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old sydney canyoning guide?

11:24:52 AM
hey up
does anyone have or know where i can get my hands on the old sydney canyoning guide, the one about the size of the old 'Rock' climbing guides. i think one of the Dave Nobles wrote it.
i just need the bits out of it for jurrasic canyon.
cheers for the help

11:54:55 AM
When do you need it by?

I have it but it's in Sydney. I'm going up there on the weekend. If someone hasn't come up with the info you need by then I'll sort something out for you.

12:03:20 PM
im in no real hurry, aslong as i can get it within the month and plan for the trek before christmas it would be fantastic.
if you could PM me with the info after the weekend that would be mad.
thanks for the help mate

12:44:38 PM
I have a copy of Rick Jamieson's Canyons new Sydney (1995). The only mention of Jurassic Canyon is in relation to the Wollemi Pines. The guide then goes on to state that this is a closely guarded secret.

2:10:23 PM
Is the area restricted by law?

2:19:27 PM
I believe so. It's not somewhere I'd go pokin around. Especially now that you can get a Wollemi Pine in just about any plant shop in the country.

2:28:20 PM
You should stay away from the pines! Totally uncool.

It is against the law to enter the Pines habitat: "It is also an offence to “pick” a Wollemi Pine or “damage” it’s habitat in accordance with Section 118A and 118D of the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974. These offences carry a maximum penalty of $220 000 and $110 000 respectively, and /or 2 years imprisonment."

Leave the pinosaurs alone.

4:16:31 PM
point taken Mr kyle
thats a fair bit of cash
wasnt really intent on entering the habitat, just wanted a decent treck with the aim of catching a glimpse of one on the outskirts of the canyon.
but seems you have said this i may have to reconsider....
cheers mate
no stress

4:35:14 PM
Cool. Not sure what the extent of the habitat is.
Enjoy the exploration...

4:51:33 PM
if there's info in the old guide about finding your way to the pinosaurs i'd say its worth deleting this thread altogether, otherwise you're leaving a trail for any idiot who's decided they would feel cool to track them down and stomp around in their once-isolated habiat, & is digging around online for info about how to find them.

it makes such a difference that they managed to cultivate and widely sell them, otherwise they probably would have been trashed by now by f*#ktards who would pay rediculous fees just to show them off to their equally f*#ktarded associates for having something no one else has. but since anyone can get one for $30 there's no black market.

4:59:10 PM
Outside of what I stated above, there is no further information in the canyoning guide I have in regards to the pinosaurs (absolutely love that title).

Agree completely that the pinosaurs should be given a big miss.

10:36:02 AM
anthonyk, agreed mate
im out, sorry for being a twat the way how do you delete a thread????

11:56:27 AM
well looks like we're not giving away any secrets so probably not worth worrying about

i have to agree though it would be interesting seeing the general area that they're from and you can do that without actually having to find the spot and potentially bring foreign material into it. i don't think you're being a twat for wanting to check out the area, i think its more when people want to find them as some kind of prize that it becomes a bit of a problem.

9:37:52 AM
yeah spot on mate
i was never intending to hunt on into the designated zone but i thought (mind you i dont know the science behind their reproduction) that maybe the wind would have carried spores outside into the surrounding scrubland.
that would be a pretty amazing thing to see a pinosour outside its protected habitat...wherever that is.
on a funnier note. did you read the outdoor article of the bloke trying to find one? took him 6 days or so and he found squat. that will probly be the case but hey, trkking around the wollemi for five or six days days for no reason still doesnt sound too bad hey.....
cheers mate

Edward Sillypants
9:46:10 AM
>trkking around the wollemi for five or six days days for no reason still doesnt sound too bad hey.....

Mmmm ... quite !!! ... I think I shall go and do that right now !!! ... mmm-kay ....

11:10:00 AM
On 19/09/2007 anthonyk wrote:
>well looks like we're not giving away any secrets so probably not worth
>worrying about

Yeah, I agree there. Leaving the post here might deter someone else from looking for them as well.
>i have to agree though it would be interesting seeing the general area
>that they're from and you can do that without actually having to find the
>spot and potentially bring foreign material into it.

Go anywhere in the northern wollemi and you are in similar country. I know people who have seen them. They were just going out for a canyon (apparently) and happened to drop down into one of the canyons they are in. Ironically, the canyon is very very accessible.

>i don't think you're
>being a twat for wanting to check out the area

neither do i man. I would love to see them also but just too risky. whenever i am up there I always keep an eye out for more. but just dreaming.....

the science behind it is this. very nasty soil borne fungus phythophtora would wipe them out pretty easily. unfortunately this could be passed into the system by someone walking in teh upper reaches of the canyon even staying a few kilometres away. this stuff is spreading into many nat parks.personally, i reckon its just a matter of time before they are knackered unfortunately. we have plenty of them now though.

read the wollemi pine book. very very fascinating story and also gives the reproductive side of things etc.


Edward Sillypants
11:59:25 AM
BACK AGAIN !!! ... that was fun ... must have bee the aid-climber time perception that made it seem like days / daze ... mmm-kay ...

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