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Jacksons Creek, Sunbury.
12:52:23 AM
Hey one and all,

I was recently looking around Sunbury for places to hold competitions in Biketrials. I found a pretty nice, seemingly untouched area down in Jacksons Creek, and being a lurker/muck around climber, I thought I would post here.

Preface: I dont know whether any of this land is private property, so go at your own risk.

Its Mel ref: 382 H8 basically, I have an old melways so not sure if its right or not.

If you get to the top of the Jacksons Hill estate, just before the entrance to Western Water, jump the fence to your left and head straight down the hill towards the small waterfall you can see. From there head right (downstream) and you will find what I found the other day. Lots of fun, small climbs, and a few good boulder sections, possibly a couple of bouldering sections over water too.

The max height for any of them would be around 30 foot I would guess, with some overhangs and some really fun looking stuff. I couldnt see any bolts or chalk down there so I have assumed it is a virgin, but please correct me if im wrong. I dont have gear or anything, so I couldnt try anything there.

If you want some more info, please contact me at . I will endeavour to get pics this week and post them here for your perusal.



9:23:40 AM
There is public access to either end of Jacksons creek in that area so you can probably justify being along the creek. Nice one Rush.

Dalai and others will be all over this like a rash I reckon.
10:21:41 AM
My ears were burning Rupert... I have emailed Tobe for more details. Especially if there is the possibility for public access.

Isn't there a law in Australia in regards to being able to walk along rivers and creek banks without tresspassing?

With have to do a little investigating...

10:40:00 AM
Hey Dalai, have you ever found something that was MORE impressive than you were expecting in Melbounre? I find it is always ok - but a little disapointing. Lets hope this one is better. Maybe this is the mythical stuff we see from the plane when taking off from Tullermarine...
10:42:55 AM
I have unfortunately driven more times than I would like to remember after hearing about some local rock (Deep creek downstream of Bulla rd being one such disappointment).

You never know. Fatboy mentioned some rock driving out that way... but he didn't seem too impressed.

Will have to wait and see the photos.
1:42:15 PM
Did a little research - If the riverbank is Crown Land (Generally water frontage would have a width of approximately 20-30 metres) then access is allowed via unlocked gate or stile.

But unfortunately - Not all water frontages are Crown land. Only 25,000 kilometres (or 20 per cent) of Victoria's 128,000 kilometres of water frontage is Crown land. The rest is generally privately owned land.
4:04:07 PM
I went down there again today and had a bit more of a look around and took some pics.

This would be an awesome place to do some traverses! I also did a little more investigative work, and found out that it is privately owned land on both sides of the creek, but I very much doubt you would run into anyone down there.

Pics are here in my gallery, just use the "next image" tab to browse through them, excuse the picture of Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas! :

Once again, any questions feel free to email me.

4:13:50 PM
That looks pretty good! With a bit of cleaning I am sure a few worthwhile boulder problems could be done. Thanks for the info Rush.

4:21:25 PM
From the photos it appears to be limestone overlaying basalt, ... an interesting combination.
It also looks like a couple of 'booby traps' are waiting to weight unsuspecting climbers using them for holds ...
4:29:48 PM
@Tobe Thanks for going down and taking photos. Definitely looks to have some bouldering potential.

@M8 Won't be any limestone there! And the deathblocks are easily trundled...
4:51:17 PM
Yeah im pretty impressed with the whole area actually. Now all ive gotta do is find out who owns it, and ask them if we can hold biketrials competitions there!

6:42:34 PM
nice looking area. and gee, that fergie's not to bad either!!

7:19:25 PM
hard to get an idea of scale from the shots - but there does appear to be potential - I see some deep(ish) water solos coming up - any takers?

Looks like good snake territory for summer too :)

8:06:27 PM
Looks to be in the same league as Melton creeks supercrag...
8:11:36 PM
But without the broken glass, excrement and local drunks like at Melton. (which would offer some enjoyable problems if not for the above).

Looks worth checking out, but definitely more so in Winter. As Rupert has noted, looks like it will be snake central in the warmer months.
8:41:45 PM
It is definately going to be snake central, so much so I was thinking about them today!

In terms of scale, the biggest of the cliffs is about 30 foot high, maybe a little more I would guess. The water solos look awesome too, it would even be possible to do a solo traverse around the whole waterhole I think.

There is definately potential here, let me know if any of you plan on heading out there, I might tag along. I should be out there on Tuesday riding with a couple of friends, come out and say hi if you like!
12:23:11 PM
Could those who do go out to Sunbury or other local spots please forward sketches/pictures/new problem details to me so I can compile the information for the Melbourne Bouldering guide.

The guide is coming along nicely, except people keep finding new spots!

12:28:07 PM
>those who do go out to Sunbury or other local spots please forward sketches/pictures/new problem details to me
Yeah, ...written aka Harry Potter style with (invisible?) venom from the fang of one of the snakes encountered.

BTW rush has one piccie in his album that seems to have had 5 X the average 'hits' on it compared to the rock and bike ones ...

7:41:58 AM
There are many bouldering locations around Sunbury. A number of tall, high quality bluestone bridges, several basalt cliffs along Jacksons Creek, and patches of granite boulders scattered around the place. However, most have fairly high public exposure - eg, the rail bridge near Rupertswood, the old road bridge near Goonawarra. However, there are some that are less exposed - there is a bridge similar to the one near the lake at Rupertswood, North of Salesian College, but with much less public exposure. A similar bridge exists between Jacksons Hill and Vineyard Rd, but since it's in an open paddock, you need to walk from the road (alternatively, park in the carpark at the playground on Jackson's Hill). Most of the granite boulders are on private land, but there is a small overhanging problem on the East side of Mt Holden - I've seen chalk on it a number of times, so it obviously gets worked. Anyone want to own up? :)
Dave C
5:38:23 PM
On 2/06/2005 dalai wrote:

>The guide is coming along nicely, except people keep finding new spots!

Just you wait until I get back in the country!

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