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When shall I climb where?
6:33:03 PM
Will start my trip from Sydney to Arapiles via Nowra next week, would be happy if someone wants to join me!

But actually I wanted to ask if there are any climbing/bouldering spots on the way which are worth visiting them.

Or would you rather go directly to the Grampians after Nowra?

And beside that, can anybody tell me roughly, when I should go climbing where in Australia concerning temperatures and weather. Will be here till next June and also want to go to Newzealand.
When in my year should I do that best?
And where can I go climbing during the summer?

7:27:42 PM
I wouldn't even go to Nowra but that's just me.

What kind of climbing do you do? What grades do you climb?

Sounds like you are into sport climbing and bouldering. I take it you have already been to the Blue Mountains.

Anyway, we are into Spring now, so it should be nice just about everywhere.

Summer is more difficult,
9:56:08 PM
Yes, I prefer sports climbing and bouldering. Would like to do things up to 32-34 or boulder things like v10-v12...
Where do you think I should go now? I just have to plan the whole year and heard that Nowra would get to hot soon.
And how would you go on then? I just thought about doing the trip down now because I heard the Blues would be the only place you can climb at in summer, is that right?
Or would you rather go there now? And, as well, I need a place where I can find lots of climbing partners as I'm on my own.
Is it good in Nowra or the Grampians or should I better go to the Blues?

Oh, and where are you now? Would you like to go climbing at some time?

Chuck Norris
10:07:04 PM
You should head to Ularoo the hardest sport climbing crag in Oz. all the routes there are unrepeated (and
at least V13..or was that 13???) and in perfect conditions during summer. Watch out for dingos if you
bring the kids.

10:20:31 PM
go to tasmania in summer. but blueys is good to. nowra is getting hot.but the shaded crags are still in season. south central and pc are still good
10:21:32 PM
Hi Chris, you might consider climbing Point Perpendicular. P't Perp' is just up the road from Nowra and is beuatiful sea cliff climbing. It's a mix of both trad' and bolts. A must do for a road trip. Sorry I cant join you at the moment but if you pass through Canberra catch me up, but I'm a few grades below you by the sound of it. Have a nice trip.
10:25:24 PM
Thanks, I'll tell you when I pass Canberra ;)
10:26:19 PM
Thanks! But is there sportsclimbing in Tasmania as well?

10:34:57 PM
There is sportclimbing at Adamsfield in Tasmania.

12:32:30 AM
And some of the best sport climbing in Tasmania, at the "Star factory" also this is in the grade bracket
that you are after grd 32/34 just excellent, but definitely not in our winter, Aug/July as it gets very cold.
Our summer is December/January
PS.don't miss out on the "Totem pole" soft 25 but an awesome climb/adventure

6:47:37 AM
On 12/09/2008 wallwombat wrote:
>I wouldn't even go to Nowra but that's just me.
Hmmm, I'm sure I saw you on the end of my rope there last week...
7:41:08 AM
The Grampians is pretty hot in summer but it has a quite a few crags that can be ok on hot days. And if you get mild weather then you can climb at most crags if you follow the shade. Plus If you climb 32-34 you should clean up this list of open projects for us:

Some of which are also described here:

8:39:33 AM
On 13/09/2008 Capt_mulch wrote:

>Hmmm, I'm sure I saw you on the end of my rope there last week...

Under protest.
8:42:12 AM
as mentioned, Tasmania is best in summer (Dec-Feb) although people do climb all year in certain places. Mt Brown/Paradiso is an awesome sea cliff! also go to Coles Bay/Frecinet Peninsular for more good sea cliffs. More trad, although the Star Factory crag is there also. The Totem Pole (ie Fortescue Bay) is in between.

the Grampians & Arapilies are best in autumn. spring can be ok but sometimes wetter. again people climb there year round.

Mt Buffalo is bad in winter. Can get hot in summer but it will be cooler than everywhere else in Victoria when its hot. Some cliffs (ie the Gorge) have shady sides that are best when its hot.

in my limited experience the Blue Mtns are best in autumn & spring. again, is climbed year round.

Moonarie is best autumn-winter-spring - NOT summer.

Qld crags are best in winter, May-August. Although there are a few lesser known crags that are good when its warmer.

There are stunning sea cliffs in Western Australia but I don't know the best season.

This list is far from complete & for *virtually* all areas in Australia the locals climb all year - there are always cliffs that are sunny or shady at different times of the year. There are few places where snow/ice are regular (Tasmania & Mt Buffalo are the ones that get real cold & wet). But this should give a very rough guide as to where to aim for the best chance of the best conditions.
9:09:45 AM
Thanks alsot! Now I can structure my trip a bit ;)
7:08:35 PM
Nowra is not to bad if you know where and when to climb in summer. The usual plan is to get up early, do any climbs that get the sun early, then relax on a few of the shadier options. Around midday go have a swim in the river, there are a couple of nice rocks to jump off and then climb back up. Then as it cools down in the arvo have a climb again.

This is the standard day of a Nowra rock climber all through summer. It may not be the best season but its still certainly worth a go if summer is your only option.

1:17:13 PM
On 12/09/2008 wallwombat wrote:
>There is sportclimbing at Adamsfield in Tasmania.

Tah dah!
Congrats to Wallwombat for achieving the 1000 post milestone with this one (above).

He is presently at 1003 posts and is still enjoying a hex-sandwich on the user posts scale!
'Tis a strange initiation is it not?
Heh, heh, heh.
mikl law
1:36:21 PM
One issue may be if you have a partner-
If you don't then the well worn and very wonderful Blue Mountains -Arapiles Jaunt is mandatory, you'll probably meet partners then

If you only climb sport (like me) then you should learn to place gear as otherwise you'll miss lots of great climbing.

If you want to see unique and crazy wild areas then go further away. Nowra is a great little sport area for winter, but nothing special on a world stage, while the Blueys and Grampians have big wild things. Moonarie is incredibly remote and desertbound.

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