Any thoughts anyone or suggestions? I have 3 weeks left here and many projects. I tried icing last night and also lots of anti-inflammatories but still hurts.....

8:31:56 PM
soundz like a metacarpal injury.....try massage thru the palm of the hand...pushing up (for about 15 minutes) into the wrist.....if it hurts too much just go with circular motiions....then finish off by pushing thru into ur finger tips....if this doesn't help....start massage from ur elbow down to the wrist and see how it goes...
9:33:20 AM
It sounds like one of your wrist extensor tendons is inflamed. You are doing the right things, anti inflams, ice and massage of the forearm (not the hand) to release the muscle bellies should help the symptoms. The other sensible thing is to drop your grades for a few days so the wrist is still working but not hard (if this still hurts you actually might need to stop climbing a few days - that sucks). Once settled build up through your grades again. Maybe also avoid hand jams for a little while.

2:36:02 PM
I've just recovered from a wrist injury a month ago and your symptoms sounds similar to what I had. When you rotate your wrist palm up and palm down, where you do feel the pain? Thumb side or pinky side? I had a cartilage tear on my right wrist (on the pinky side) which resulted in a constant dull ache, and because it wasn't overly painful, I continued to climb on it. It got worse as a result and I was forced to rest for 3 months until it got better. My osteo gave me some rehab exercises that helped a lot in the recovery.

Like you, I can't remember the exact moment I injured it. It was probably from falling off my mtb bike too many times on an outstretched hand, and made worse by climbing on it when it was weak. All I can say is be very careful with it if you decide to continue climbing.

5:47:13 PM

Pressing into my palm hurts - the action of wiping my arse hurts the most. It also hutys on the top of the wrist towards the thumb. How do you identify a metacarpal injury v a tendon injury v a cartilage injury?

6:32:11 PM
On 30/01/2011 JMK wrote:
>Pressing into my palm hurts - the action of wiping my arse hurts the most.
> It also hutys on the top of the wrist towards the thumb. How do you identify
>a metacarpal injury v a tendon injury v a cartilage injury?

When it didn't get better after 2 months, I went to see my osteo and got a diagnosis. I had an MRI too.

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