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5:08:02 PM
got some good ol' bursitis cracking in my shoulder..... had 2 riod injections (waiting to see if the second one was effective). Appearently next step is surgery to remove the inflammed bursa....
Anyone had any experience with this shite?
5:24:58 PM
I've got the same thing in my right (dominate) shoulder. I've worked with Occupational therapists and injury management people and depending on the injury and how it happened (gradual or sudden) seemed to get better recoveries from reducing or eliminating the cause of the pain as this should help the indentation in the area and then working on building strength of the surrounding muscles the help correct the deficiency of the structure around the injury.

My shoulder is more due to not the best overal conditioning of my body then pushing too hard for what my body should be. I should know better but I'm lucky I've only got a mild cause of Bursitis (minimal constant pain) but know is going to be a long and then constrain road to get it better.

Always viewed injection and more so surgery as a last resort as surgery never fixes you back to 100%. I worked in works comp industry for 5 years and is sad to see that a lot of people want a magic bullet to fix an issue that has happened when it rarely does.

Sorry for the long post but hope it helps

7:09:35 PM
User Id NealD can probably help you with your query.
As a non-sufferer myself, I got the impression that it comes & goes...
Lee C
9:04:26 PM
mb21 describes the typical story well. The bursa is there to cushion the normal bone to bone approximation that occurs in the shoulder. Bursitis (and the irritation of other structures in the area) comes about when the normal amount of 'squish' is exceeded. It is the victim of the factors mentioned by mb21.
At best, injections will give you up to about 6 weeks in which the reduced pain allows you to reverse these other factors. Surgery can help but involves immobilisation which further messes with your strength and control making rehab an even bigger challenge.

Get it checked out by someone who can tell you what in your life has brought it on, reverse that and manage the pain on the way. Good luck.

8:17:49 AM
Which bursa?

I've had issues with the scapulothoracic bursa in my left shoulder (or back depending on how you look at it) which has responded well to cortisone so far though I'm not yet back to climbing as hard as I was when the issue flared up.
9:47:09 AM
You're right M9, I did suffer from this. Mine came on suddenly after climbing an overhanging crack route right at my limit when already tired from a week's climbing. I had bursitis and mild tendonitis on my dominant shoulder.

It took me a few months to recover with some setbacks due to climbing on it. I had to be super careful about not overextending my arm which brought it back on, or just generally doing too much with it. I had one cortisone injection which didn't really help. Mainly my recovery consisted of rest, lots of icing, lots of Voltaren and then once the inflammation was reduced lots of stretching. I was also instructed by my physio to do some strength training exercises for my rotator cuff and outwards rotation as I am weak there which could have led to the injury.

About 9 months on now I still get the occasional twinge (which reminds me I need to stretch more and keep up the exercises) but it's not a problem and I've been back to climbing at my limit for a few months.

Good luck.

2:59:12 PM
Thanks for the responses

I can't really put this injury down to anything specific, been climbing for about 12 years and surfing a fair bit too... just woke up one Monday morning (though I had climbed & surfed all weekend before) and it was there!

So far have seen a GP, ultrasound clinic and an Orthopedic surgeon who all said it sounds like it was caused by repitition/overuse. All I've been advised so far is to try cortisone and failing that surgery. Should I ask for a referral to some other sort of specialist for advice on exercises that may help? If so, any suggestions in/around SYD area?

cheers...havent climbed or surfed in 2 months and so I'm starting to go (more) crazy

3:06:37 PM
I've not seen him myself but lots of people recommend Julian Saunders in Blackheath.

4:01:47 PM
Hello, I have first hand experience with your problem. Had lots of pain in one shoulder and had a shot, gave me nearly a year before the other one went. It was originally diagnosed as a rotor cuff tear and i was booked in for surgery on the second one. Once in there the surgeon found that the tendon was basically fine but my bursar was being badly effected by a genetic bone spur and the bursar had burst! So said bursar was removed and spur shaved back. Had the other shoulder done about 6 months later so in all a year off climbing. (took up cycling and am hooked so all good) I have no regrets about the surgery, I'm back climbing with only occasional tightness in the shoulders that massage helps with. In some ways i wish i hadn't wasted a year and a half having so much physio, dry needling etc etc and just got it done! Hope this helps
1:39:21 PM
I was diagnosed by a physio ,got the scan , and referral to get injected ,but after the referral and before the appointment took a course of antibiotics for a really bad chest infection and the pain died off ,started returning again about 12 months later, when I had a repeat need for antibiotics and the returning pain disappeared and hasn't returned . web searches suggest possibility that can be caused by infections in the joints but like all web cures could be very dubious but my pain disappeared !!!!
Not a medical junkie probably the 3rd & 4th course of antibiotics in 25 years
7:47:03 AM
I would recommend going to see a physio or sports doctor in the first instance. They will perform a physical examination to determine both the problem and the cause. They will likely recommend a conservative (non-surgical) treatment plan initially. I would avoid going under the knife if you can. I think these types of injuries can take a while to settle down but that doesn't necessarily mean taking such drastic action is warranted.

I have seen Andrew McCann (physio) and Dr Kuar at Sydney Sports Medicine Centre in Sydney Olympic Park and both are very good. I would go to the physio first and they will refer you to the Dr or for scans as required.
10:58:44 PM
I had bursitis and had physio treatments and injections to no avail. Ended up trying acupuncture through a Chinese doctor which I was very sceptical about. Got me sorted big time and back climbing again.

10:42:14 AM
Acupuncture hey.... hadn't thought of that avenue, might have to look into it.

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