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Burnley – Spring Clean / Viva La Revolución
Lurking Dave
3:21:51 PM

A previous thread on Chocky Old Thread led to the 45 degree wall being reset. A side affect was that some people were a bit pissed off.

The question is what / who / how is going to be done towards resetting the remaining walls? IMO they are excessively polished and require some serious effort to restore an outstanding venue. It has been shown that a wall can be effectively reset in a day and this results in a great improvement in the quality of the routes.

Ideally this could be done without upsetting the VCC… possibly with their involvement?

What do you think? Are you willing to help/support this?

If there is enough positive feedback I am happy to approach the VCC / similarly if there are already existing plans I am happy to support my fellow comrades.


3:56:50 PM
Dave, after the initial revolution, we had a meeting with the VCC, very sucessfull i might add. The VCC are all for resetting the other two walls, and want tobe involved as much as possible to maintain the facility. They have even gained some funding (from parks vic i think) to buy some new holds which is great news for everyone.

Mike Back seems to be doing the organising at the moment. I would say the only reason not much has been done recently is because the weather has been so bad.... Hard to get people to hang out under the bridge in the freezing cold all day. I imagine a reset would be on the cards for the very near future and chocky will be one of the first places they come to recruit.



10:42:54 PM
Hey all,
looks like we're lining up the weekend of the 6/7 December for a reset of the 30deg and vert walls at Burnley. We've got funding for some new holds and orders are being placed. Will definitely be looking for volunteers to offer general help with the strip down and clean throughout the day(s). The vertical wall in particular is pretty labour intensive cos we will need to take the panels down for access - will also need as many battery drills as we can lay our hands on. I know it seems like a long way out but if you think you might be keen to help out then please drop me an email and I'll start putting a list together.


10:45:28 AM
Where's all the volunteers?

5:42:43 PM
Mike what sort of fasteners are used to hold the vert wall on. I have three drills with six batteries in total.

9:49:15 PM
Cheers Pat that's awesome - they are just regular #2 phillips head screws from what I can remember, I'll double check though.

10:12:05 PM
Count me in

2:58:45 PM
OK folks just a reminder that the re-set at Burnley is coming up on Sat 6 December and I'm still looking for volunteers to help out with the work!

I know it's all been a bit quiet for a while, this is partly because a lot of people were keen but unable to commit far enough ahead and partly because I've been checking on a clash with an art expo that is also down there that same weekend.

Anyway I've had the go-ahead from Parks, the art thing will be away from the climbing area so shouldn't cause any issues, particualarly if we get an early start.

More details to follow but I just wanted to get a notice out there. Feel free to drop me an email, my address is in a previous post.


3:12:37 PM
Hey all, a bump and an update

7am start on Saturday

Still looking for more volunteers so get in touch and get involved....

Lurking Dave
7:53:00 PM
Mrs Lurking Dave and I will be there on Saturday. Possibly sans hangover. Possibly not :-)


10:09:23 PM
Sent you an email but no response, anyway, I'll do my best to turn up bright and/or early.

Battery drills w/ #2 phillipses and various hex drives, right? Any other tools needed? Are there nuts behind the T-nuts which need spanners?



11:01:07 PM
Cool, thanks guys, picked up your messages glad to have you in the gang

8:44:24 AM
Does anyone have an SDS bit that a Philips No. 2 can go in. I have a third drill that I can bring, but it
only takes SDS bits.

4:51:22 PM
Hi Mike,

I'll be there on Saturday morning. I'll bring the impact driver, I hope there are still a couple of deep set sockets still there.

Are there other tools needed that I can bring along?

6:54:09 PM

The one thing we're looking short of is hex keys, I've got some on order but I don't think I will get them in time. We've got one or two but a couple more would make things easier. The size is 5/16.

Also maybe a headtorch for inside the wall

There is only 1 deep style socket but I've got a few of the standard ones and a ratchets.

Maybe another battery drill. Sounds like we will have a few but there is a helluva lot of screws in that vertical wall from what I remember...

7:35:40 PM
I have two battery drills with spare batteries. I also have the hex spanner from my wall. I also have a
short length of the hex spanner that I put into my drill to put the screws in with. I just set the drill to the
lightest clutch setting and once the screw is started by hand I spin them up slowly with the drill. As soon
as they bite the clutch stops the drill from stripping them. Speed things up quite a bit when resetting my
wall. Then I just nip them up with the hand spanner. I'll bring them all. What are the deep sockets for and
what size is needed?

8:56:45 PM
5/16"! Good grief, almost all my stuff is metric. I'll bring what I can find.


9:09:11 PM
Most hex bolts on climbing walls have 5/16 sockets.
12:38:17 PM
I'm in from 7am but need to be elsewhere at 9 - might be able to get back later though.

I have a cordless with 2 batteries plus a small set of sockets, will check the hex key situation but should be good for one 5/16th.
See you all then.

8:52:46 PM
A massive thank-you to everyone that came down and helped at Burnley today, it was a big day but really good fun.

We managed to strip, clean and re-set the vertical and 30 degree walls. Grades from 6 to 27 so hopefully something for everyone and plenty of room left on the 30 deg wall for some more problems so hopefully more to come.

Routes are (roughly)

Wall 1 (Vertical)
- Red 6
- Blue/White swirls 11
- Black 16
- Yellow 19

Wall 2 (30 degree)
- Black 17 reversible
- Purple 20 L to R
- Green 22 L to R
- Dark Pink 23 R to L
- Yellow 24 L to R
- Bright Pink 27 L to R

- Stone up problem V1
- Yellow up problem V2


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